DEAD TARGET APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Mod Menu, Damage, Immortal)

You will have unlimited money with dead target Premium apk. and you can have the weapons you want. If this is not enough, you can take high damage through the mod menu.
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Dec 28, 2023
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DEAD TARGET is an immersive FPS game that plunges you into a zombie apocalypse as you try to survive unrelenting undead hordes. With intense action spanning a lengthy offline campaign and PvP arenas, DEAD TARGET provides heart-pounding gameplay you can really sink your teeth into.

This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to endure the zombie onslaught. We’ll cover core gameplay, offline campaign features, PvP, progression, and tips for staying alive when the dead start to rise. Time to lock ‘n load!

dead target

Core Gameplay Mechanics

DEAD TARGET delivers satisfying first-person shooter gameplay focused on mowing down zombies. Core mechanics include:

  • Shooting – Take down zombies with headshots from a range of upgradable firearms.
  • Movement – Traverse levels using joystick controls and dash moves.
  • Weapons – Utilize pistols, rifles, shotguns, explosives and more to eradicate the undead.
  • Missions – Complete story objectives across a variety of post-apocalyptic locales.
  • Progression – Level up your character and weapons through constant carnage.

Shooting feels responsive and impactful thanks to ragdoll physics that make zombies react realistically to your attacks. Overall, gameplay is polished and intuitive whether using touch or controller controls.

dead target zombie

Immersive Offline Campaign

The meaty offline campaign mode features hours of story-driven zombie warfare. Key campaign elements include:

Missions Across Apocalyptic Settings

Fight through cities, sewers, hospitals, farms, prisons, and more, each presenting new challenges and survival tactics. Missions keep environments feeling fresh.

Narrative Driven by Comic Book Cutscenes

Detailed comic book-style cutscenes move the story along, providing context for your missions to exterminate zombies.

Tons of Zombie Variety

Standard zombies are just the start. You’ll also face mutated zombies, flaming zombies, giant zombies, armored zombies, exploding zombies, and more deadly specialized forms.

Epic Bosses

Take on challenging bosses like the hulking Abomination zombie and the deadly Mother Miranda plant hybrid requiring skill to defeat.

Useful Survival Supplies

Search levels for valuable supplies like first aid kits, grenades, gasoline cans to trigger traps, Insta-Kill power ups, and other items that boost your odds of survival.

Hostage Rescue

Some missions involve rescuing human survivors from the zombie threat and safely escorting them to extraction points.

The diverse missions, enemies, allies, items, and locations of the DEAD TARGET campaign mode make for engaging FPS gameplay against the undead.

dead target money mod

Auto and Manual Shooting Modes

DEAD TARGET offers both Auto and Manual shooting modes to suit your preferences:

Auto Shooting: Continuous automatic fire when aiming at zombies – great for casual play.

Manual Shooting: Require individually tapping to fire each shot – preferred by hardcore FPS veterans.

Auto Shooting allows you to focus just on movement and aiming as firing happens automatically when zombies enter your crosshairs. This creates smooth, cinematic zombie annihilation.

But for more deliberate and controlled headshots, Manual Shooting is preferred. Try both shooting modes to see which you find most fun during the undead massacres.

Satisfying Body Damage System

One of DEAD TARGET’s most gruesomely satisfying elements is its body damage system. As you pump zombies full of lead, pieces of their bodies chip away in response to your shots.

Headshots remove chunks of skull and brain revealing the inner head cavity. Sniper shots can tear off entire limbs and wipe out big sections of their torsos. It really emphasizes the visceral impacts of your weapons.

Seeing zombies progressively deteriorate into pieces under your barrage of bullets adds immensely to the gory appeal of DEAD TARGET’s killing sprees.

PvP Arena Mode

Once you hone your skills against the AI zombies, test yourself in asynchronous 1v1 PvP arenas against other players. Quick matchmaking ensures you’ll always have a human opponent.

PvP arena mode benefits include:

  • Climb ranked leagues for prestige and rewards
  • Win tournaments for bonuses and prizes
  • Join alliances for cooperative benefits
  • Claim trophies to unlock better loot

The competitive PvP arena battles give DEAD TARGET strong cross-play multiplayer appeal spanning both PvE and PvP zombie hunting.

RPG Progression System

DEAD TARGET incorporates compelling progression mechanics that keep you advancing your skills:

  • Character Levels – Earn XP to gain levels and boost stats.
  • **Weapon Levels ** – Level up each weapon type to increase damage.
  • Skills – Unlock powerful skills through leveling like Headshot Expertise.
  • Perks – Equip perks for bonuses like extra XP or damage resistance.
  • Supply Drops – Get gear, resources, skins from supply drops.

