Bullet Strike MOD APK (Unlocked All Weapons)

You Can Unlock All Weapons With Bullet Strike MOD APK. In this way, you can get the skins of the weapon you want.
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Aug 10, 2023
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Gear up for intense multiplayer FPS action in Bullet Strike! This addictive shooter packs classic online multiplayer modes like Team Fight, Deathmatch, and more combined with deep weapon customization and competitive ranking systems. Take out enemies across detailed maps featuring everything from modern cities to abandoned factories.

This guide covers the core gameplay, weapon types, game modes, ranking up techniques, map overviews, controlling recoil, and pro tips. We’ll also look at how the mod APK unlocks all guns for unlimited weapon customization. Let’s lock and load into the overview!

Gameplay Overview

Bullet Strike combines classic online FPS gameplay with deep weapon and accessory customization. Core features include:

  • ⚔️ Multiplayer Modes – Deathmatches, Team Fights, Capture the Flag and more!
  • 💥 Weapons – Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and explosive launchers.
  • 🔫 Weapon Mods – Extensive customization with grips, scopes, barrels, stocks, and more accessories.
  • 🎯 Aim Down Sights – Precisely aim and shoot from the hip or shoulder perspective.
  • 🕹️ Controls – Smooth and responsive virtual joysticks and buttons. Auto-fire option.
  • 📈 Ranking System – Climb through 80+ tiers by winning matches.
  • 🗺️ Maps – Stadium, raceway, skyscrapers, factory, terminal and more environments.

Load in and start dominating the battlefield now!

Weapon Types

Take down enemies using a diverse arsenal of primary and secondary guns:


Lightweight sidearms like the:

  • Beretta M9 – Versatile, fast firing.
  • Desert Eagle – Heavy hitting with strong stopping power.

Submachine Guns

Spray close-quarters chaos with guns like:

  • MP5 – Reliable, accurate.
  • Vector K10 – High fire rate bullet hose.


Obliterate enemies up close using shotguns including:

  • SPAS-12 – Powerful dual-mode 12-gauge.
  • AA-12 – Rapid full-auto pellet storm.

Assault Rifles

Rugged versatile rifles like:

  • M4A1 – All-purpose 5.56mm NATO standard.
  • AK-47 – Reliable 7.62x39mm classic.

Sniper Rifles

Pick off enemies from afar using bolts and semis:

  • AWM – Devastating .338 Lapua Magnum round.
  • Barret M82A1 – Massive anti-material rifle.

Machine Guns

Suppressive sustained fire from heavy guns:

  • M249 – Lightweight 5.56mm para model.
  • RPD – 7.62x39mm squad support LMG.


Explosive ordinance for maximum impact:

  • RPG-7 – Portable rocket grenade launcher.
  • M202 FLASH – Incendiary quad barrel rocket launcher.

Master them all to be effective in every battle scenario!

Game Modes

Compete for domination across action-packed PvP multiplayer modes:


  • Free-for-all battle – no teams.
  • Rack up kills to reach the score limit first.

Team Fight

  • Face off in team vs team matches.
  • Work together to get the most kills.

Team Deathmatch

  • Two teams battle to reach the kill score limit first.

Gun Game

  • Progress through tiers of weapons by scoring kills.
  • Kill with final weapon to win the match.

Capture the Flag

  • Teams steal the enemy flag and return it to base to score.
  • Coordinate attacking, defending, retrieving.

Custom Matches

  • Tailor settings like time limits, kill score limits, and more.

Battle through diverse objective-based modes each requiring unique strategies to lead your team to victory.

Maps Overview

Fight across intricately designed environments each with unique flair. Maps include:


Surrounded by packed bleachers and jumbotrons, battle across midfield and into locker room tunnels.

Dust 2

The classic Counter-Strike map now in Bullet Strike. Battle across the dusty village and through the underground.


Set on and around a race track with pit row structures and tunnels. Look out for moving vehicles!


Traverse towering urban rooftops surrounded by gleaming high rise buildings.

Castle Stronghold

Ancient fortress with stone towers, parapets, crypts and banquet hall for frenetic combat.

Abandoned Factory

Once productive industrial factory now derelict and overgrown but still great for battle!


Busy transportation hub with ticketing desks, security checkpoints, transit tunnels and more.


