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With AdVenture Communist MOD APK you get Free Scientist Upgrade. So you can have the best rank.
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Jan 23, 2023
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You are Supreme Leader, and it is your goal to raise the State to the most powerful of all Communes. You must grow your AdVenture Commune from humble roots in the slums, recruiting Leftist comrades and seizing the means of production from the bourgeoisie!

AdVenture Communist mod apk


There are many ways to contribute to the State. There is no shortage of tasks to help the State grow. One way is by collecting potatoes. In order to contribute to the State, you should dig up potatoes. You can do this by using any tool at your disposal, as long as it helps you to dig. In order to climb to the highest Rank, you should collect a certain amount of potatoes each day. If you want to be the Supreme Leader, you should collect at least a hundred potatoes each day. This is a good way to contribute to the State, and it is also a way to play the game.

AdVenture Communist 1


You’re now at the rank of Supreme Leader, and you can see the world from a bird’s eye view. The next logical step is to collect more science, so you can increase your rank even further. This means you’ll need to dig potatoes. You’ll start by collecting purple potatoes, which have the highest amount of science. From there, the green potatoes will have a slightly lower amount, the red potatoes will have a lower amount, and so on. You can also collect science by seizing the means of production. The more people you seize, the higher your rank will go.


Supreme Leader is the leader of a Communist state in the ultimate Communism simulator, AdVenture Communist. In multiplayer mode, you can lead a state, build up your city, and seize the means of production and science. You can also build up your military power, which will help you to seize control of the world. Supreme Leader is always looking for more Comrades to join the game and help lead their state to victory!

AdVenture Communist


Conspiracies are a common way to gain more power. Though it is a small, and often intangible, victory, the small amount of power gained, can be invaluable. The game of AdVenture Communist is a game in which you can keep track of your progress and power as you help the State to grow.


The State assigns each citizen a simple task and then records your contributions. There are many different tasks to choose from, but each one contributes to the State in a different way. For example, if you choose to dig potatoes, you will be assigned 10 potatoes to dig up. After you have dug up your 10 potatoes, you will be assigned a new task. However, if you choose to collect science, you will have to collect a larger quantity of science, which means you will have to dig a larger number of potatoes. The science that you collect will contribute to the State in a different way. If you choose to seize the means of production, the State will assign you the task to seize the means of production and then you will have the opportunity to collect a large amount of science. The State will then assign you a new task.

AdVenture Communist 2


In the game, you must work hard to climb to the highest rank. You must learn how to dig potatoes, collect science, and seize the means of production in order to climb the ranks. Along the way, you will complete achievements, which you can share with other players. As a citizen of the glorious and beautiful Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, you have opportunities to increase your influence within society and achieve status as a Hero of Socialist Labor. These opportunities are laid out in the Achievements section.


With the AdVenture Communist mod apk, you can change your game experience by getting the best rank. The best rank in the game is getting a scientist rank. The scientist rank is a rare rank that not many people can get. This is because to get a scientist rank you must have a high score. To get a high score, you must be able to beat the game. You can get a scientist rank by using this AdVenture Communist mod apk.

AdVenture Communist 4
AdVenture Communist 3


Q: What is the point of the game?

The game is all about working and becoming the leader of the Communism.

Q: What are the rewards for reaching the top rank?

Players who reach the top rank will be rewarded with exclusive new items that they can use in the game, and collect badges that they can use to prove their awesome power to their friends!

Q: Is it possible to die in this game?

Yes, but don’t let that get you down! When players die, they will respawn with full health and all their items!

Q: What’s the difference between the first and second rank?

When players rank up, they will be given a new job, and the game will require them to complete a certain number of tasks before they can reach the next rank.

Q: What does Adventure Communist mod apk do?

The AdVenture Communist Mod Apk is a mod apk that allows you to change your game experience by getting the best rank. This can be done by getting the best rank in the game, which is a scientist rank. The scientist rank is a rare rank that not many people can get.

What's new

Greetings Comrades!

This update brings you many glorious improvements and fixes to ensure Communism runs like a well oiled machine!

- OFFLINE! New feature to watch an ad to increase your offline earnings!
- NAVIGATE! Updates to UI and prompts!
- FIX! Improvements to limited time Event, tutorials, localization and other bug fixes!

Comrades are standing by to help you with questions or feedback at [email protected]

Peace, Prosperity and Potatoes!

The AdVenture Communist Team



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