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Dynamons World Premium APK is the excellent mod version that allows you to get Unlimited Money and Crystals.
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Dynamons World is an exciting monster-catching RPG game for Android and iOS devices. In this addictive game, players can catch, train and battle with over 1000 unique Dynamons across vast and colorful worlds. With its anime-inspired graphics, deep strategic combat and endless customization options, Dynamons World provides hours of monster-taming fun for RPG fans of all ages.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at Dynamons World’s gameplay, features and mechanics. We’ll cover battling, catching Dynamons, evolving your monsters, customizing movesets and teams, and using mods to get unlimited money and crystals. Whether you’re a new player starting your adventure or a seasoned Dynamons trainer, this guide has all the tips and info you need to become a true Dynamons Master!

Overview of Gameplay Modes

Dynamons World offers several fun gameplay modes to keep you engaged:

Main Campaign & Story

  • Progress through over 100 story levels across 8 vibrant worlds
  • Unlock new areas and advanced Dynamons as you advance
  • Follow an anime-style plot as you thwart the evil plans of Team Bomb

Dynamons League Battle

  • Test your skills in the competitive Dynamons League
  • Rank up through Bronze, Silver, Gold and beyond
  • Earn trophies and prizes for winning ranked matches

Online PVP Battles

  • Battle against real opponents in asynchronous online versus
  • Climb the global leaderboards for bragging rights
  • Fun quick battles to test new Dynamons teams

Daily Events & Challenges

  • New events like treasure hunts, bounties and tournaments every day
  • Earn rewards like money, crystals, XP books and rare Dynamons
  • Limited-time events keep gameplay fresh and exciting

Boss Raids & Dungeons

  • Team up to take down epic bosses
  • Scout dungeons for loot and secret Dynamons
  • Rally your friends for co-op monster hunting

With so many things to do, you’ll never run out of goals and rewards to chase in the world of Dynamons!

Dynamons Catching and Collecting

The core gameplay loop in Dynamons World revolves around strategically catching, collecting and training monsters known as Dynamons. Here are the basics:

  • Search grass, caves, water and other spots to trigger Dynamons to appear
  • Weaken and capture wild Dynamons in turn-based battles
  • Collect over 1000 unique Dynamons with different types, stats and abilities
  • Rare and powerful Dynamons become available as you progress
  • Upgrade your Radar to find rarer monsters more easily

Part of the fun is assembling your dream team of cool, cute and strong Dynamons. With so many to collect, you’ll want to catch ’em all!

Some tips for catching Dynamons effectively:

  • Use Berries to weaken or capture Dynamons more easily
  • Inflict Paralysis, Sleep or other status effects to lower their guard
  • Attack with type advantage to deal more damage
  • Use Greatballs or Masterballs for higher catch rates
  • Upgrade your Radar at the in-game shop for better encounters

With the right strategy, you’ll be on your way to completing your Dynamons Photodex in no time!

Dynamons Growth and Evolution

Of course, catching Dynamons is only the beginning. The real depth comes from raising your monsters, evolving them and teaching them new skills.

Powering up Dynamons

  • Gain EXP in battles to level up your Dynamons
  • Increase their stats like HP, Attack, Defense and Speed
  • Level milestones unlock evolution opportunities

Evolution system

  • Use elemental Soulstones to evolve Dynamons into new forms
  • Higher evolutions offer new skills and dramatically improved stats
  • Evolution tree offers branching paths for customization
  • Special Ultimate evolutions reached through hard quests

Learning Moves

  • Dynamons learn new Moves as they gain levels
  • Teach your monsters TMs and HMs for added skills
  • Forget old moves and relearn techniques from the Move Delearner
  • Customize movesets to suit your battle strategy

Carefully raising your Dynamons is vital for bringing out their full potential in battle!

