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Dashero Sword and Magic Premium Apk gives you access to a full pack of combat and skill modifiers in addition to Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies.
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Dec 30, 2023
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Dashero is an addictive roguelike runner that combines hack and slash action with infinite running in a unique fantasy world. With procedurally generated dungeons, monster hordes to defeat, epic boss battles, and deep RPG progression, Dashero provides hours of hack and slash entertainment. The addition of MODs like unlimited diamonds and dumb enemies makes this game even more fun!

Dashero Sword And Magic mod apk

Overview of Dashero Gameplay

Developed by Yangyang Mobile for Android and iOS devices, Dashero transports you to a mystical realm where you take on the role of an adventurer venturing into ever-changing dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and treasure.

The core gameplay blends hack and slash combat with infinite running. As your character continuously runs forward through dungeons, you control their jumps and slashes in real-time to defeat enemies and obstacles blocking your path. Timing your jumps to avoid traps and strategically striking enemies takes fast reflexes and skills.

Slashing enemies and objects also builds up your energy meter. When full, you can unleash powerful skills for increased damage. Defeating enemies earns coins for upgrading skills and loot at the in-game shop after each run.

The procedurally generated levels keep the action fresh each run. With 3 unique playable characters andtons of swords, armor, relics, and runes to discover, no two runs ever feel the same.

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated endless dungeons
  • Hack and slash combat mixed with running
  • 3 unique playable characters
  • Tons of swords, armor, relics, runes to equip
  • RPG-style progression and upgrades
  • Unlock new skills to boost abilities
  • Daily challenges and leaderboards
  • Epic boss fights every few floors
  • Mystical fantasy setting and art style
  • Smooth one-touch control scheme

With a ton of content and near endless replay value, Dashero offers a uniquely addictive take on roguelike runners.

Dashero Sword And Magic mod

Hacking and Slashing Through Endless Dungeons

The procedurally generated dungeons provide a new and unpredictable challenge every time you play. You’ll encounter random combinations of monsters, traps, obstacles, and power-ups in a constant test of reflexes and skill. Here’s an overview of what you’ll face in the dungeons:


  • Goblins, ogres, ghouls, wraiths, and other fantasy beasts
  • Each has different behaviors you must adapt to
  • Swarming hordes in tight spaces


  • Spiked traps, falling boulders, collapsing platforms
  • Require precise jump timing to evade
  • One mistake equals death!


  • Temporary damage boosts, energy refills, speed bursts
  • Useful for tough rooms, but don’t last long

Magical Relics

  • Grant powerful new skills or buffs
  • Rare finds that make future runs easier


  • Must navigate terrain like lava pits, icy platforms
  • Effects change how you move and fight

Epic Boss Battles

  • Occur every few floors at major milestones
  • Unique boss abilities require new strategies
  • Victory yields major rewards

The diversity of challenges keeps gameplay exciting across hundreds of dungeon floors as you push to increase your max depth.

Dashero Sword And Magic 2

RPG Progression for Developing Your Hero

While the core gameplay is real-time hacking and slashing, Dashero employs plenty of long-term RPG systems that drive progression between runs:


  • Warrior – Balanced fighter
  • Assassin – Fast and agile
  • Wizard – Strong magical abilities


  • Dozens of different swords with unique stats
  • Upgrade favorite swords’ level for more power


  • Equippable chest armor for defense and buffs


  • Equip up to two found relics for new effects


  • Slot runes into weapons for added skills


  • Spend coins to unlock new combat abilities
  • Customize your skill loadout

By tailoring your equipment, abilities, and playstyle for your chosen character, each run will steadily make you stronger and allow you to reach greater depths.

Dashero Sword And Magic 4

Daily Challenges and Leaderboards

For players seeking extra challenges and goals beyond the main dungeons, Dashero offers online competitive features:

Daily Challenges

  • Special dungeons that change every 24 hours
  • Earn trophies based on how far you get
  • Compete against all players’ scores for trophies


  • Global leaderboard for maximum dungeon depth
  • Weekly/monthly competitions for prizes
  • Vie for the top spot!

These features let you test your skills against the global Dashero player base. The daily challenges in particular really force you to master all the nuances of gameplay to excel.

Dashero Sword And Magic 3

MOD Features (Unlimited Diamonds, Dumb Enemies)

The regular Dashero game already provides immense replay value, but modded versions take it even further:

Unlimited Diamonds

  • Purchase any upgrades and items faster
  • Can revive your character more easily
  • Never worry about running out again

Dumb Enemies

  • Monsters and bosses are much less intelligent
  • Makes it easier to progress and grind
  • Focus more on upgrades and less on survival

Together these modifications reduce the grinding and difficulty significantly, allowing you to fully upgrade your character faster and craft the most overpowered builds imaginable to conquer those dungeons with ease.

Beginner Tips and Strategies

Here are some helpful Dashero tips for new players:

  • Learn enemy attack patterns – Effective dodging and striking requires mastering behaviors
  • Don’t get greedy – Only strike 2-3 times before evading to not leave yourself vulnerable
  • Raid the Shop – Buy cheap relics that boost skills to snowball strengths
  • Explore side paths – They contain chests with useful relics and runes
  • Prioritize Damage skills – Boosting attack combos is most efficient early on
  • Use Skills Strategically – Conserve energy for rooms with the toughest enemies
  • Repeat Daily Challenges – Practice makes perfect, and trophies earn major rewards
  • Memorize Boss Strategies – Each boss has attack tells you can exploit once learned

Following these tips will quickly get you hacking deeper through dungeons, building up strength, and climbing those leaderboards. But foremost, embrace the hack and slash chaos that Dashero delivers so addictively.

Dashero Sword And Magic unlimited diamonds
Dashero Sword And Magic 5

How to Download Dashero MOD APK

To enjoy unlimited diamonds and other perks in Dashero, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Download MOD APK

  • Go to APK downloading site like ApkDone
  • Search for “Dashero MOD APK”
  • Download latest MOD APK file

Step 2 – Enable Unknown Sources

  • Go to Android Settings > Security
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” permission

Step 3 – Install Dashero MOD

  • Open downloaded MOD APK file
  • Tap Install
  • Accept any permission prompts

Step 4 – Enjoy!

  • Launch Dashero MOD app
  • Enjoy unlimited diamonds and dumb enemies!
  • Defeat dungeons easier than ever!

With these simple steps, you can now hack and slash your way to glory in Dashero easier than ever thanks to unlimited diamonds and other amazing mod benefits. Download now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dashero free to play?

Yes, Dashero is completely free to download and play, with just optional in-app purchases.

Does it require internet connection?

Internet is only needed initially for the download. The game can then be played fully offline.

Will my progress be saved?

Your runs and unlocks are saved locally or to your account, letting you resume any time.

Does Dashero feature controller support?

Yes! Dashero has built-in gamepad support for even better slash and dash control.

Is Dashero appropriate for kids?

Yes! The colorful fantasy violence is family-friendly, just cartoon action.

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