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The Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Mod Apk offers a more enjoyable and engaging gaming experience by providing players with unlimited money.
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Aug 13, 2023
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Get ready for an absurdly wild ride as animals overthrow humanity in Animal Revolt Battle Simulator! This wacky physics simulator lets you stage uprisings from cute bunnies to rampaging whales. With our unlimited money mod, you’ll have endless funds to create the most hilarious chaotic battles imaginable.

This in-depth guide will cover all of Animal Revolt’s chaotic gameplay, units, battle modes, and more. We’ll also highlight how the mod enhances the experience. Now grab a banana and prepare for the adorable revolution!

Gameplay Overview

Animal Revolt delivers outrageous physics-based simulation action:

  • Start animal uprisings across detailed city maps
  • Physics-driven animals cause realistic mayhem
  • Unlock new units like cows, bears, whales
  • Crush humans with giant creatures or swarms
  • Deploy helicopters, mechs, tanks to quell revolts
  • Interactive objects like cars, trees, buildings
  • Sandbox mode with unlimited currency
  • Challenge levels with money rewards

The wacky premise and rag doll physics enable endless emergent gameplay stories.

Animal Units

Lead an ever-growing menagerie of rebellious creatures:

  • Small – Rabbits, skunks, beavers, geese
  • Medium – Deer, pigs, sheep, raccoons
  • Large – Cows, horses, bears, gorillas
  • Massive – Whales, elephants, dinosaurs, giants
  • Mythical – Werewolves, bigfoot, kraken, dragons

More absurd units unlock as you progress through challenges.

Human Defense Forces

Fight back against the animal threat with:

  • Police – Squad cars, SWAT vans, helicopters
  • Military – Soldiers, humvees, tanks
  • Mechs – Robot walkers, jets, plasma cannons
  • Heroes – Cowboys, hunters, superheroes
  • Traps – Mines, turrets, electric fences

Upgrading tech helps tip the scales back in mankind’s favor.

Interactive Maps

Wreak havoc across expansive interactive cityscapes:

  • City – Detailed urban environment with traffic and pedestrians
  • Military Base – Breach facilities filled with aircraft and defenses
  • Farms – Wide open rural areas with barns and crops
  • Coast – Beach cities with ports, boats, boardwalks
  • Mountain – Rugged cliffs, peaks, forests, and alpine buildings

Unique map elements let you tailor your rebellion’s strategy.

Physics-Based Simulation

Animal Revolt’s simulation physics generates wild results:

  • Animals ragdoll, flop, and fly in hilarious fashion
  • Cars, trees, poles bend, topple, and explode into fragments
  • Structural destruction – glass shatters, buildings crumble
  • Fire spreads dynamically through environments
  • Humans panic, flee, flail, and get flung into orbit

No two clashes play out the same way thanks to the physics mayhem.

Campaign Challenge Mode

Challenge mode tasks you with specific uprising objectives:

  • Limited time to complete each challenge
  • Goal types:
    • Destroy X buildings
    • Defeat X humans
    • Cause X dollar damage
    • Survive for X time
    • Get X animals across finish line
  • Earn 1-3 star ratings based on performance
  • Unlock new units by acquiring stars

Creative challenge goals test your ability to wield the animal uprising forces.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode lets you mess around with unlimited money:

  • Add any animals you’ve unlocked
  • Adjust their sizes from tiny to massive
  • Spawn objects like explosive barrels
  • Trigger environmental events like tornadoes
  • Toggle options like animal invincibility
  • Set human difficulty and aggressiveness
  • Unlimited currency to spawn anything

This mode is perfect for relaxing or creating cinematic battles.

Animal Revolt Mod Features

Now let’s discuss the mod features:

Unlimited Money

  • Maximum funds in Challenge and Sandbox modes
  • Buy any animal types from the start
  • Never worry about saving up coins

Free Upgrades

  • All animal attack, health, speed upgrades unlocked
  • Max tech levels for police, military, hero units
  • Trap and turret damage increased to max

Unlimited Special Powers

  • Short cooldowns for animal abilities
  • Constant whale tidal waves and Kraken tentacles!
  • Spammable superhero powers

OHK Attacks

  • Your animals can defeat anything in one hit
  • Send enemies flying to the moon
  • Absolute domination

Unleash total anarchic chaos with the unlimited money and stats mod!

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to master the adorable art of animal warfare:

  • Herd large groups of small animals for max chaos. 50 bunnies > 1 giant.
  • Damage buildings from multiple sides simultaneously for quicker collapse.
  • Knock over telephone poles and trees first to disrupt human communications.
  • Whales and tidal waves are great for coastal city destruction.
  • Use flying creatures to bypass ground defenses and directly attack key structures.
  • Draw enemy fire then flank their positions with distraction forces.
  • Ambush approaching defense forces from cover for maximum surprise damage.
  • The mod lets you go wild with any powers, so have fun and experiment!

Do your furry, feathered, and scaly comrades proud by implementing clever strategies to overthrow mankind once and for all!

Animal Revolt Review

Hilariously Absurd Premise

An animal revolution is a wonderfully wacky scenario brought to life. Expect non-stop laughter.

Chaotic Physics Sandbox

The emergent gameplay from ragdoll physics leads to ridiculous results.

Great Unit Variety

Small critters to giant whales and dinosaurs offer diverse gameplay.

Detailed Maps

Intricately designed cities, bases, and landscapes to battle across.

Engaging Campaign

Creative challenge missions put your skills to the test.

Total Mayhem

The mod’s unlimited money, instant unlocks, boosted stats, and abilities make you unstoppable!

For some delightfully quirky fun, Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a must try. Enjoy maximum carnage with our unlimited money mod!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately the mod is only available for Android at this time. iOS users cannot be supported.

Do I need to root my device?

Root access is not required at all to use our mod. Just download and install!

Is there a campaign story mode?

Not exactly – the challenge mode provides fun objective-based missions but no narrated storyline.

How large are the maps?

Maps are quite large overall, with both extensive urban areas alongside large rural zones surrounding cities.

Is online multiplayer supported?

At the moment there is no direct online PvP mode, only single player and sandbox.

Lead the revolutionary forces to overthrow the humans across impressively detailed city maps using unlimited money and power! This is one wild and wacky physics sandbox experience not to be missed. The uprising starts now!

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