Bloons TD 6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, XP, Unlocked)

With the Bloons TD 6 MOD Apk Unlimited money, XP and everything unlocked, you'll have a huge advantage to build the most powerful, maxed monkey armada from the get go!
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Nov 10, 2023
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Pop those bloons and defend your base from the invading balloons! 🎈 Bloons TD 6 brings awesome tower defense action, letting you strategize and assemble monkey towers for ultimate anti-bloons warfare. πŸ’

With the MOD unlimited money, XP and everything unlocked, you’ll have a huge advantage to build the most powerful, maxed monkey armada from the get go! Let’s dive into mastering Bloons TD battles.

Getting Started With Bloons TD 6

If you’ve played any Bloons TD game before, the premise will be familiar:

  • 🎈 Hordes of bloons invade along a path towards your base
  • πŸ’ Build monkey towers to pop the bloons before they escape
  • ⭐ Earn money for each bloon popped to build more towers
  • πŸ’₯ Upgrade and combine tower types to pulverize bloons

It’s a simple but super fun concept that leads to compelling strategic decisions.

To start a game:

  1. Select a map and difficulty
  2. Get set building towers as bloons invade
  3. Upgrade towers over time for maximum popping power
  4. Survive as long as you can!

With smart tower placements and upgrades, you’ll shred those bloons!

Core Gameplay Loop

Bloons TD 6 gameplay follows this essential loop:

  • 🎈Bloons invade – Different bloon types each round
  • πŸ’₯Pop bloons – Use towers to pop them before escaping
  • πŸ’°Earn cash – Get money for each bloon popped
  • 🏘️Build towers – Spend cash to place towers that counter bloons
  • βš™οΈUpgrade towers – Enhance towers over time for more power
  • πŸ”Repeat next round – Survive and prepare for new bloon waves!

Mastering this loop is key to withstanding the bloon onslaught.

Tower Types & Upgrades

Now let’s dive into the main monkey towers and their awesome upgrades:

Dart Monkey

  • Throws darts that pop bloons
  • Upgrades – Faster shooting, triple darts, missile darts, explosive darts!

Boomerang Monkey

  • Throws boomerangs to pop bloons and return
  • Upgrades – Faster throwing, multiple rangs, deadly glaives

Bomb Tower

  • Drops bombs with huge blast radius
  • Upgrades – Faster reload, cluster bombs, MOAB mauler

Tack Shooter

  • Spews tacks rapidly in an area
  • Upgrades – Ring of Fire, Blade Maelstrom tornado

Ice Monkey

  • Freezes bloons solid to stop them
  • Upgrades – Longer freeze, Permafrost chill, Ice Shards

Glue Gunner

  • Shoots sticky glue to slow bloons
  • Upgrades – Glue splatter, MOAB glue, Glue storm

And TONS more! Sniper, ninja, super, spike factory, alchemist, village, ace, heli, mortar, wizard, druid and more.

Each tower has branching upgrade paths for insane strategies!

And in the MOD version all towers and upgrades are unlocked instantly. 😎 No grinding to max everything out.

Tower Placement Strategy

How and where you place towers is crucial. Follow these tips:

  • Choke points – Cluster towers near entrances.
  • Tower synergy – Combine towers that complement each other.
  • Area coverage – Build towers with range that overlap.
  • Economical use of space – Towers near track save space.
  • Element of surprise – Surprise bloons with unexpected towers.
  • Defend the exit – Last line of defense near the exit.

Smart tower placements where bloons least expect them goes a long way! Experiment to find winning combos.

Beating Tough Bloons

Not all bloons are created equal – tougher ones need strategy:

Lead Bloon

  • Immune to darts, fire, energy.
  • Use bombs, tacks, ice.

Camo Bloon

  • Invisible to most towers.
  • Requires radar scanner upgrades.


  • Big tough blimp bloon.
  • Use abilities, tornadoes, bombs.

Ceramic Bloon

  • Hard shell, splits into smaller bloons.
  • Use glue, ice, explosives.

Regrow Bloon

  • Regrows its layer over time if not fully popped.
  • Use fire, radiation, energy.

