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Among Us took the world by storm with its addictive gameplay that combines mystery, intrigue, and betrayal. Whether playing locally with friends or online with randoms, trying to spot the imposters reveals human nature at its most deceitful…and hilarious.

This deep dive guide will cover everything you need to know about Among Us’ gameplay, features, strategies, and inner social psychology that makes playing it so engaging and fun for all skill levels. Time to eject into the chaotic world of suspicions and lies!

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Overview of Gameplay

Among Us pits a team of Crewmates against 1-3 sneaky Imposters in a battle of subterfuge and deceit. Crewmates try completing tasks to win while Imposters sabotage and discretely kill them.

Here are the core gameplay elements:

  • Tasks – Crewmates traverse the map performing tasks like calibrating engines.
  • Killing – Imposters covertly murder Crewmates when the timing is right.
  • Reporting – Bodies can be reported to call emergency meetings.
  • Discussion – Players debate and attempt to deduce the Imposters based on clues.
  • Voting – The group votes to eject a suspect after discussion…hopefully an Imposter!

With the perfect blend of strategy, suspicion, and social psychology, Among Us delivers an incredible gameplay experience unlike anything else.

Importance of Communication

Because there are no definitive ways to know who the Imposters are, communication with other players during discussions is arguably the most crucial element of succeeding in Among Us.

Here are some effective communication tips:

  • Share locations – Where you saw others can help narrow down movements. But don’t always take claims at face value either.
  • Stick together – Groups of 2-3 are safer. But stick to common tasks, as Imposters can take advantage of grouping.
  • Describe suspicions – Explain in detail what someone did that seemed odd or incriminating.
  • Ask questions – Get clarification from others if their statements seem ambiguous or contradictory.
  • Make visual tasks – Imposters can’t fake these, so do them when grouped to demonstrate innocence.
  • Stay calm – Don’t throw out random accusations without reasoning. Calmly explain your deductive rationale.

Remember there will always be an element of uncertainty. Stick to facts rather than emotion when trying to sway the vote intelligently.

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Movement and Vision Mechanics

Movement in Among Us is simple enough – use the virtual joystick to walk around the map. But knowing the basics of vision and line of sight is key.

  • Line of Sight – Imposters and Crewmates only see each other if they’re on the same screen. Use this to your advantage as Imposter.
  • Lighting – In dark areas with no visibility range, Imposters can sneakily kill without being seen.
  • Vents – Imposters can fast travel through vents to evade notice after kills. But venting in view of others is suspicious.
  • Doors – Imposters can lock doors briefly to trap players and secure isolated kills.

Mastering both movement and vision mechanics takes Among Us gameplay to the next level. Use line of sight to your advantage and leverage areas with no visibility.

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Task List Differences

Crewmate and Imposter players have distinct win conditions and objectives:

Crewmate Tasks

  • Complete all tasks – This is the Crewmates’ main goal. Task icons are visible on their map.
  • Report bodies – Report dead Crewmate bodies to trigger discussion meetings.
  • Vote out Imposters – During meetings, Crewmates try convincing others to vote out Imposter suspects.
  • Communicate – Provide locations and information to help identify Imposters based on deductive clues.

Imposter Tasks

  • Sabotage – Imposters can periodically trigger map sabotages like locking doors to cause chaos.
  • Kill Crewmates – Imposters must discretely assassinate Crewmates whenever the timing is right to avoid notice.
  • Blends in – During discussion, Imposters should pretend to be helpful and contribute information without drawing suspicion.
  • Deceive – When caught venting or near a body, Imposters must lie and provide alibis to deflect blame.

The clashing motivations and different objectives for the two teams make for incredibly dynamic social gameplay.

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Voting and Deduction

Discussion meetings after dead bodies are reported represent the most tense and crucial phase of Among Us matches. This is when Crewmates share information to deduce the imposters and vote someone out.

Some key tips for making effective deductions:

  • Note who was grouped together – They can vouch for being safe.
  • Look for contradictory claims – Imposters may slip up about locations.
  • Watch for suspicious self-reporting – Imposters will sometimes report their own kills.
  • Remember task patterns – Who has been oddly fixated in one area?
  • Take stock of remaining players – Who is unaccounted for?
  • Keep past votes in mind – Previously accused crewmates are likely safe.
  • See who tries steering conversation – Could be a deceptive Imposter tactic.
  • Don’t always follow the crowd – The masses can make emotional guesses.

With smart logical thinking and reading suspicious behavioral patterns, Crewmates can slowly narrow down the suspects through process of elimination.

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Map Variety

Among Us currently contains four unique maps, each with distinct mechanics, tasks, and strategies required:

The Skeld

  • Theme – Set on a spaceship with rooms like reactor, medbay, cafeteria.
  • Tactics – Stick to pairs. Hallway cams help track movements.

Mira HQ

  • Theme – Sprawling headquarters building with multi-floor layout.
  • Tactics – Cover more ground fast using elevator shortcuts. Harder to track others.


