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Epic Battle Simulator 2 Premium apk, you can easily get unlimited money and turn on and off what you want from the mod menu.
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Stage epic clashes between armies of knights, pirates, cowboys and more with Epic Battle Simulator 2! This over-the-top physics sandbox lets you choreograph thrilling battles across detailed 3D arenas. Customize every aspect of the fight, from unit composition to terrain effects. Then watch the chaos unfold in slow motion as rag dolls smash, crash, and explode in hilarious excess.

In this guide, we’ll cover core gameplay, units, battle types, arenas, customization options, and tips for total battlefield domination. We’ll also look at how the MOD APK version with unlimited money and unlocked mods enhances the experience. Strap on your armor, ready the trebuchet, and let’s dive into the madness that is Epic Battle Simulator 2!

Epic Battle Simulator 2

Gameplay Overview

Epic Battle Simulator 2 delivers exactly what its name promises – epic, large-scale battles between armies of your own design. Here are the key elements of the gameplay:

  • Assemble Armies – Select from over 100 historical and fantasy units to create unique armies. Customize every detail.
  • Design Battlegrounds – Tailor terrain with obstacles, traps, and special effects for tactical advantage.
  • ** Commands** – Issue movement orders pre-battle to position units.
  • Ragdoll Physics – Euphoria physics drives realistic chaos as units collide and crash mid-combat.
  • Cinematic Camera – Dynamic camera angles capture all the ragdoll-flinging action up close.
  • Destructible Environments – Siege weapons and spells wreak beautifully excessive havoc across dynamic terrain.
  • Slow Motion – Toggle slo-mo to relish every explosion, catapult launch, and body slam in gory detail.
  • Multiplayer – Battle friends online and team up for 2v2 or 1v1v1 matches.

The emergent chaos is hilarious, over-the-top and endlessly entertaining. Now let’s look at customizing the perfect army.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 tips

Building Your Forces

The fun in Epic Battle Simulator 2 comes from mixing and matching units to create your ideal forces. With over 100 historical and fantasy units, the possibilities are nearly endless. Units fall into key categories:


  • Knights
  • Archers
  • Catapults
  • Ballistae
  • Peasants
  • Dragons
  • Wizards


  • Sword/Gun Pirates
  • Cannoneers
  • Sharpshooters
  • Demolition Ships
  • Boarding Parties
  • Kraken

Wild West

  • Gunslingers
  • Dynamite Throwers
  • Gatling Guns
  • Stagecoaches
  • Saloon Dancers
  • Totem Spirits
  • Buffalo Stampede


  • Spartans
  • Athenians
  • Ballistae
  • War Elephants
  • Fire Archers
  • Cyclops
  • Minotaurs


  • Orcs
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Treants
  • Undead
  • Siege Golems
  • Mages

The combinations are limitless! Send Spartans against pirates, cowboys vs. orcs – anything your imagination dreams up. Now let’s look at customizing individual units.

Unit Customization

You have in-depth control over the outfitting of each unit. Customize options include:

  • Appearance – Armor, weapons, accessories, colors, patterns, and materials.
  • Formations – Columns, lines, circles, spheres, and box formations.
  • Behavior – Passive, defensive, berserk, kamikaze, and other behaviors.
  • Stats – Set HP, speed, damage, fire rate, melee skill, and more.
  • Special Abilities – Poison attacks, invisibility, critical strikes, regeneration, and other powers.
  • Mounts – Horses, wolves, lizards, and more mounts for cavalry units.
  • Names – Personalize units with custom names and titles.

With so many attributes to adjust, no two armies will ever be the same. Now let’s look at tailoring the terrain.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod apk

Customizing Battlegrounds

The arena where armies collide is just as important as unit composition. Epic Battle Simulator 2 provides tools to build exciting, treacherous arenas that act as deadly weapons themselves.

Terrain Types

Select terrain foundations including:

  • Grasslands – Rolling plains offer wide open tactical possibilities.
  • Forest – Dense treelines provide cover and concealment.
  • Desert – Expanse dotted with ruins, boulders, and oases.
  • Winter – Snowy, icy terrain makes footing treacherous.
  • Lava – Hellish molten earth burns careless units.
  • Future City – Vast sci-fi cityscape for vertical combat.


Dot battlefields with added hazards:

  • Barricades – Wood, stone, and metal walls to channel movement.
  • Spike Traps – Massive pits and fields of lethal spikes surprise unsuspecting units.
  • Oil Traps – Flammable oil slicks ignite into walls of death.
  • Ice Patches – Slick ice causes units to slip and stumble.
  • Quicksand – Hungry pits swallow units whole.
  • Meteors – Call down apocalyptic meteor strikes.

Environmental Effects

Shape engagements with weather effects:

  • Low/Zero Gravity – Send bodies flying at the slightest touch.
  • High Gravity – Units slog through mud-like resistance.
  • Wind Gusts – Knock lighter units off course.
  • Storms – Lightning/rain add mayhem amid combat.

Combined creatively, obstacles and effects enable absurdly dangerous battlegrounds. Now let’s check out the available game modes.

