BOKU BOKU Premium APK (MOD, Unlimited Candies)

Enjoy the game to the fullest with BOKU BOKU Premium Apk! In this version, you can have all the contents with Unlimited candies.
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Apr 26, 2019
March 9, 2024
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BOKU BOKU is an action-packed anime-inspired video game that has taken the gaming world by storm. With its over-the-top abilities, crazy battles, and endless combo potential, it is easy to see why so many players are obsessing over mastering this unexpected hit.

Learning the Ropes

As a new player diving into BOKU BOKU for the first time, things can seem pretty daunting and outright chaotic. Powerful attacks are flying everywhere, opponents are chaining together combos that seem unstoppable, and you can barely wrap your head around the controls. But fear not, with a bit of practice, you’ll be stringing together explosive combos in no time!

Here are some tips to help you learn the ropes:

Take the Tutorial

This may seem obvious, but make sure to play through the tutorial first! It walks you through the basics of moving, attacking, blocking, and chaining combos. Having that foundation will make understanding everything else much easier.

Find a Main

BOKU BOKU has a diverse cast of wildly unique characters. Take some time to play through their movesets and find one whose abilities truly resonate with you. Having a main that just clicks will help motivate you to keep practicing with them.

Learn Bread & Butters

Every character has a few select combos known as “bread and butters” that form the foundation for all their more complex strings. If you know a character’s BnB combos inside and out, you’ll have an infinitely easier time when trying to learn flashier and fancier combo trees.

Combat Nuances

Once you have a decent grasp on the basics, it’s time to dive deeper into the explosive mayhem that BOKU BOKU’s combat offers. With the right game knowledge, you’ll be obliterating opponents in no time at all with supers and combos galore!

Range Control

Many attacks in BOKU BOKU have deceptive range either in the form of elongated hitboxes on limbs or projectiles that control space. Learn the ranges of these moves for your character so you can keep opponents trapped at just the right distance for you to punish them over and over.

Break Combos

If you find yourself stuck in what seems like an unescapable barrage of attacks from your opponent, don’t panic! With the right timing and foresight, you can break out of their combo and flip the pressure back onto them. Look for gaps between hits to make your move.

Dash Cancels

BOKU BOKU offers many movement options, but one of the most important ones to master is the dash cancel. By cancelling the recovery animation of moves into a dash or roll, you can string together combinations that were previously impossible. It takes fast fingers, but with practice you’ll be dash cancelling everything!

Leveling Up Your Game

You’ve learned how to blow up friends, crushed some online opponents, and can chain together combos in your sleep. Now what? This game offers near limitless growth, just take these next steps to truly ascend to explosive combo god status!

Character Mastery

So your bread and butters are consistent, and you’ve learned some flashy situational combos. Awesome job, but don’t stop now! Seek out top player combo videos and high level match footage to learn new routes and concepts you can layer into your gameplay. The combo trees in this game are ludicrously deep, so keep digging!

React Better

BOKU BOKU is fast-paced mayhem, and victory often goes to the player who can accurately react and punish in a split second. Drill against specific situations and moves until your reaction time improves. Cultivate an instinct for the opponent’s options based on spacing and situations. Your win percentage will skyrocket!

Play Competitively

Once you feel pretty confident in your skills, take them to the arena and enter some tournaments! Fighting other dedicated and talented players head-to-head is an unmatched learning experience. You may get blown up initially, but use the losses as fuel to level up. Become part of the vibrant competitive community and aim for the top!

Frequently Asked Questions

What controller is best for executing complex combos?

Either a standard controller, fightstick, or quality d-pad will do. Make sure it’s comfortable and has buttons with responsive input. Some players may prefer an arcade stick for the accuracy.

How long does it take to get good at chaining big combos?

It really depends on the player and character, but expect it to take hundreds of hours practicing combos to get 30+ hit strings down consistently. Stick with it and cleaner inputs will come with time!

Is online or offline play better for improvement?

Both are instrumental! Online is great for volume of matches against many opponents, while offline allows focused practice against the same skilled sparring partner. Balance the two for best growth.

What’s the highest combo hit count achieved so far?

As of now, the record sits at 342 hits! With new routes still being discovered, that ceiling keeps inching upwards. Who knows how high it can go in the hands of a truly explosive combo god!


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