Chicken Gun APK (MOD, Unlimited Money/Mega Menu)

This chicken gun premium Apk allows you to shoot unlimited chickens without spending any money. You can also use this chicken gun mod to collect eggs and coins.
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Dec 28, 2023
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Chicken Gun is the zany new physics-based shooter that has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. With its crazy weapons, ragdoll physics, and quirky premise, Chicken Gun provides hours of over-the-top entertainment.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Chicken Gun’s hilarious gameplay, wacky features, and tips for dominating each level’s egg-loaded battlefield. Let’s get cracking!

chicken gun

Overview of Chicken Gun Gameplay

The goal in Chicken Gun is simple: use an arsenal of bizarre weapons to shoot the enemy team’s chickens off the stage. Chickens that fall off the platform lose a life, and the team who loses all their chickens first loses the match.

It’s 2v2 battles, with up to 4 players shooting, dodging, and flapping around each stage. Matches are fast-paced shootouts blended with quirky platforming challenges.

With ragdoll animal physics in the mix, chickens go flying in the most ridiculous ways when blasted by your strange weapons. The combination of shooter gameplay and wonky physics creates endless absurd hilarity.

chicken gun mod menu

Wacky Weapons Bring the Fun

The wide variety of wacky weapons is what makes the gameplay in Chicken Gun so engaging and unpredictable. Let’s look at some of the zany armaments you’ll wield in battle:

  • Bazooka – Launches chickens sky high
  • Harpoon – Skewers and drags chickens around
  • Boxing Glove – Punches chickens with an oversized glove
  • Magic Wand – Levitates chickens uncontrollably
  • Poison – Causes trippy screen effects for chickens
  • Summon – Calls giant cheese or a UFO to crush chickens
  • Shrink Ray – Shrinks chickens down to miniature size
  • Freeze Ray – Turns chickens into solid ice blocks
  • Magnet – Attracts/repels chickens with magnetic force
  • Mines – Plants explosive mines that launch chickens

With up to 13 weapons to mix and match, the chaotic fun never stops. Unlock new weapons by progressing through leagues, or purchase weapon packs for instant access to more firepower.

Strategically use weapons together for deadly combinations. Harpoon a chicken and fling it into mines! Shrink and freeze chickens to trap them helplessly. The creative potential is endless.

Hilarious Ragdoll Physics

A huge part of what makes Chicken Gun so entertaining is the exaggerated ragdoll physics. Chickens flail around wildly when hit, resulting in ridiculous contortions and flips.

Chickens go pinwheeling through the air when blasted by heavy weapons like the bazooka. Their erratic flopping and floundering never gets old.

The physics lend an almost Looney Tunes-like quality to the chickens. Their absurdly rubbery and unstable bodies bounce and twist with the slightest impacts.

Watching chickens helplessly ragdoll around the stage after being whacked by the boxing glove or frozen in mid-air by the freeze ray simply does not get old. The wacky physics open up lots of potential for hilarity.

chicken gun mod apk

Zany Stages with Fun Hazards

Chicken Gun features a wide selection of stages, each with a unique theme and special mechanics:

  • Rooftops – Navigate moving platforms and spinning vent hazards.
  • Haunted House – Dodge fire traps, spikes, and haunted knight armor suits.
  • Junkyard – Battle amidst claw machines, car crushers, and conveyor belts.
  • Disco – Groovy stage with a dance floor that shoots chickens upward.
  • Volcano – Lava and eruptions send chickens flying.
  • Space Base – Low gravity lets chickens float uncontrollably.

The stages are more than just backdrops – their interactive elements add to the chaos. Trigger traps to launch chickens or activate hazards to shake up the battlefield.

Each stage brings fresh platforming challenges and dangers. You’ll have to both aim accurately and navigate the stages skillfully to dominate.

Power-Ups for an Extra Edge

Power-ups spawn in levels to give you a temporary advantage against the opposing team. Grab power-ups to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

  • Rapid Fire – Boosts weapon rate of fire for faster shooting.
  • Damage Boost – Your weapons deal 2x damage for a duration.
  • Invincibility – Become immune to enemy attacks temporarily.
  • Predator Missile – Lock on and rain missiles down on chickens.
  • No Gravity – Reverse gravity to float uncontrollably.
  • Time Bomb – Plant a bomb that causes huge explosion after timer.