Know your bloon types and their weaknesses – then build the right monkey tower tools for the job. Camo leads giving you grief? Call in a monkey sub with camo detection!


Hero monkeys give your squad huge advantages in battle:


  • Shoots fast arrows with Rapid Shot
  • Ability – Storm of Arrows


  • Spews fire to melt bloons
  • Ability – Heat it Up

Striker Jones

  • Lobs mortar shells
  • Ability – Artillery Command

Obyn Greenfoot

  • Nature magic to boost other towers
  • Ability – Forest’s Wrath

Each has powers to tip battles in your favor. Experiment to find your favorite!

And in the MOD, all heroes unlocked from the start. πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Maps & Difficulty

Take on these maps, each with unique path layouts:

  • Monkey Meadow – Green grassy fields
  • Tree Stump – Forest with twisted paths
  • Town Center – Shops and decorations
  • Alpine Lake – Icy mountains and water
  • Chutes – Bloons slide through chutes
  • Haunted – Spooky graveyard
  • X-Factor – Monkey statue intersection

Plus advanced challenges like:

  • Alternate Bloon Rounds – Unexpected bloon sequences!
  • Double HP MOABs – Tougher blimps to break through.
  • Half Cash – Halved starting cash and income.
  • CHIMPS – No Continues, Hearts, Income, Monkey Knowledge, or Selling.

And choose your difficulty, from Beginner to the brutal #OUCH map on Impoppable!

Test your strategic limits on maps designed to trip you up. The MOD means you can unlock them all immediately for endless variety.

Co-op & Competitive

Team up with friends or battle them in competitive modes!

Co-op: Team up to stop bloons together, combining cash and towers. Great for learning together.

Races: Compete on the same track for the fastest time. Great bragging rights!

Odyssey: Weekly challenges with custom conditions. Makes you get creative!

Boss Events: Limited events where you team up against insanely tough bloons. The ultimate test!

Collaborating or competing with friends adds extra fun. Hop on voice chat and strategize to pop more bloons than anyone!

Meta Progression

As you play, you’ll unlock metagame progression systems to strengthen your monkey arsenal over time:

  • Monkey Knowledge – Spend XP to research global bonuses.
  • Monkey Money – Earn cash to unlock skins, heroes and more.
  • Powers – Equip one-use battle items for an edge.
  • Insta-Monkeys – Win boosted towers from battles.
  • Trophies – Complete challenges to unlock new upgrades.

Set long term goals like unlocking a new hero, outfitting powers, or earning trophies for beatingDefs on a map. Deep objectives!

And with unlimited XP and money in the MOD, speed through progression to access everything immediately.

Bloons TD 6 MOD Tips

The MOD unlocks unlimited money and XP, all heroes and towers, ranks and upgrades. Here are tips to get the most out of it:

  • Build your dream defense from the start!
  • Max every tower immediately. No grinding XP.
  • Unlock every Tier 5 tower upgrade ASAP.
  • Mix and match heroes for best synergies.
  • Use every meta Power from the start.
  • Customize with skins and outfits.
  • Unlock all Achievements and Monkey Knowledge fast.
  • Access every map on Impoppable difficulty.
  • Save any resource unlocks for friends.

Go wild with creative strategies using everything maxed out!

Bloons TD 6 MOD FAQs

Is this modded APK safe to download?

Yes, the apk files you download from here are reliable and have been scanned for viruses.

Can I play multiplayer with the mod?

Unfortunately no. The mod’s unfair advantages mean you can only play singleplayer offline.

Do the bloons behave any differently?

Nope, all bloon properties like speed, health, weaknesses, etc are unchanged. This mod just unlocks content and resources.

Does it work on emulator / old phone?

It may require a device fast enough to run the native game smoothly. But being a singleplayer offline mod means minimum device requirements are lower.

So pop those bloons, build the ultimate monkey defense army, and chase the highest rounds you can! This TD experience will have you strategizing for hours. And the MOD removes all grind, letting you tap into unlimited possibilities right away. The only limit is your strategy 🧠 Now get popping! πŸ’πŸŽˆπŸ’₯

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