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With Day R Survival MOD APK with Unlimited limits and free craft items, you will be able to improve your resources and make progress against dangerous enemies.
Feb 27, 2023
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Day R is an online survival game that allows you to build a shelter, hunt animals for food, and craft tools. The game lets you play solo or with a team of friends, and the entire world revolves around the day-night cycle. It is an online game where the apocalypse happens and survivors need to stay alive for a long time. We have looked at some survival tips that will help you in the game. Read on to find out how different the game is from most survival games and how it can help you improve your survival skills.


Day R Survival is an online multiplayer survival game that puts players against the elements. Players must scavenge for food, find shelter, and build tools to survive. This can be a difficult task as they must deal with the harsh weather conditions and hostile wildlife.

Players can cooperate or compete against each other in this game, making it an exciting experience both online and off. Day R Survival offers a realistic and immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end. This game has many different gameplay mechanics, allowing players to develop their characters in different ways. By playing Day R Survival, users can gain valuable survival skills and experience the outdoors in an engaging way.


If you’re planning on spending a day on the island, the first thing you should do is learn how to build a shelter from natural materials. You can start by finding suitable trees and branches for the frame of your shelter. You can also use bushes and other vegetation to provide privacy and cover. When crafting the rest of the shelter, consider using materials such as leaves, branches, grasses, tree bark, and other natural materials.

You can also make a fire using natural materials such as wood or flint. Collecting firewood is essential for staying warm and cooking during cold weather. Once you have gathered the necessary materials, it’s time to make a fire. Start by collecting tinder and kindling together in a safe area with ample space to light the sparks of your tinder.

Once your tinder has been ignited, gently blow on it until it bursts into flames. Keep adding extra tinder as needed until your fire is burning steadily. It’s important to monitor your surroundings for food or danger so that you don’t become too hungry or too cold. Additionally, it’s essential to stay safe and healthy during your day on the island. If you follow these basic survival tips, you should be able to enjoy your day on the island without any issues.


  • Before heading out, check the weather forecast to determine if it is safe to venture outside. If the forecast calls for inclement weather, stay inside the shelter and protect yourself from the elements. If the forecast doesn’t indicate any danger to the outside world, consider checking the local forecasts online or an app before leaving the shelter.
  • Identify potential food sources such as bushes, trees, and grass. When exploring an area, aim to find nutritious plants that can last for a long time, such as berries and nuts. You can also try searching in urban areas for edible plants such as herbs and vegetables.
  • Look for water sources such as streams, lakes, and ponds. Also consider searching for water from puddles or other sources of fresh water on the go. Water can be a vital source of survival during a disaster situation, so make sure to keep your eyes open for these opportunities.
  • Avoid dangerous wildlife and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Creatures like bears and other animals could pose a threat to your safety if you enter their territory without proper precautions taken. Besides, wild animals could be carriers of disease or harmful parasites that could harm you or your group members.


Whether you are planning for a day of survival or planning for an emergency, there are some fundamental steps that must be taken. The first and the most important step is to collect as many resources as possible. This includes firewood and water, food, and any other survival item that can help us survive the day. These resources give us the strength to keep going and make us feel secure.

Secondly, build a shelter and stockpile food and water. It is vital to have shelter in the day-to-day life and survival mode. A shelter helps us stay warm at night and provides us with protection from the elements. Besides, it also provides us with a sense of security during the day-time. However, during survival mode shelter becomes even more crucial because the weather may turn bad at any time of the day. A shelter also acts as a beacon of hope for us during times of difficulty.

Lastly, we have to build a fire to keep ourselves warm and safe in case of emergencies. Fires provide us with warmth, light, and safety in darkness. Hence we should learn how to start a fire using materials available easily before survival mode begins.


  1. Collect Resources: Keep your eyes open for any resources you can use to help you survive the game. If possible, collect water from rain and ponds, and gather any supplies you can find in-game.
  2. Build Barricades and Hide-outs: Create barriers to protect yourself from the elements and shelter yourself from any threats. Use materials like trees, rocks, and logs to build barricades that can help shield you from the dangers of the game. Also, create shelters to provide protection against the elements.
  3. Build a Fire: Use anything you can find to start a fire and keep yourself warm. A sparky stick or match are great tools for starting a fire, but be careful not to waste any of the materials used to build your shelter by using them to build a fire.
  4. Track and Scavenge: Keep track of your food and water supplies, and scavange for any supplies you can find in the game. This will help you stay safe and healthy while playing Day R survival.
  5. Stay alert: Watch for danger coming from any direction. Look out for predators as they could pose a threat to your life. Also, be aware of the weather conditions so that you can ensure survival in the game.


  • Establish a routine and stick to it as much as possible. This will help you keep your mental footing and avoid the feelings of panic that can overwhelm you.
  • Reduce the amount of noise and light in your environment. This can help you focus better and stay calm, even in the midst of survival situation. Try to find food and water sources that are safe to drink, but be mindful of the risks involved.
  • Build shelters to protect you from the elements. This will help ensure your survival during harsh weather conditions or if an apocalypse hits.
  • Think about what you can do to survive long-term. The best survival strategies include having shelter, water, and food, so make sure to plan for these necessities before a disaster strikes.


Try out the Day R Survival MOD APK, where you can explore a post-apocalyptic world. With unlimited caps and free craft items available, you’ll be able to build up your resources and make progress against dangerous enemies. Discover what secrets are hidden in this fascinating world!


What is Day R Survival: Last Survivor?

Day R Survival: Last Survivor is an open-world survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Soviet Union. Players must scavenge for food and supplies, fight off hungry mutants, and make their way across the harsh landscape to find safety.

How do I play the game?

To play Day R Survival: Last Survivor, you will need to download the game from the App Store or Google Play store. Once installed, you will be able to start your journey in the post-apocalyptic world. You can move around the map by tapping on locations and explore various areas to find loot or discover stories of the survivors you meet along your journey.

What are the objectives of Day R?

The main objective of Day R is to survive for as long as possible. During the Base, Forest and City phases, players must work together in order to survive. The Base phase is the easiest phase and consists of only the City. However, in the Forest phase, players must find food, build shelters, and defend themselves from attacks by rival tribes. And in the City phase, players must find allies and defeat the opposing tribe’s leader.


If you’re looking for survival game, we definitely recommend Day R Survival. It offers a different gameplay experience that’s different from the rest. With its realistic day-night cycle and dynamic weather system, you have a real-life survival experience right in front of your eyes. Besides the gameplay, the game has an engaging storyline that will keep you hooked throughout your game play. If you want to survive day by day, this is the game for you.

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