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CarX Drift Racing 2 is the sequel to the popular mobile racing game CarX Drift Racing. This exhilarating :smiley: drifting and racing game allows you to experience the thrill of drifting across various race tracks and environments. With realistic physics, stunning graphics, and tons of customization options, CarX Drift Racing 2 takes mobile racing to the next level!

In this article, we will explore the exciting gameplay, features, and MOD APK version of CarX Drift Racing 2. Whether you are a drifting pro or just getting started, read on to learn everything you need to know about this must-have mobile racing game!

Overview of CarX Drift Racing 2

CarX Drift Racing 2 is developed by CarX Technologies and published by PlayStack Limited. It was released worldwide in 2018 as a free-to-play game with in-app purchases on Android and iOS devices.

Some key features of the game include:

  • Realistic drift physics and control
  • 50+ vehicles from real global car manufacturers
  • Various race tracks and environments like asphalt, dirt, and snow
  • Stunning graphics and attention to car detail
  • Extensive customization options like paint, rims, and more
  • Online multiplayer modes and leaderboards
  • Career mode with over 400 events across different leagues
  • Tons of gameplay tweaks and upgrades to unlock

With so many options, tracks, and ways to drift, CarX Drift Racing 2 offers an incredible amount of content and replayability. The game strives to provide a realistic drifting simulation that both casual and competitive players can enjoy.

Drifting Mechanics and Physics

One of the standout features of CarX Drift Racing 2 is the realism of the drifting physics and car handling. Unlike many mobile racing games with simplified driving mechanics, this game aims to emulate real drifting dynamics.

Some aspects that contribute to the realistic feel include:

  • Weight transfer – Load moves between front and rear wheels while drifting
  • Countersteering – Turning the wheel opposite to the drift is required
  • Throttle control – Managing throttle and brakes is key
  • Tire smoke – Provides visual indicator of drift angle
  • Inertia – Cars hold momentum at higher speeds

This makes controlling the drift much more nuanced than just braking and turning. Mastering techniques like clutch kicking, Scandinavian flicks, and throttle modulation is critical to chaining together clean drifts. The level of depth makes drifting extremely fun and satisfying!

Vehicles and Customization

CarX Drift Racing 2 features an ever-growing lineup of over 50 licensed vehicles from major manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge, and more.

Here are some of the included cars:

  • Nissan 350Z
  • Ford Mustang
  • Toyota Supra
  • BMW M3 E36
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Nissan Skyline GTR R34
  • And many more!

Each vehicle has accurate design and performance specs based on their real-life counterparts. You can get behind the wheel of everything from JDM classics to American muscle.

Before taking a car out on the track, you can dive into extensive customization options:

  • Widebody kits – Give your car that aggressive drifted look
  • Body kits – Additional spoilers, bumpers, fenders, etc.
  • Paint colors – Different single colors, two-tones, gradients, and wraps
  • Rims – Tons of branded rims in various sizes
  • Stance – Lower or raise ride height for that perfect fitment
  • Tires – Slicks, semi-slicks, or street tires depending on grip needs
  • Brakes – Stock or performance brakes for better stopping power
  • Suspension – Adjust spring stiffness, damping, and more
  • Engine – ECU tuning, turbocharger, fuel system, and other upgrades

Customizing both the looks and performance gives each car your personal style. Sitting in the garage tweaking every aspect of your ride is an enjoyable experience for gearheads.

Locations and Tracks

CarX Drift Racing 2 includes a diverse mix of racing environments to test your skills:

Asphalt Tracks

Asphalt tracks make up the core locations in the game. They offer different layouts to hone drift techniques:

  • Large oval loops
  • Twisty technical courses
  • Figure 8 patterns
  • Wide areas for big drifts
  • Narrow spaces to finesse through
  • Day and night variants

These flowing asphalt courses are where you’ll spend most of your time chaining together combos.

Dirt Tracks

Dirt tracks add a whole new challenge with reduced traction:

  • Sliding through dusty corners
  • Maintaining angle on loose surfaces
  • Controlling longer drifts
  • Fighting understeer on exits

Learning to countersteer and feather the throttle on dirt is key.