Battle Modes

Epic Battle Simulator 2 features multiplayer and singleplayer battle modes allowing you to test your armies:


  • 50+ Scenarios – Play through campaigns tailored to different eras – Medieval, Pirate, Wild West and more.
  • Co-Op Campaigns – Team up online to complete campaigns cooperatively.
  • Objectives – Missions feature special victory conditions beyond wiping out foes.
  • Escalating Danger – Scenarios get tougher as you progress through chapters.


  • Custom Setup – Handpick your army composition and terrain with endless options.
  • AI Opponents – Face off against intelligent AI-controlled armies.
  • Difficulty Settings – Adjust AI strength across easy, medium, hard, expert.
  • Multiplayer – Pit your army against friends online for 2v2 or 1v1 fights.


  • Open World – Navigate a vast open world and engage roaming neutral armies.
  • Dynamic Quests – As you explore, randomized quests challenge you to defeat powerful bosses.
  • Secrets – Discover hidden loot caches granting special abilities and gear.
  • Build Mode – Construct your own castles and fortifications to defend.

With so many battle scenarios available, you’ll never run out of epic showdowns to choreograph!

Cinematic Camera Modes

A huge part of the fun comes from the game’s robust cinematic camera system letting you capture all the chaos from dramatic angles:

  • Free Cam – Fly around the arena getting up close to individual fighters. Chase arrows, trebuchet shots, and charging cavalry.
  • Unit Cams – Provides POV shots from units during combat. See swords clash and arrows take flight firsthand.
  • Automatic Cams – Cinematic camera repositions automatically to follow significant events and turning points during battles.
  • Camera Paths – Plot camera movement to create tracking shots, reveal sequences, and other scripted sequences.
  • Replay Mode – Recreate awesome camera sequences from prior battles to rewatch or export.

Capturing that perfect moment of ragdoll carnage from the optimal angle never gets old. Now let’s move on to mods that supercharge the experience.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 mod

Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD Overview

Installing the Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK unlocks the following benefits:

Unlimited Money

  • Limitless gold for purchasing units and customizations
  • Max out the strength of your armies
  • Buy the coolest gear, mounts, and powerups
  • Never wait to earn money through battles

Unlocked Mods

  • Usually locked mods become available
  • Create absolute chaos with options like:
  • 500% unit size – Populates battlefields with giants
  • Extreme ragdoll sensitivity – Hilarious exaggerated physics
  • Low gravity – Send units flying with the slightest touch
  • Unlimited abilities – Trigger abilities without cooldowns
  • And much more!

Unlocked Battlecrates

  • Open swag crates without fulfilling prerequisites
  • Immediately access rare, powerful gear

With unlimited resources and mods, you have total freedom to create the most absurd, chaotic battles imaginable!

Pro Tips for Total Domination

Here are some key tips to help you annihilate opponents on the battlefield:

  • Flanking – Attack from multiple sides to overwhelm enemies in a pincer movement.
  • High Ground – Seize elevation for increased attack range and vision.
  • Chokepoints – Channel enemies into narrow kill zones lined with your strongest attackers.
  • Focus Fire – Concentrate all missiles and spells on pivotal high value targets first.
  • Counter Unit Types – Bring specific specialists to counter key threats among enemy ranks.
  • Fortify – Construct walls, moats, lookout towers to force bottleneck approaches.
  • Terrain – Master terrain effects like meteor strikes and quicksand to devastate foes.
  • Ambushes – Hide deadly units or traps in forests and other concealment.

With clever strategy, positioning, and customization, your legions will remain undefeated. Now go unleash battlefield madness!

Some Common Epic Battle Simulator 2 questions

Is the game online/multiplayer only?

Absolutely not! There are tons of battle modes playable offline against AI including Campaign, Skirmish, and Sandbox. Multiplayer is optional.

How well does it run on low end devices?

Surprisingly well! The ragdoll physics are optimized to enable smooth performance even on weaker mobile processors. Reduce graphics for best results.

Do I need to replay battles to grind money?

Only if you wish to unlock cosmetics quicker. You receive a set budget before each campaign and custom battle to build competitive armies. The MOD APK skips the grind entirely anyway.

Do units permanently die if routed?

Not at all! Your army assembles new forces at the start of every fresh battle scenario. No need to worry about long-term losses.

Are battles predetermined or truly simulated?

They are completely real-time physics driven simulations. Outcomes are naturally emergent based on setup, terrain, unit AI behaviors, and more random factors.


We’ve covered everything you need to choreograph blockbuster clashes in Epic Battle Simulator 2. To recap:

  • Assemble absurd armies of knights, pirates, and more
  • Outfit troops with custom gear, powers, mounts, and behaviors
  • Shape dynamic battlegrounds with terrain effects and deadly traps
  • Capture the physics-driven action from any cinematic angle
  • Unlock unlimited money and mods with the MOD APK
  • Annihilate foes using superior tactics and positioning
  • Address lingering questions with the informative FAQ

So unleash your inner general. It’s time to lay siege, storm the castle, and rain beautiful destruction down upon your foes. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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