Angry Birds Dream Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Hearts/Coins)

The Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod Apk version may include unlocked levels, unlimited coins and other enhancements that can enhance the gameplay experience.
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Aug 13, 2023
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Angry Birds Dream Blast brings the addictive slingshot physics of the iconic franchise to imaginative puzzle-matching levels. With a variety of birds, abilities, and ways to blast through clever stages, Dream Blast provides hours of challenging fun. This article explores the lively gameplay, dreamlike levels, and useful mods like unlimited hearts/coins for an easier experience.

Addictive Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay

Unlike traditional Angry Birds games, Dream Blast employs match-3 puzzle mechanics mixed with the satifsying physics of shattering piggy structures.

The core gameplay involves firing birds by matching 3 or more of the same color together on the board. Linking more matches causes explosive chain reactions to blast nearby pigs.

With each turn, more birds rise up from below causing the layout to continuously shift. This creates an inherently addictive, fast-paced experience as you race to find matches before the ceiling hits.

“Dream Blast takes the match-3 formula we’ve seen and dramatically shakes it up. Having to spot combos on a moving board adds amazing energy and tension!”

Special bird power-up abilities like Red’s Triple Shot and Chuck’s Fast Feather provide bonuses when matched. Level goals range from rescuing hatchlings to destroying platforms holding up piggy towers.

With 400+ levels, inventive challenges test your spatial reasoning and reaction speed in pursuit of high scores and achievements. It provides a fresh take on match-3 that no Angry Birds fan should miss.

Vibrant Dreamlike Presentation

From its pastel colors to floating landscapes, Angry Birds Dream Blast conjures up beautifully strange dream worlds. Each set of levels features a unique theme ranging from fluffy Cloudlands to bubbly Bubble Trouble.

These vibrant stages with fanciful elements create an immersive atmosphere. Pigs nap on clouds or lounge in hot tubs while you blast them with meticulous bird matches.

Upbeat musical scores complement the lighthearted, casual gameplay. The birds even wear pajamas befitting the overall dreamy mood. Fans of the Angry Birds universe will enjoy matching their favorite characters in this surreal setting.

“Dream Blast absolutely nails the dreamlike tone. The characters, scenery, music all pull you into this charming and quirky Angry Birds dream!”

With playful personality and delightful attention to detail, Dream Blast really differentiates itself from more generic match-3 titles.

Hatchlings Provide Ongoing Progression

Rescuing hatchlings scattered across the levels drives ongoing progression. Each world features 20 hatchlings to locate by completing puzzles. As you find them, they cheerfully flock to your base.

There are over 120 hatchlings inspired by real bird species to discover. These cute critters can also be leveled up using coins earned in levels.

“The hatchlings are absolutely adorable! I just want to rescue them all and see my flock grow. It really motivates me to keep playing.”

Feeding hatchlings boosts their rarity and unlocks new costumes and decorations for your base camp. This micro-progression adds deeper personalization each time you play.

Special Event and Daily Levels

Limited-time events like seasonal Egg Hunts or themed challenges give you fresh puzzles to take on. These events provide new goals beyond the main chapters while also rewarding exclusive hatchlings and costumes.

Daily levels are another way the gameplay stays dynamic. These rotating challenges let you earn extra resources and work on daily/weekly missions.

“The different events and daily levels make Dream Blast really replayable. There’s always some new theme or game mode so it never gets old.”

You can sink hours into conquering the deep well of content through regularly updated events and levels.

Powerful Bird Special Abilities

Matching certain birds triggers their unique abilities for added strategy. Here are some of the key power-ups to utilize:

  • Red – Triple Shot blasts in three directions
  • Chuck – Fast Feather clears more pieces faster
  • Bomb – Explosion destroys huge circular area
  • Matilda – Egg Bomb cracks open to hit more pigs
  • Blues – Split into three smaller birds covering wider area

Saving matches of these birds until key moments can make or break a level. Look ahead to set up powerful chain reactions for maximum destruction!

“I love how each bird has a different special ability. It makes matching them really tactical – the key is figuring out the best time to use their powers!”

Picking the right time to unleash your birds’ special skills becomes crucial at higher difficulties. Master them all to get the highest scores!

Boss Fights Add Enjoyable Chaos

At the end of each world, you’ll face off against an epic boss pig. These oversized enemies have multiple sections that must be defeated by creating specific matches.