Snow Tracks

Snow tracks take car control to the limit on low grip icy surfaces:

  • Gliding through snowy hairpins
  • Linking drifts across frozen lakes
  • Struggling for grip down icy straights
  • Braking early to avoid plowing out

Snow drifting pushes your throttle and brake modulation skills to the max!

Parking Garages

Urban parking garages let you get crazy with tight drifting:

  • Threading between narrow columns
  • Big smoky drifts across the floor
  • Chaining drifts up and down winding ramps
  • Testing car control in confined areas

These areas are a playground for honing advanced car control.

Together these locations provide diverse scenarios to master and push your driving abilities. The physics adapt to each surface, giving you a broad set of challenges.

Game Modes

CarX Drift Racing 2 includes several gameplay modes that provide different styles of competition and progression:

Career Mode

The extensive Career mode is the core of the single player experience. It starts off with basic training before progressively unlocking over 400 events spread across numerous leagues. Events feature things like:

  • Standard races – Post high scores drifting around a track
  • Duels – Go head-to-head against a single opponent
  • Time attacks – Set a fast lap time while drifting
  • Gymkhanas – Navigate obstacles and challenges
  • Boss battles – Take down special rival characters

Completing events earns you currency to buy new cars and upgrade parts. You’ll need to win events across all weather conditions to unlock later leagues. It’s an enjoyable progression system that pushes you to refine skills.


Online multiplayer lets you drift against real opponents:

  • Casual matches – Quickly race random people
  • Private lobbies – Set up races with friends
  • Leaderboards – Compare your score around the world
  • Weekly events – Limited time competitions

Testing your drifting prowess against others adds excitement and replayability.

Free Ride

Free Ride mode lets you roam tracks to drift freely:

  • Cruise around locations alone
  • Freely explore and find drift lines
  • Dial in tune setups
  • Practice without pressure
  • Take scenic screenshots

It’s great for learning tracks, taking photos, or just drifting for fun without any events or objectives.

Daily Tasks

Rotating daily tasks provide specific objectives to accomplish:

  • Earn a set high score on certain tracks
  • Complete a number of events
  • Drift for a total distance drifted
  • And various other goals

These encourage you to return and drift daily in different ways. Completing them earns useful rewards.

With diverse modes that focus on progression, competition, free play, and daily goals, CarX Drift Racing 2 keeps you engaged to improve your skills.

Upgrades and Customization

As you progress through career mode, you’ll earn in-game currency to upgrade your cars in various ways:

Performance Parts

Performance parts improve aspects like acceleration, top speed, grip, gear ratios, and more:

  • Intake and fuel systems
  • ECU chips for tuning
  • Exhaust and turbocharger
  • Weight reductions
  • Suspension parts
  • Driveline components

Combining these parts lets you tune performance for specific drift styles.

Visual Parts

Visual parts like body kits let you customize aesthetics:

  • Wide fender flares
  • Splitters and spoilers
  • Custom bumpers and grilles
  • Window louvers and tints
  • Underglow neon lighting
  • And various other cosmetic enhancements

These really let you personalize the style of your drift build.


Different tiers of tires provide more grip and smoke:

  • Hard street tires
  • Soft performance tires
  • Semi-slick compounds
  • Super sticky slick tires

The right tire can improve handling balance and smoke levels.

Paint and Colors

Extensive paint customization is offered:

  • Primary and secondary colors
  • Gloss, matte, chrome, or pearlescent finishes
  • Two-tone split colors
  • Curved color gradients
  • Decal vinyl wraps and stickers
  • License plates

You have ample options to create unique style combinations.

By mixing and matching these upgrades, you can setup drift cars exactly the way you want – whether it’s all show or competitive tuned. The deep customization keeps you constantly improving your garage.


CarX Drift Racing 2 offers several control options:

  • Touchscreen – Use on-screen buttons and steering wheel
  • Controller Support – Play with connected console controllers
  • Gyroscope – Tilt device to steer
  • Customizable Layouts – Arrange buttons as you like

You can adjust the sensitivity of steering, throttle, and braking. This allows dialing in settings that feel intuitive.