  • Theme – Research outpost on snowy planet with outdoor and indoor areas.
  • Tactics – Weather effects like snowstorms hinder vision, allowing undetected kills.


  • Theme – Massive luxury airship with multiple decks to traverse.
  • Tactics – Sneak kills in the engine room then vent travel to alibis. Large scale allows hiding.

Each map presents unique qualities that influence optimal strategies, calling for you to carefully adapt your playstyle accordingly.

Cosmetics and Pets

Among Us allows crews to customize their bean astronauts with cosmetics like skins, hats, and pets. These offer no gameplay advantage, but make your character stand out.

Some cosmetics you can earn include:

  • Skins – Different colored astronaut suits and outfits.
  • Hats – Wacky headwear like a wizard hat, bike helmet, mohawk and more.
  • Pets – Cute companions that follow you like dogs, aliens, eggs.
  • Visors – Clear or tinted astronaut visors.
  • Back Items -Fun stuff sticking out your back like snorkels or oxygen tanks.

Cosmetics let you roleplay and take on a distinct look. And pets add some fun flair while doing tasks!

Play Styles and Tactics

Among Us allows for a wide skill range and play styles between hyper-competitive experts and casual newcomers. Here are some viable tactics:


  • Monitor every player movement closely.
  • Memorize task locations and optimal routes.
  • Note task progress for suspicions on those hardly doing any.
  • Think five steps ahead when planning alibis as Imposter.
  • Leverage sabotages for coordinated chaos when it benefits Imposters.


  • Follow others around and strength in numbers.
  • Do visible tasks to demonstrate progress over claiming it.
  • Float suspicions of those acting over-aggressive or domineering in discussion.
  • Vote with the consensus unless you have a strong hunch otherwise.
  • Focus more on tasks than sleuthing if Crewmate.

Part of the fun is tailoring your effort level to the room. Play in a way that’s enjoyable for you, whether ultra competitive or laid-back social.

MOD Features (All Unlocked)

Among Us mods provide certain advantages not available normally:

  • All skins, hats, pets instantly unlocked
  • No kill cooldown for continuous Instant killing
  • See roles and votes during discussions
  • Unlimited vision range
  • Move through walls
  • Finish tasks instantly
  • Endless voting time
  • Impossible to get voted out

With skins unlocked, you can stand out with premium cosmetics immediately. Instant kill and unlimited vision make playing Imposter far easier. Wall hacks and instant tasks help Crewmates be more efficient.

However, as an intensely social game, mods often ruin the fun and balancing. But they can allow new players to familiarize themselves with content faster before playing properly. Mod carefully!

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Why Among Us Got So Popular

Here are the key factors that propelled Among Us from a virtually unknown indie game into one of 2020’s biggest pop culture sensations:

  • Cross Platform Multiplayer – Play with friends seamlessly across PC, iOS, Android.
  • Quick Social Deduction Fun – Matches last 10 minutes making it perfect to squeeze in during breaks.
  • Strategic Depth – Straightforward premise reveals layers of strategy with practice.
  • Fun Irreverent Art Style – Cool minimalist / retro sci-fi theme with cute astronaut beans.
  • Free On Mobile – Removing entry barriers to mobile access expanded reach tremendously.
  • Streamer Content Goldmine – Provided endless entertaining moments ripe for reaction videos.
  • Pandemic Timing – Released just as people desperately needed social games to play online with friends.

Lightning certainly struck at the right time with Among Us. But its solid social mechanics ensure its sustained popularity is far more than fleeting luck.

Among Us FAQs

Is there voice chat?

Yes! Public and private voice lobbies allow real-time discussion rather than just text chat.

Can you play with strangers?

Absolutely. Quick matchmaking with random players online is part of the fun.

Does the game require good WiFi?

No, Among Us works fine even on mediocre connections. Very accessible.

Is Among Us completely free on mobile?

Yes, it is 100% free with no ads or paywalled content. Only optional in-app purchases for cosmetics.

What devices can you play on?

Among Us is available on iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch cross-platform.

How many Imposters can there be?

In most games there are 1-3 Imposters out of up to 10 total players. You can customize this.

Is there bots/singleplayer mode?

Yes, the PC version has AI bot lobbies you can use to practice before playing online.

Can you play Among Us on multiple devices?

You can only be logged into one device at a time. But you can switch between cross-save compatible devices.

How long are matches?

An average game lasts 5-10 minutes. Short enough for just a couple rounds, but you’ll inevitably play more!

Is there a friend code system?

Yes, you can create a room code to privately invite friends rather than using public matchmaking.


With its brilliant social dynamics and nail-biting balance of suspicion, deception, and deduction, it’s easy to comprehend Among Us’ meteoric rise to being one of 2020’s most streamed and discussed games.

Just beware – inviting your closest friends to a chill game night can quickly devolve into paranoia, finger-pointing, and trust issues put to the test…in the best way possible! Space may never feel safe again after being exposed to the psychological warfare brewing within Among Us.

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