Dynamons Team Building and Battles

Team building and battle strategy make up the true meat of the gameplay in Dynamons World. Here’s an overview of how battling works:

Core battle mechanics

  • Turn-based battles with teams of 3v3 Dynamons
  • 9 different Dynamons types (Fire, Water, Earth etc) with strengths/weaknesses
  • Use various attacks, skills and items tactically to defeat opponents
  • Gain EXP, money and items by winning battles

Building your team

  • Aim for good type coverage to counter different Dynamons
  • Mix tanks, damage dealers and support Dynamons
  • Take advantage of combos, chains and teammate bonuses
  • Equip items like Orbs to boost stats

Advanced strategies

  • Exploit enemy weaknesses with super-effective attacks
  • Beware type disadvantages when choosing moves
  • Apply status effects like Burn, Freeze, Poison for edge
  • Time swaps wisely to get in and out damaged Dynamons

Facilities for powering up

  • Use the Nutrient Machine to invest items and boost EXP gain
  • Enter the Hyper Chamber for short-term stat increases
  • Craft gear, Orbs and collars in the Factory to equip

With limitless team combinations, no two players will have the same strategy and battle experience. Craft your dream team and prove yourself as the ultimate Dynamons Master!

Customization Features

Beyond catching and battling, Dynamons World offers many customization features to make your monsters unique.

Dynamons Contests

  • Enter Dynamons in Cool, Cute, Tough and Smart Contests
  • Feed Poffins to increase specific contest stats
  • Earn ribbons for high contest scores to show off

Change Appearance

  • Craft collars, horns, wings and tails in the Factory
  • Buy clothes like shirts, glasses and hats for fashion
  • Apply dyes to alter Dynamon colors

Photodex Customization

  • Take AR photos with your Dynamons and customize poses
  • Add stickers, frames and effects to snaps in the Photodex
  • Build your personalized Dynamons photobook

Secret Base Decorating

  • Design and decorate your very own Secret Base
  • Earn furniture like beds, tables, playgrounds and more
  • Invite friends to check out your decked-out base

With endless customization combos, you can put your own personal spin on every aspect of your Dynamons and game experience. Show off your awesome style and creative vision!

Using Mods and Cheats

For players looking to speed up progression or get unlimited money/crystals, using mods and cheats is an option. Here are some mods that offer advantages:

Unlimited Money & Crystals

  • Use mods like Lucky Patcher to get unlimited money & crystals
  • Buy any items without worrying about costs
  • Removes need to grind and farm money from battles

Max Dynamons Level

  • Level up Dynamons instantly to max level 100
  • Save time spent grinding EXP to raise monsters
  • Unlock evolutions and moves immediately

Instant Radar Upgrades

  • Fully upgrade Radar without completing quests
  • Encounter rare Dynamons more frequently
  • Complete Photodex faster by finding monsters quicker

High Catch Rates

  • Mods can increase catch rates to 100%
  • Catch even legendary Dynamons without fail
  • Removes frustration of failed captures

While convenient, keep in mind mods remove parts of the gameplay challenge. But if you get stuck or frustrated, they offer a quick shortcut!

Tips and FAQ

Here are some handy tips and answers to frequently asked questions about Dynamons World:

Useful Tips

  • Talk to every NPC – they often give free items or Dynamons!
  • Complete requests on the Request Board for big rewards
  • Use the Code function to get gifts and bonuses
  • Max out the IV Judge app to see Dynamons’ strengths
  • Use Boosters wisely – they multiply EXP and money!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I evolve Dynamons?

Use elemental Soulstones, like Fire Stones, to evolve them into new forms.

Where can I find rare Dynamons like Sandshrew?

Upgrading your Radar helps, but also try using Rare Dynamon Detector items.

What’s the best way to earn money fast?

Completing Requests on the board gives big payouts. Using money Boosters lps too.

How do I invite friends to my Secret Base?

From your base menu, choose “Invite” and share the code with friends.

What are Dynamon Types weak and strong against?

Check the Type Chart in your menu, or look up guides online for type matchups.


That covers the major features and gameplay elements that make Dynamons World such an addicting and enjoyable RPG adventure. Collecting and battling with monsters has never been more fun and strategic. With regular updates bringing new Dynamons and events, it’s a game that keeps on giving.

Whether you’re looking to play casually or competitively, Dynamons World has something for everyone. Start building your unbeatable Dynamons team today and see where your journey takes you! Just tap the download button above to get the game on your device now.

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