BitLife MOD APK (God Mode, Unlimited Money, Bitizenship)

With this Bitlife Mod Apk, you can unlock exclusive features such as God Mode, Unlimited Money, and Bitizenship.
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Aug 19, 2023
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BitLife is a text-based life simulation game developed by Candywriter LLC where players live the life of a random generated character from birth to death. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has become hugely popular thanks to its addictive gameplay and quirky humor.

Some of the key features of BitLife include:

  • Realistic life simulation – players progress through various life stages from baby to school to adulthood and old age, with occurrences like illnesses, careers, relationships and life events.
  • Customizable characters – players can customize their character’s name, gender, look, attributes like smarts and attractiveness.
  • Dynamic storytelling – events unfold differently based on the choices made, leading to hundreds of different life paths.
  • Stat tracking – players can view detailed statistics for their character like romance, fertility, smiles, crimes and more.
  • Achievements – the game has over 100 ribbons and achievements to unlock by completing various tasks and milestones.
  • Occasional pop culture references and easter eggs add humor.

While the core BitLife game is free to play, there is a one-time $5 purchase to remove ads and unlock extra features like Time Machine and God Mode. This is called Bitizenship.

Now let’s look at some of the key gameplay elements and features of BitLife in more detail:

BitLife Gameplay Walkthrough

When you first launch BitLife, you’ll customize your new character by entering their name, gender and appearance. Once done, you’ll start life as a baby born in a random year and with random parents.

The game progresses year-by-year – you’ll make choices for events that pop up each year and watch your character grow and change. As a baby and child, most choices involve small things like picking up a toy or crying. But as you grow up, the choices become more complex – like selecting high school classes, going to university, getting jobs, having relationships, starting a family, committing crimes and more.

Childhood and School

In childhood, you can build up your character’s Smarts statistic by studying harder in school and taking extra classes. Try to get good Grades to set yourself up for future success. Interact with your parents and siblings through various dialog options.

Once you reach age 5, you start Primary School. Keep working on your Smarts and also build up your Looks statistic through dialog options. At age 12, you transition to Middle School. Work on your Popularity by joining after-school activities and interacting positively with classmates.

At age 15, you enter High School. Here you’ll have subjects to select like Math, English, Chemistry, Music and more. Subject choices affect your education path. Also make big choices like who to take to Prom. At 18, you Graduate and can apply to University or jump straight to a job.

Young Adulthood – Jobs, Relationships, Crime

Once out of education, a world of choices open up! You can search for Jobs based on your education and stats – be it something corporate like a Business Analyst or something more creative like an Author. Work hard to get Promotions and raises.

In relationships, you can ask people on Dates, get into a Relationship and even propose Marriage. But beware of Heartbreak and Divorce! Always use Protection when getting intimate otherwise you may end up with a Surprise Pregnancy.

You can also turn to a life of Crime by activities like Pickpocketing, Robbing Stores, Selling Drugs, Grand Theft Auto and more. But don’t get caught – doing hard time reduces your life expectancy.

Once married, decide when to have Kids and how many. Name your children and make parenting choices as they grow up. Before you know it, they’ll be going off to University themselves!

Later Life – BitLife Endgame

As your character grows older, retire from your Job at age 66 and live off your Savings. At this stage, the game becomes about managing illnesses, staying happy and seeing your legacy grow through children and grandchildren.

The game ends when your character unfortunately dies – this can happen from old age, illnesses or even something abrupt like a Meteor Strike! You’ll then get a recap of your character’s life achievements versus regrets.

Try living a long, happy life full of family, fame and fortune! The open-ended BitLife simulation allows you to live the life you want. Now let’s look at some expert tips and tricks.

BitLife Tips and Tricks

Here are some top gameplay tips to help you get the most out of BitLife:

  • Boost stats early – improving Smarts, Looks and Health in childhood/school pays off long-term. Prioritize studying and sports.
  • Pick good careers – jobs like Doctor and Lawyer pay very well. Get the necessary education and keep working hard.
  • Invest wisely – max out retirement savings each year. Go for solid ETFs and Bonds rather than gambling on individual stocks.
  • Minimize risky activities – unsafe sex, crime and excessive drug/alcohol use tend to drastically shorten lifespans.
  • Maintain relationships – keep your lovers happy and avoid Heartbreak by not cheating. Divorce can lose you a lot of money.
  • Have a will – create a will to ensure your assets go to your partner and children rather than random cousins.
  • Farm ribbons – try completing all the ribbons and achievements for bragging rights. Things like climbing Mt Everest, winning the lottery and having septuplets.
  • Time Machine – this paid feature lets you revert one year back to redo decisions and create alternate life paths.

With the above tips, you can live a long, prosperous life in BitLife filled with riches, stable relationships and a lasting legacy. Now let’s see how mods can enhanc the gameplay even further.

BitLife God Mode MOD

This mod unlocks unlimited money and all items for free. You can:

  • Get any degree and job instantly
  • Buy all houses, cars and pets
  • Go on unlimited vacations
  • Bribe people easily
  • Remove all illnesses

God Mode makes BitLife a breezy, fun simulation without any challenge. Great for casual players who just want to explore all features quickly.

BitLife Unlimited Money MOD

You get unlimited money to spend, allowing you to:

  • Purchase the priciest real estate and vehicles
  • Splurge on luxury possessions
  • Not worry about retirement savings
  • Bribe people and hire best lawyers
  • Go on expensive vacations every year

However stats, jobs, relationships and lifespans remain realistic.


This hack claims to offer advantages like:

  • Unlocking Time Machine
  • Unlocking all Pets
  • Maximum Smarts and Attractiveness
  • Immunity from crimes

While BitLife mods can provide a fun boost, playing the game normally has its own rewards and challenges. Use mods judiciously to spice up your gameplay once in a while.


BitLife offers an addictively entertaining text-based life simulator with deep gameplay, quirky events and plenty of replayability. Progress through major life milestones, customize your character, and make impactful choices. While the core game is free, the $5 Bitizenship upgrade is highly recommended.

Unofficial BitLife mods like God Mode and Unlimited Money provide fun cheats at the cost of challenge. For a realistic and balanced experience, play the game normally and use Time Machine to try alternate paths. With its witty writing and attention to detail, BitLife stands out as a must-try indie game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is BitLife available on iPhone and Android?

Yes, BitLife is available as a free download on both iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

Can you really die from random events like Meteor Strike in BitLife?

Yes, BitLife has some rare random death scenarios like Meteor Strike, Lightning, Gas Leak etc to add surprises.

What stats are most important to succeed in BitLife?

Smarts, Health and Looks are key stats to boost from young age. Also build your stats based on desired job field.

Can you play as a famous person in BitLife?

Yes, Bitizenship unlocks the ability to live as historical figures or pop culture icons.

Can you have multiple saved lives in BitLife?

No, you can only have one active life at a time. Use Time Machine instead to replay different versions.

Is there a way to get unlimited money in BitLife without mods?

No unlimited money cheat exists without mods. Fastest way is high paying jobs + investments + no kids.

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