Time power-up grabs wisely. Use an Invincibility to play aggressively then follow up with a Damage Boost to really overwhelm foes. Power-ups add an extra layer of strategy to matches.

Player Progression Through Leagues

As you win matches and complete challenges, you’ll earn keys to progress through successive leagues:

  • Wood League – Where all players start out. Master the basics here.
  • Bronze League – Step up your skills to handle Bronze League competition.
  • Silver League – Here’s where players start getting tricky. Can you hang?
  • Gold League – Only the best make it to the prestigious Gold League tier.

Advancing leagues unlocks new weapon options, power-ups, and premium chickens to shake up the battles. Higher leagues also mean tougher competition and chickens with more health.

Show your skill and progress through the leagues to unlock the fullChicken Gun experience!

chicken gun mega menu

Customizing Your Chicken

Before battle, customize your chicken to look stylish while blasting foes. Change colors, outfits, hats, and more to stand out.

  • Outfits – Leather jackets, viking armor, wizard robes, military uniforms and lots more.
  • Headgear – Top hats, bike helmets, mohawks, devil horns, candy cane antenna, and other wacky hat options.
  • Accessories – Eye patches, bandages, jewelry, face paint, and other accessories to really personalize your chicken.
  • Emotions – Unlock emotions like love, anger, flexing, and more to taunt foes pre-match.
  • Victory Dances – Bust out some moves with a funky chicken dance when you win matches.

With hundreds of customization items, you can create a chicken that perfectly reflects your style. Change up your look often to keep things fresh.

In-Game Shop for Upgrades

The in-game shop is where you can spend coins earned through matches to unlock weapons, power-ups, and customizations faster.

  • Weapons – No need to grind to unlock new weapons. Buy them instantly!
  • Power-Ups – Purchase rare power-ups like Predator Missile for 1,000 coins.
  • Chickens – Unlock premium rare chicken breeds without ranking up leagues.
  • Outfits – Expand your fashion options by buying special outfits.
  • Consumables – Purchase one-time use items like the Coin Booster which doubles your earnings per match.

Visit the shop often to expand your arsenal and pimp out your chicken in style without tedious grinding!

chicken gun mod

Leaderboards to Compare Stats

Check the leaderboards to see how your stats stack up against other players locally or globally. Leaderboard categories include:

  • Wins – Who has the most overall wins?
  • KOs – Players with the highest knockout totals.
  • Shots Fired – Which trigger-happy player has fired the most shots?
  • Coins – Highest coin totals from battles and challenges.
  • Accuracy – Top shooters ranked by best shot accuracy percentages.

Climbing the ranks on the leaderboards gives you bragging rights. It also lets you see how you measure up against the best as you improve.

Fun Mini-Games to Vary the Action

Between standard 2v2 matches, you can also compete in wacky solo/co-op mini-games like:

  • Meteor Storm – Dodge giant flaming meteors raining from the sky.
  • Run Chicken Run – Escape T-Rex bot while platforming across a cave.
  • Dance Off – Show off your chicken’s dancing skills by following patterns.
  • Target Challenge – Shoot gallery that challenges your aim.
  • Egg Drop – Carefully stack eggs of increasing size.

These quick mini-games offer new challenges and mechanics to master. Earn coins that carry over to 2v2 battles.

Essential Tips and Strategies

Here are some key tips to help you secure more wins and climb the leagues in Chicken Gun:

  • Master weapon switching – Learn when to use each weapon for maximum impact.
  • Don’t forget to dodge! Double tap to roll and avoid shots.
  • Knock chickens toward hazards and stage edges.
  • Combo weapons together like Shrink Ray + Freeze Ray.
  • Grab power-ups at critical moments to swing matches.
  • Head glitch by hiding behind objects while shooting safely.
  • Use emotes and sprays to taunt and tilt your opponents.
  • Customize your chicken’s outfit based on the stage for better camouflage.
  • Go for headshots when possible – they deal bonus damage.
  • Save coins to unlock your favorite weapons quickly.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be a formidable fowl in the wacky battle arenas of Chicken Gun!

Top Features That Make Chicken Gun Unique

Let’s look at some of the standout features that make Chicken Gun such a uniquely entertaining mobile gaming experience:

Physics-Based Ragdoll Hilarity

The exaggerated ragdoll physics lend the chickens a hilarious instability unlike anything else in mobile gaming. Their absurd contortions and reactions create endless surprises.

