Disney Frozen Free Fall APK (MOD, Unlimited Snowballs, Move)

Disney Frozen Free Fall Premium version of Disney Frozen Free Fall gives players unlimited snowballs, giving them access to more move, power-ups without waiting.
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Jan 24, 2024
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Disney Frozen Free Fall is a fun and addictive match-3 puzzle game based on the hit Disney movie Frozen. In this game, players must match at least 3 of the same colored icy crystal to make them disappear and score points. With beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, special power-ups, and beloved Frozen characters, it’s easy to see why Frozen Free Fall has become such a popular mobile game.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Frozen Free Fall’s gameplay, controls, power-ups, characters, and other key features. We’ll also provide some tips and tricks to help you create huge cascades and rack up a high score. Let’s dive in!


Frozen Free Fall plays like most other match-3 puzzle games. The objective is to swap adjacent crystals on the board to make a horizontal or vertical match of 3 or more of the same color. By making matches and clearing crystals, you’ll accumulate points.

Matches can be made by tapping or swiping adjacent crystals. Small matches will clear just the matched crystals, while larger matches can create cascading chain reactions that clear even more of the board in one turn. The more crystals you’re able to clear in one move, the more bonus points you’ll earn.

As you play through levels, different objectives will appear such as collecting a certain number of green crystals or dropping crystals to the bottom within a certain number of moves. Completing these objectives will give you bonus stars, allowing you to unlock the next series of levels.

The game includes hundreds of levels across many beautiful environments inspired by the Frozen films. Levels start out easy but quickly become more challenging as special crystal types and obstacles are introduced. With so many levels to work through, Frozen Free Fall offers tons of matching puzzle fun!


Frozen Free Fall uses simple and intuitive touch screen controls.

To make a match, just tap any crystal then tap an adjacent crystal to swap their positions. You can also make matches by swiping your finger across adjacent crystals to rearrange their order.

The controls are responsive and easy to use. You can quickly drag and swap crystals for fast-paced matching action.

There is no timer limiting your moves, so you can take your time to plan out cascades and maximize your score. The simple controls combined with addictive match-3 gameplay make Frozen Free Fall a hard game to put down!


As you play through levels, you’ll collect different power-ups that can be used to help clear away massive amounts of crystals in one move. Power-ups add an extra layer of strategy to the game. Here are some of the power-ups you’ll encounter:

Anna’s Pickaxe – Destroys a 3×3 area of crystals

Elsa’s Icicles – Removes an entire row of crystals

Olaf’s Sunbeams – Clears a V-shaped area in front of Olaf

Kristoff’s Lute – Randomly removes 12-18 crystals

Sven’s Carrots – Clears a column of crystals

Hammer Power-Up – Destroys a 5×5 section of crystals

Rainbow Ball – Clears all crystals of a selected color

The key is matching power-up crystals to activate each bonus. Then you can strategically use the power-up to take out key obstacles or set up a huge cascade. With judicious power-up use, you can far surpass your regular match scores!


Frozen Free Fall features charming character animations from many iconic personalities from the Frozen movies. Here are some of the characters you’ll see:

Anna – Anna appears when you make matches next to her icon. She’ll clap happily when you pull off a big combo.

Elsa – Elsa uses her magical icy powers to assist you, including freezing game boards or adding power-ups.

Olaf – The warm hug-loving snowman Olaf drops by to cheer you on during your matching.

Kristoff – Kristoff and Sven appear on game boards and help clear away obstacles.

Sven – Kristoff’s loyal reindeer Sven helps celebrate when you achieve level goals.

Marshmallow – The giant snow monster Marshmallow may shake things up by reshuffling the board.

Part of the fun is triggering character animations by making certain matches or hitting level milestones. The characters make the game feel vibrant and alive!

Tips and Tricks

Now that you understand the basics, check out these tips and tricks to become a Frozen Free Fall pro:

Plan power-up combos – Activate a Rainbow Ball and Hammer power-up together to devastate the board.

Match near the bottom – This will cause crystals to drop down, potentially setting up cascades.

Go for larger matches – Aim for matches of 4+ crystals to get the biggest bonuses.

Freeze purple crystals – Stop Purple Spawner stones from multiplying by freezing them.

Develop pattern recognition – Notice crystal patterns that lend themselves to big cascades.

Save your boosters – Use boosters only when you really need them to pass a challenging level.

Carefully position Anna/Kristoff – Their pickaxe/lute power-ups clear around their icons.

With practice, you’ll be able to set off huge crystal cascades and maximize your scores. Stay focused, watch for patterns, and use boosters judiciously.

MOD Features (Unlimited Moves and Boosters)

The standard Frozen Free Fall game provides a set number of moves and a few boosters to pass each level. But with the Frozen Free Fall MOD APK, you can enjoy unlimited moves and all boosters unlocked!

This means you can take as long as you want to set up massive crystal cascades without worrying about running out of moves. Feel free to plan and execute your dream combos. Plus, every single booster is unlocked right from the start, allowing you to destroy crystals in creative new ways.

The unlimited moves and boosters make the game much more fun and relaxing. Challenge yourself to see just how high you can score without move limits. Discover fun new power-up combinations. With the MOD, you have the freedom to experiment and play levels at your own pace.

Overall, the unlimited moves and boosters MOD opens up Frozen Free Fall for unlimited matching entertainment!

FAQs about Disney Frozen Free Fall

Does Frozen Free Fall require internet?

No, the game can be played offline after the initial download.

Is the game free to play?

Yes, Frozen Free Fall is completely free to download and play, with optional in-app purchases.

What devices can play Frozen Free Fall?

The game can be played on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

How many levels are in Frozen Free Fall?

There are over 800 levels across 40 episodes and counting. More added with updates.

Can I play levels out of order?

Yes, you can skip ahead or replay previously completed levels.

Are there leaderboards?

Yes, you can compare your scores with friends or global top scores.

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