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The Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk version may include unlocked levels, unlimited coins and other enhancements that can enhance the gameplay experience.
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May 7, 2023
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Angry Birds Dream Blast, developed by Rovio Entertainment, is a popular and engaging puzzle game that offers a unique twist on the classic Angry Birds franchise. With its captivating graphics, intuitive gameplay, and endless levels, this game provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages.

In Angry Birds Dream Blast, players are tasked with popping colorful bubbles by matching them with others of the same color. As they progress through the levels, they will encounter various Angry Birds characters and unlock special powers to help them navigate the increasingly challenging puzzles. The game is regularly updated with new content, ensuring that players have a fresh experience each time they log in.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Angry Birds Dream Blast has attracted a large and dedicated player base since its release. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, combined with the familiarity of the Angry Birds brand, have made it a favorite among casual gamers who are looking for a fun and relaxing way to pass the time.

Game Overview

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a captivating puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The game features well-known characters from the Angry Birds franchise in a colorful, dream-inspired world.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay revolves around matching birds of the same type in groups of three or more to clear them from the screen. Each level presents its own objectives and challenges, pushing the player to utilize strategy and plan their moves accordingly.

Some levels may have obstacles, such as blocks or balloons, that need to be cleared to reach other birds on the board. Players must adapt their strategy to overcome these hurdles and progress through the game.

Game Modes

Angry Birds Dream Blast offers various game modes to keep players engaged and entertained. These include:

  • Classic Levels: The main mode, which consists of hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty
  • Events: Time-limited special events with unique prizes and challenges
  • Competitive Leaderboards: Allows players to compete with their friends and other players worldwide


As players progress through the levels, they can unlock and collect different powerful power-ups to aid them in their journey. Examples of these power-ups are:

Red BirdClears an entire row of objects
ChuckEliminates all objects in a specific color of the player’s choice
BombDetonates and clears a large area of objects

Players can strategically use these power-ups to overcome challenging obstacles and complete levels more efficiently.



In Angry Birds Dream Blast, players will encounter several familiar bird characters from the Angry Birds franchise. Each bird character possesses unique abilities that can be used strategically to solve various puzzles in the game.

  • Red: Known as the leader of the flock, Red has the ability to destroy a group of surrounding bubbles when activated.
  • Chuck: The yellow bird, Chuck, has a special power that allows him to clear columns of bubbles in a single move.
  • Bomb: Black bird Bomb has an explosive ability that can eliminate a large area of bubbles when activated.
  • Matilda: The maternal white bird, Matilda, has a unique ability to swap bubble colors, which can be useful for creating matches and combinations.


Throughout the game, players will also encounter several pig characters, who often serve as the main antagonists of the levels. These pigs possess different attributes and special abilities, making each encounter a unique challenge.

Minion PigThese common pigs are generally easy to remove by clearing surrounding bubbles.
Helmet PigMore durable than Minion Pigs, Helmet Pigs require multiple hits before they can be defeated.
King PigThe main antagonist, King Pig, is encountered in boss levels, and will use special tactics to make puzzles more challenging.
Foreman PigForeman Pigs build structures in the level that must be removed to progress.

As players progress through the levels, they will enjoy the colorful and creative visual design of the bird and pig characters along with their animation and sound effects, which adds to the enjoyable and immersive gameplay experience of Angry Birds Dream Blast.


In Angry Birds Dream Blast, players progress through a series of levels, each designed to challenge and entertain through various objectives and obstacles.


Each level in the game presents a specific objective that the players need to complete in order to advance to the next stage. These objectives typically include:

  • Clearing a certain number of balloons of specific colors
  • Freeing sleeping birds trapped inside bubbles
  • Breaking ice blocks that encase balloons or birds
  • Collecting a specific number of items, such as flowers, within the given moves

Players need to carefully strategize their moves and use power-ups wisely to achieve these objectives and secure a victory.


As the game progresses, players will encounter various obstacles that make completing the level objectives more challenging. Some common obstacles found in Angry Birds Dream Blast include:

Piggy BalloonA stubborn balloon that only pops when adjacent to a power-up or a blast.
Stone BlockA solid, immovable block that can only be destroyed by using power-ups.
ChainA chain that links two balloons together, restricting their movement until broken by blasts or power-ups.
SlimeA gooey substance that spreads across the board, blocking balloons and limiting players’ available moves.

By overcoming these obstacles and achieving level objectives, players continue their journey through the world of Angry Birds Dream Blast, unlocking new power-ups, and encountering even more challenging levels.


In this section, we will discuss strategies for mastering Angry Birds Dream Blast. Split into two sub-sections, we will cover helpful tips and tricks as well as expert techniques that will elevate your gameplay.

Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks will help improve your understanding of gameplay and find success in Angry Birds Dream Blast:

  • Focus on the level’s objectives by prioritizing the specific obstacles and challenges presented in each level.
  • Combine boosters to create powerful combinations, resulting in more effective clearing of the board.
  • Plan your moves strategically, aiming for large clusters of similarly colored bubbles to create stronger boosters.
  • Save your in-game currency and only use it for necessary level retries or booster purchases.
  • Make use of daily challenges and events to earn extra rewards and boost your progression.

Expert Techniques

For more advanced players, the following expert techniques will help you excel even further in Angry Birds Dream Blast:

  1. Study the layout of each level before making any moves. Assessing the board will help determine the most effective strategies and move sequences.
  2. Practice precision tapping to target specific bubbles and create more efficient booster combinations.
  3. Learn the optimal timing for using boosters, as certain levels require careful planning and execution to achieve the objectives.
  4. Understand the individual strengths and weaknesses of each bird and adapt your gameplay accordingly, maximizing their potential impact on each level.
  5. Invest time in mastering difficult levels, as the game often provides useful tips and experience that will benefit you in later stages.

Updates and Expansions

In the ever-evolving world of Angry Birds Dream Blast, players can expect continuous updates and expansions that introduce new features, keeping the game fresh and enjoyable. These updates often come in the form of events and additional content.


Throughout the year, Angry Birds Dream Blast hosts various limited-time events that encourage player engagement and keep the game experience exciting. These events often include:

  • Seasonal events: Themed events celebrating holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, offering exclusive levels and rewards.
  • Community challenges: Collaborative events where players work together to achieve common goals and unlock additional rewards.
  • Leaderboard competitions: Competitive events that allow players to showcase their skills and compete with others to climb the leaderboard and earn exclusive rewards.

Event details and schedules are typically announced through the game’s official social media channels and in-game notices.

New Content

Besides events, Angry Birds Dream Blast also undergoes frequent updates that add new content to the game, keeping it engaging and fresh for players. Some examples of new content are:

  • New levels: Regularly added to the game, providing additional challenges and extending the game’s storyline.
  • New characters: Introduction of new characters and special abilities, which help players navigate difficult levels and create unique strategies.
  • Visual upgrades: Improvements to the game’s graphics, animations, and user interface, ensuring an optimized and enjoyable gaming experience.

Overall, updates and expansions to Angry Birds Dream Blast are crucial in maintaining its popularity and keeping the player base engaged. By incorporating new events and content, the game offers a dynamic and ever-evolving experience that caters to both casual and dedicated players alike.


Angry Birds Dream Blast has received feedback from both critics and players since its release.


Critics have praised the accessible gameplay, vibrant visuals, and engaging puzzle mechanics. Users have also expressed their enjoyment of the game’s innovative approach to the iconic Angry Birds franchise.

Some critics, however, pointed out potential issues with the game’s reliance on in-app purchases and the energy system that sometimes limited playtime. Despite these minor concerns, the overall player satisfaction remains high.

Commercial Success

The game has achieved notable success in terms of downloads and revenue. According to data from app analytics platforms, Angry Birds Dream Blast has maintained a consistent presence in the top-grossing charts for mobile games in several regions.

Its performance can be attributed to the strong brand recognition of the Angry Birds franchise, effective marketing strategies, and the game’s appeal to a wide range of players. The continued updates and support for the game have also contributed to its sustained popularity.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk is an updated version of the original Angry Birds Dream Blast game that enables users to access additional features and advantages. The mod apk version may include unlocked levels, unlimited in-game currency, and other enhancements that can enhance the gameplay experience.

Players can enjoy the same mechanics and objectives found in the base game while benefiting from the added convenience provided by the mod. The puzzle-based levels require players to clear colorful dream bubbles, which leads to the eventual rescue of the adorable Angry Birds characters.

Some features that may be included in the Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk are:

  • Unlimited hearts: Players are provided with an infinite number of attempts, enabling them to play without feeling limited by lives.
  • Unlimited coins: This feature enables players to purchase power-ups, boosts, and other in-game items without the need to accumulate coins through regular gameplay.


What is Angry Birds Dream Blast?

Angry Birds Dream Blast is a free-to-play mobile puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. It features familiar characters from the Angry Birds franchise in a new bubble-popping adventure.

Is the game available on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Angry Birds Dream Blast can be downloaded and played on both Android and iOS devices through their respective app stores.

How does the gameplay work?

Players are required to tap groups of bubbles of the same color to create special power-ups and pop them to complete various objectives. The game offers multiple levels with increasing difficulty, and players can earn stars based on their performance.

Are there any in-game purchases available?

Yes, while the game is free to play, in-app purchases are available for players looking to enhance their gaming experience. These purchases may include power-ups, extra lives, or other premium content.

Is there a way to play Angry Birds Dream Blast without an internet connection?

An internet connection is not required for regular gameplay, but certain features such as daily challenges and cloud saves may not be accessible without an active connection.

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