Advanced players can toggle additional control aspects like:

  • Clutch kicking
  • Handbrake control
  • Camera angles
  • Replays and photos
  • And other configurable options

The controls are fully customizable so you can play how you like.

Graphics and Sound

One area where CarX Drift Racing 2 excels is its stunning visual presentation:

  • Highly detailed car models – Accurately modeled exterior and interior
  • Realistic damage – Parts deform and scrape as you bang doors
  • Dynamic smoke – Tires spew smoke proportional to drift
  • Particle effects – Sparks, dirt, rain, snow, and clouds liven up tracks
  • Lens flair – Sun glares off cars in gorgeous fashion
  • Photo mode – Take spectacular gameplay snapshots
  • Crisp environments – Locations are detailed and immersive

The cars, tracks, weather, smoke, and camera effects come together to make an extremely polished looking game. It’s easy to notice small visual touches that increase immersion.

Matching the visuals is realistic audio design:

  • Engine sounds – Unique tones for every car
  • Tire squealing – Sounds react to slip angle
  • Turbo flutter – Hear it spool up
  • Environmental sounds – Rain, dirt kicking up, etc.
  • Crash effects – Screeching metal on impacts
  • Music – Chill electronic mix to drift to

The sound design helps sell the realism through accurate effects. You can even listen to your own music library while playing.

Overall the graphics and audio are top-notch, making for an incredibly slick presentation.

CarX Drift Racing 2 MOD APK

For those looking to bypass in-app purchases and unlock everything upfront, a CarX Drift Racing 2 mod APK can provide that advantage.

Some features unlocked by the mod may include:

  • Unlimited money – Max in-game currency
  • All cars unlocked – Access every vehicle for free
  • All customization unlocked – Free upgrades and cosmetics
  • Infinite nitrous – Unlimited boost refills
  • No car damage – Disable scratch damage
  • Career mode unlocked – All events accessible

A mod allows immediately acquiring anything for free and maxing out your garage. This can let you focus just on the core gameplay without grinding for rewards.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to CarX Drift Racing 2, here are some helpful tips:

  • Complete license tests – They teach key skills
  • Tune steering sensitivity – Find settings that feel natural
  • Use minimal traction control – Learn to handle power oversteer
  • Don’t rely on handbrake – Initiate drifts with weight transfer techniques
  • Manage throttle smoothly – Control it to maintain drift angle
  • Aim for clearance on entries – Set up wide to open up exits
  • Look ahead – Focus your eyes and attention on upcoming corners
  • Don’t overdrive the car – Build skills at slower speeds first
  • Use Free Ride mode – Explore tracks risk-free to learn them
  • Watch tutorial videos – See techniques used by advanced players

Learning real car control takes time. Have patience as you gradually improve your skills. Use the robust practice tools available.


With its excellent physics, extensive customization, challenges to master, and overall depth, CarX Drift Racing 2 offers an addictively fun, high-quality drifting experience. It captures the thrill of real drifting like no other mobile racing game. The inclusion of multiplayer and regular updates provide plenty of lasting value and replayability. Even for those with no prior interest in drifting, the accessible controls and upgrade progression make this a great game to pick up. For gearheads, it’s an absolute must-play. Give CarX Drift Racing 2 a spin if you want to experience arguably the pinnacle of mobile racing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CarX Drift Racing 2 free to play?

Yes, CarX Drift Racing 2 is free-to-download on Android and iOS. There are optional in-app purchases for buying cars, upgrades, etc. faster.

Does it require an internet connection?

No, you can fully play in offline mode without an internet connection. However, you won’t be able to access the multiplayer features.

How realistic is the drifting physics?

The drifting physics are very realistic relative to other mobile racing games. You need to use real countersteering, throttle control, weight transfer techniques to sustain drifts.

Can I use a controller?

Yes, the game has full controller support to play with Bluetooth gamepads or wired controllers.

Can you tune gear ratios?

Yes, the upgrade system lets you customize gear ratios, final drive, and other driveline aspects.

What are the different track environments?

Tracks come in various environments like asphalt, dirt, snow, parking garages, and airports providing different levels of grip.

Can I play my own music?

You can play music from your device library while drifting. There is an in-game music player controller.

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