For example, you may need to blow up TNT crates or dig through layers of dirt to expose the pig boss’ weak points. Optional objectives reward you with stars for extra loot.

These multi-phase encounters are frantic and thrilling. Coming up with match combinations on the fly to advance the fight feels great, especially when the massive boss finally goes down!

“The boss fights are such an adrenaline rush! Having to adjust my strategy on the fly against these changing pig giants is so much fun and provides the perfect level climax.”

Boss fights give the otherwise relaxed gameplay welcome bursts of excitement that break up the standard levels nicely.

Satisfying Slingshot Physics

A core part of Angry Birds’ DNA is the delightful physics of flinging birds into teetering structures. Dream Blast recreates this strategic demolition utilizing the match-3 system.

Linking matches causes your flock to bombard the pigs in dramatic chain reactions as debris go flying everywhere. Seeing pigs crushed by toppling columns or splashed into pools never gets old!

Pig animations and sounds also sell the impacts for added humor and satisfaction. Completing each level’s goal feels even sweeter when the remaining pigs dramatically fall, crash, or get flung off screen.

“The slingshot physics translated into match-3 chaos is genius. I live for those awesome moments when my matches cause everything to come toppling down on those dumb piggies!”

The vivid physics and reactions add a layer of fun that exceeds most static match-3 titles. Fans of watching piggy destruction unfold will not be disappointed.

Relaxing Yet Challenging Progression

Dream Blast finds a nice balance between laidback puzzles and challenging objectives. Early levels ease you in with simple matching tasks and minimal pigs/blockers.

Soon you’ll encounter tricky shapes, boards with barely any matches, puzzle order requirements, and other diabolical elements that put your skills to the test.

Luckily, you’re given a set number of bird flings per level so there’s no time pressure. You can take time to analyze the layout and strategize. This enables a relaxing yet rewarding experience.

“Just when I thought levels were getting too easy, Dream Blast hit me with super complex boards and devious objectives. The difficulty ramps up nicely while keeping things accessible.”

Approachable yet increasingly cunning, Dream Blast’s progression stays engaging for players of all skill levels.

In-App Purchases (and MODs) for Power Users

For those wanting to speed up progress, Dream Blast offers various in-app purchases such as:

  • Unlimited Hearts – Restore lost hearts immediately after failing levels
  • Coins – Purchase coins for upgrades and power-ups
  • Extra Moves – Gain additional bird flings per level
  • Boosters – Advantages like extra time, bomb blasts, and bird matches

However, with the unlimited hearts and coins mod, you gain permanent access to all IAP benefits. This allows you to retry levels indefinitely and upgrade hatchlings much faster.

The mod essentially grants infinite resources for quicker unlocks and level completion. But you still have to earn those winning puzzle strategies yourself!

“It’s nice being able to practice difficult levels endlessly with the mod. I can focus on mastering the puzzles without any limits or waiting. But there’s still plenty of challenge left!”

For impatient gamers eager to make quick progress, the unlimited mod helps accelerate the Dream Blast experience.


With its colorful worlds, cute hatchlings, and clever match-3/slingshot fusion, Angry Birds Dream Blast will delight casual gamers and franchise fans alike. Addictive, escalating challenges test your matching skills and reactions. A vibrant, dreamy presentation immerses you in an imaginative Angry Birds adventure. And progression stays fresh with events, daily levels, and boss fights. While the unlimited hearts/coins mod makes easier access, completing puzzles still comes down to skill. For an accessible yet deeply satisfying puzzle-solver, Angry Birds Dream Blast delivers engaging gameplay worth dreaming about.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Angry Birds Dream Blast cost to download?

It’s completely free to download and play on iOS and Android devices! In-app purchases are optional to access premium content faster.

Is there a story or campaign mode?

There isn’t a structured story, but each world has a series of themed levels guiding you to defeat its boss pig. Fun cutscenes and character animations add charm.

Do I need internet access to play?

Internet is required initially to download game data. But then you can play fully offline once it’s installed!

Can I play Dream Blast on multiple devices?

Yes! Your progress is synced across linked devices using your Rovio account, so you can switch between playing on phone and tablet easily.

Is there a player leveling system?

Yes, you earn XP and level up your profile by completing puzzles. Higher levels unlock reward chests. It’s mostly for bragging rights.

Do I ever run out of levels?

Nope! New events with fresh levels are added every 2 weeks. There are currently over 2300 levels with more coming, so it’s an endless adventure!

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