Diverse Selection of Zany Weapons

With bazookas, freeze rays, poison, harpoons, and more, Chicken Gun’s imaginative arsenal keeps combat feeling fresh. The weapons aren’t just cosmetically different either – each has unique projectiles and effects that impact strategy.

4 Player Local Multiplayer

Unlike most mobile games, Chicken Gun offers 4 player local multiplayer for double the chickens and double the fun. The 2v2 madness gets even crazier when friends join in the same room!

Platforming Mixed with Shooting

Chicken Gun sets its shooting gameplay apart by blending in platforming elements with hazards, traps, obstacles, and varied terrain. This adds a unique physical dimension compared to standard PvP shooters.

Customizable Chickens

No other physics shooter lets you personalize your character with as many outfit options and accessories for bonkers customization. Dress your chicken up however you want to match your personality and playstyle.

With these standout features all combined into one game, it’s easy to see why Chicken Gun has become a smash hit. The gameplay innovations keep the experience feeling fresh and fun.

chicken gun apk

Chicken Gun premium APK Features (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

For players looking to unlock all weapons, chickens, and other content instantly without grinds, a Chicken Gun MOD APK can be downloaded.

This hacked version of Chicken Gun provides the following features:

  • Unlimited Money – Max out your coin balance to afford anything.
  • All Weapons Unlocked – Gain instant access to the full weapon roster.
  • All Chickens Unlocked – Unlock every type of chicken immediately.
  • All Outfits/Hats Unlocked – Dress and customize your chicken freely.
  • Unlimited Power-Ups – Use power-ups without cooldowns or limits.
  • No Ads – Prevents disruptive video/banner ads from appearing.
  • God Mode – Take no damage from enemy shots.

The unlimited money allows you to instantly buy and upgrade anything in the game. Combined with all items unlocked, you can customize your chicken and access any weapon right from the start.

God mode lets you focus on amazing shots without worrying about dying. With no annoying ads, you can enjoy nonstop chicken blasting action.

This mod allows you to circumvent the progression system and immediately access the full range of content. Definitely useful for trying out all weapons, outfits, and chickens at your leisure.

However, keep in mind the mod disables achievements and leaderboard rankings. But if you just want to goof around crushing chickens, it’s a handy download.

Top Reasons Chicken Gun is Worth Playing

Here are some of the best reasons this quirky physics shooter should be your next gaming obsession:

  • Hours of absurd weapon-based comedy fueled by wonky ragdoll chickens.
  • Fast-paced, engaging 2v2 multiplayer challenges with surprising depth.
  • Charming and amusing theme blended with accessible but nuanced gameplay.
  • Unlocks, progression, customization, and stats to keep you invested.
  • Local co-op for twice the laughter and chaos with friends.
  • Constant flow of new weapons, outfits, and upgrades.
  • Easy to pick up but rewards skillful shooting and strategy.
  • Visual variety across detailed stages with interactive elements.
  • No pay-to-win mechanics or gameplay obstructing monetization.

For a refreshing, lighthearted experience leagues more entertaining than typical mobile fare, Chicken Gun hits the target. Be prepared for cheeky weapon-based warfare that puts a smile on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Gun

Does Chicken Gun have controller support?

Yes! Chicken Gun offers full controller support for even easier and more intuitive gameplay.

Can you play Chicken Gun offline?

Chicken Gun requires an internet connection as it is an online PvP game at its core. There is no offline mode currently available.

Is there voice chat in Chicken Gun?

Not natively, but you can easily use third party apps like Discord for voice chat when playing with friends locally.

Does Chicken Gun work on low-end devices?

Thanks to graphics optimization, Chicken Gun can run smoothly on most modern devices, even lower powered ones. The minimum requirements are modest.

Can you add bots in Chicken Gun?

As of now there is no way to add AI bot opponents. But this is a feature the developers could potentially add in future updates!

Does Chicken Gun have microtransactions?

Yes, there are optional in-game purchases for coins, weapons/items, etc. But the game is still very enjoyable and balanced without spending money.

What are trophies in Chicken Gun?

Trophies are awarded each league season based on your final ranking. Higher trophies give rewards like coins and unlock special league-themed chicken outfits.

How do you change your chicken’s name?

In your chicken customization menu, tap the pencil icon next to your current name. This will allow you to type a new name.

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