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Get ready to battle aliens and conquer galaxies with the all new Alien Invasion MOD APK! Download now for unlimited resources.
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Oct 10, 2023
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Alien Invasion: Idle Space immerses you in an interstellar war against mysterious extraterrestrial forces. In this military sci-fi simulator, you incrementally build up fleets, technologies, and defensive structures to take back the solar system. With the unlimited resources mod activated, progression becomes unrestrained, letting you focus on strategy over grinding.

Alien Invasion combines idle clicking with deep tech trees and events. You start with minimal defenses, slowly gathering resources to research technologies for fighting the alien armadas. From planet-glassing beam weapons to cloaking fields, discovering the right inventions is key to survival. Will you rise up and conquer the endless alien onslaught?

Overview of Alien Invasion: Idle Space

Alien Invasion: Idle Space is a science fiction incremental game focused on:

  • Idle Clicking – Tap planets and ships to gather basic resources.
  • Tech Research – Unlock technologies through experiments to increase resource generation.
  • Military Management – Manage defenses and research at planets while expanding your fleet.
  • Crafting – Strategically craft ships, defenses, modules, and technologies for progression.
  • Events – Survive random events like alien raids, asteroids, and system failures.
  • Prestige – Reset the solar system to gain permanent bonuses and push farther.

Saving humanity will require methodically balancing resource generation, investment in impactful technologies, and surviving events long enough to prestige. Mobilize against the xeno invasion!

Core Gameplay Loop

The core gameplay loop consists of:

  1. Tapping planets and ships for resources.
  2. Using resources to research technologies that boost resource gains.
  3. Investing in defenses to survive increasingly dangerous events.
  4. Crafting new ships and modules to expand your fleet.
  5. Prestiging once progression stalls to gain permanent bonuses.
  6. Repeating the loop utilizing gains to research farther than previous runs.

With each cycle, your capabilities grow allowing you to reach new sectors of space. Incremental progress against endless alien hordes awaits.


The key resources you will need to manage are:

Credits – Standard currency earned through tapping used for basic purchases.

Alloys – Crucial material required for crafting ships and technologies.

Science – Used exclusively for researching new technologies to boost resource generation.

Deuterium – Rare fuel source gathered from gas giants required for high tier crafting.

Prestige Points – Earned through resets, these allow permanent upgrades.

Balancing investment across these resources is the foundation of your expansion. Spend wisely to tip the war in your favor.


Unlocking impactful technologies through experimentation can significantly boost your defenses:


  • Orbital Railguns – Planet-based weapons to counter alien ships.
  • Interceptors – Automated drones defending surface from raids.
  • Cloaking Fields – Make planets invisible to alien probes.


  • Hydroponics – Self-sustaining ships generating free resources.
  • AI Research – Use AI networks to accelerate experiments.
  • Replicators – Devices that copy resources and schematics.


  • Long Range Scanners – Detect incoming fleets from farther away.
  • Emergency Shields – Protect planets from catastrophic damage temporarily.
  • FTL Drives – Travel between stars rapidly to expand reach.

Choosing technologies that synergize with your overall strategy is crucial for progression. Research wisely!

Alien Threats

As you expand, the aliens will respond aggressively. Some events you may face:


  • Swarm raids – Huge waves of weak fast-moving ships and landing craft.
  • Glassing beams – Doom fleets raze planetary surfaces.
  • Abductions – Aliens kidnap colonists for experimentation.


  • Reactor meltdowns – Planet’s power grid is disrupted.
  • Cyber attacks – Viruses shut down stations remotely.
  • Espionage – Enemy spies infiltrate your facilities.


  • Asteroid strikes – Rogue space rocks threaten colonies.
  • Solar flares – Radiation bursts disrupt activities.
  • Comet storms – Barrages of ice and debris.

Surviving these events long enough to research technologies and fleet upgrades is essential to pushing back the extraterrestrial onslaught.


Once progression stalls, you can prestige by:

  • Cashing in resources for permanent bonuses.
  • Resetting the solar system while keeping all bonuses.
  • Using boosted stats to expand much farther next run.

With each cycle, your capabilities compound, allowing you to colonize more worlds and reach new sectors previously impossible. Prestige tactically!

MOD Features

Activating the unlimited resources mod transforms gameplay:

  • Unlimited Credits – Buy any defensive structures, ships, and modules immediately.
  • Unlimited Alloys – Craft technologies and upgrades without waiting.
  • Unlimited Science – Research full tech trees instantly.
  • Unlimited Deuterium – Use exotic crafting recipes right away.

Removed bottlenecks let you experience maximum power immediately!

Tips & Strategies

Implement these tactics to overcome the alien menace:

  • Rush technologies that generate resources automatically like Hydroponics and AI Research.
  • Prioritize shield research before weapons – impenetrable shields enable retaliation.
  • Build networks of research stations early to accelerate technology gains.
  • Assign scout ships to auto-explore and locate new resource deposits faster.
  • Craft defense platforms first to protect mining operations from attack.
  • Disable lower priority research branches to focus science on key technologies only.

With the right combination of technologies and tactical decisions, you can eventually achieve decisive victory over the endless alien armadas!

Final Thoughts

Alien Invasion: Idle Space combines deep technology trees, incremental prestige progression, and surviving challenging events to create an engaging sci-fi simulator. Remove resource limitations by activating unlimited resources and unlock the full might of galactic industry immediately. Can you discover the technologies necessary to push back the relentless extraterrestrial invasion? Humanity’s survival falls into your hands. Now get researching commander – the alien threat only grows stronger!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do unlimited resources work on iOS and Android?

Yes, the unlimited resources mod works flawlessly on both iOS and Android versions of the game.

Will I get banned for using this mod?

Nope! This is a purely offline mod that won’t interact with any online features or trigger bans. Completely safe to use.

Can I disable the mod later and keep everything?

You sure can! Disabling the mod later will not remove anything you unlocked while it was enabled.

How do I actually activate the unlimited resources cheat?

The mod comes with an unlocker app that patches the game upon launch to enable unlimited resources. Just run it!

Approximately how many technologies are there to research?

There are over 100 unique technologies across offense, production, utility, and other branches!

Can overusing unlimited resources corrupt my save file?

Nope! The mod is smoothly integrated so you can go wild with resources without worrying about save stability.

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