Plus, events and daily/weekly challenges provide additional rewards and progression incentives. Satisfying leveling ensures you constantly feel like you’re working toward unlocking new gear and abilities.

dead target mod apk

Customizable Weapons Loadout

As you play DEAD TARGET, you’ll accumulate a formidable arsenal of firearms and explosives:

Pistols – Reliable for standard zombies at short to mid range. Upgrades improve stability and ammo capacity.

Rifles -Precise, hard-hitting primary weapons effective at most distances. Increase damage and fire rate when leveled up.

Shotguns – Devastating at close range against hordes of zombies. Upgrade for wider spread and more pellets per shot.

Sniper Rifles – Picking off zombies from a distance with pinpoint headshots. Upgrade for aim speed and stability.

Machine Guns – Rapid sprays of bullets mow down rows of zombies quickly. Improve handling and reload speed via upgrades.

Explosives – Grenades, mines, and rocket launchers that cause area damage. Upgrade blast radius and explosive force.

You can mix and match two primary weapons plus explosives for your loadout based on mission needs. Try out all the unique firearms during your quest to determine your favorites.

Action-Packed Instinct Mode

When things get frantic, you can activate Instinct Mode to heighten your senses and reflexes. Everything slows down while your damage and critical hit chance increases significantly.

Use Instinct Mode strategically for a limited period when you get surrounded or a massive horde approaches. The enhanced damage and accuracy will allow you to blast your way out of dangerous jams.

Instinct Mode recharges over time so make the most of this temporary but powerful advantage during particularly intense firefights. It can really save your skin in dire situations.

Essential Gameplay Tips

Here are some key tips to stay alive and slay endless zombies in DEAD TARGET:

  • Aim for headshots – Critical hits that deal bonus damage and conserve ammo.
  • Dodge frequently – Double tap to roll and avoid zombie lunges and projectiles.
  • Strafe side to side – Don’t stand still while shooting, move erratically.
  • Watch your six – Zombies can come from behind too so periodically check your back.
  • Use cover – Duck behind objects to break line of sight when injured.
  • Conserve healing – Only use first aid when health gets critical so it lasts.
  • Melee strategically – Bash zombies back to buy yourself space if they get too close.

Mastering mobility, aim prioritization, and survival mechanics is crucial to make it through DEAD TARGET’s zombie onslaughts.

MOD Features (Unlimited Coins, Immortal)

For those seeking extra assistance battling the zombie throngs, a DEAD TARGET mod APK can provide advantages like:

  • Unlimited coins – Keep buying top gear, weapons, perks, and upgrades.
  • All items unlocked – Access any gear, weapons, etc without level requirements.
  • Immortal – You cannot take any damage or die.
  • Enemies have 1 HP – All zombies die from a single bullet hit.
  • High damage – Your weapons deal 100x normal damage for easy kills.
  • Max stats – Start with maximum levels and skill upgrades pre-unlocked.

With unlimited cash, one hit kills, invincibility, and maxed out stats, you’ll possess overpowered abilities to tear through DEAD TARGET’s zombies with ease. The entire game becomes trivial.

However, retaining challenge and progression satisfaction typically makes for more fulfilling gameplay. But the choice is yours on how to experience this zombie shooter.

dead target mod

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Here are the main reasons DEAD TARGET stands out as a thrilling FPS zombie shooter:

  • Satisfyingly gory and responsive shooting mechanics.
  • Massive arsenal of upgradable firearms and explosives.
  • Grotesque body damage system that blows zombies apart.
  • Engaging offline campaign with diverse missions.
  • Huge variety of regular and mutated zombies to destroy.
  • Competitive asynchronous 1v1 PvP arenas.
  • Fun progression via unlockable weapons, perks, and abilities.
  • Localization into numerous languages.
  • Optimized for low-end devices.

For fans of zombie slaughter, DEAD TARGET absolutely delivers with its vast undead hordes, meaty progression system, and customizable FPS chaos. Don’t hesitate to jump into this gore-soaked apocalypse.


Is there a story/offline mode?

Yes, there is an extensive offline campaign mode with comic book story cutscenes guiding you through various missions.

Can you play DEAD TARGET offline?

The offline story campaign is fully playable offline. However, the PvP modes require an internet connection.

How many guns are in the game?

There are over 50 upgradable firearms like pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, explosives and special weapons.

Can you play DEAD TARGET on PC?

DEAD TARGET is a mobile game but can be played on PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

Is there controller support?

Yes, DEAD TARGET offers full gamepad and controller support for intuitive play using external controllers.

Do you really need to pay to progress?

No, all content can be unlocked for free just by playing. Payments only speed up progression but are not necessary.

How much game time is there?

The lengthy story campaign provides dozens of hours of content. Endgame PvP modes add additional playtime for competitive zombie hunting.


With its addictive FPS gameplay, tons of weapons variety, detailed zombie damage modeling, and deep progression system, DEAD TARGET offers hours of heart-pounding undead shooting action. Stay locked and loaded to survive this action-packed zombie apocalypse!

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