Fight amid booby traps, treasure filled chambers, and the ominous sarcophagus of an ancient ruler.

Each locale provides unique gameplay dynamics. Learn their intricacies to gain the upper hand!

Ranking and Progression System

Advance through the tiers by winning matches and unlocking new gear:

  • Earn XP from match performance to level up.
  • Gain unlock points for new weapons and accessories.
  • Progress through 80+ tiers from Noob → Amateur → Pro by gaining XP.
  • Prestige up to unlock exclusive high level gear when hitting final tiers.
  • Win consistently against high ranked enemies to maximize XP gains.
  • Purchase special OP weapons using real money only.

Dominate matches and climb the ranks to unlock all the best gear!

Controlling Recoil

Maintaining aim under fire takes recoil control. Use these tips:

  • Burst fire 2-3 shots then pause instead of holding the trigger.
  • Crouching reduces recoil – engage enemies while crouched when possible.
  • Attach grips and scopes to weapons which reduce recoil.
  • Allow crosshairs to reset to targets between bursts instead of spraying.
  • Pull down on joysticks predictively to counteract recoil direction.

With practice, you’ll be able to keep weapons locked on target even during full-auto fire.

Pro FPS Tips and Tricks

Apply these advanced tips to gain a competitive edge:

  • Aim down sights right before engaging enemies to snap between targets.
  • Throw grenades ahead into rooms before breaching to soften enemies up.
  • Learn maps until they become muscle memory through repeated play.
  • Adjust sensitivities to find aiming and turning speeds that feel natural.
  • In team modes, stick with teammates and coordinate pushes and cover.
  • Pop out from behind cover in unpredictable ways to fake out snipers.
  • Listen for audio cues like footsteps running up or reloading sounds.
  • Match customized weapon loadouts to different map characteristics.

Mastering gameplay nuances like these separate the pros from the rookies.

Bullet Strike Mod APK Benefits

Installing the Bullet Strike mod APK provides:

  • 💰 Unlimited Money – Buy any gear, weapons, accessories.
  • 🔓 All Weapons – Instant full access to entire arsenal.
  • 🪓 Max Upgrade – Weapons are fully upgraded to max levels.
  • ⚡ Unlimited Energy – Nonstop play without energy waits.

Dominate with unlimited money to unlock and upgrade top tier weapons immediately!

Using the Mod Safely

Follow these tips when installing and running the mod:

  • Only download the mod APK from trusted sources to avoid malware.
  • Install the APK file only after enabling “Unknown sources” in Android settings.
  • Avoid linking your main profile so you don’t risk losing progress if banned.
  • Don’t use the modded APK during ranked competitive matches to be fair to others.
  • Turn off automatic app updates in the Play Store app to prevent unwanted updates.

As long as you use common sense, the modded APK can massively boost your arsenal and firepower! Get out there and start locking and loading!


Bullet Strike delivers heart-pounding competitive FPS action on mobile. Key takeaways:

  • Master diverse weapons classes including pistols, rifles, snipers, machine guns and explosives.
  • Battle in PvP multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, Team Fight, Gun Game and more.
  • Progress through 80+ tiers by completing matches and challenges.
  • Memorize intricate maps like race tracks, castles, terminals and skyscrapers.
  • Control recoil patterns using burst firing, crouching, and stabilizing attachments.
  • Use the modded APK to unlock all weapons and gear instantly.

Now get out there, practice your aim, and show everyone who’s boss of the battlefield! We’ll see you on the leaderboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bullet Strike completely online multiplayer only?

No! There are also AI bot modes supporting offline play for practice against computer enemies.

Do I lose all my gear and progress if I uninstall the game?

Unfortunately yes, any local progress will be reset if you uninstall and reinstall the game. Bind your guest account to keep everything.

Can I use real money to gain advantages?

You can buy special OP weapons with real money transactions, but all other weapons and gear are skill based unlocks only.

Is the game compatible with gamepad controllers?

Absolutely! Bullet Strike has great gamepad support for even easier precise control using controllers.

How often are new weapons and maps added?

The developers release new weapons, gear, and maps every 1-2 months through updates to keep things fresh.

Is there clan support or group teams?

Not yet, but the developers have confirmed that team creation clans are planned for a future update!

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