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Fotor is a popular photo editing app that packs professional-grade tools into an intuitive interface. With Fotor, you can easily edit photos, create collages and graphics, and enhance images – no design experience required!

This handy editor makes photo editing fun and accessible. Read on to learn all about Fotor’s offerings and see why it’s a great choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

An Impressive Array of Editing Tools

Fotor comes loaded with features to help you get the most out of your images.

Intuitive Editing Interface

The editing interface allows you to crop, rotate, add filters, text, and stickers, and perform advanced adjustments with just a few taps. It’s beginner-friendly but offers plenty for more advanced users too.

One-Tap Enhancement

With one click, Fotor can automatically balance color, brightness, contrast, saturation and more to make dull images pop. This intelligent feature saves you time getting photos ready to share.

Hundreds of Effects and Filters

Jazz up your images with one of over 200 customizable filters and effects. Give photos an instant style upgrade with options like black and white, vintage, HDR, and more.

Precision Tools

Fine-tune images using curves, hue/saturation, shadows/highlights, vignette, and more. Take full control over color and tones.

“I love how easy it is to use Fotor’s editing features. With just a couple taps, my photos look so much better!”

Layers and Masks

Combine edits and elements using layers and layer masks – powerful tools that let you blend effects and build up complex pieces. Add watermarks or logos too.

Retouching Tools

Blemish remover, airbrush, heal, clone stamp, and other handy retouching tools allow you to flawlessly remove distractions from people and objects in photos.

Selective Adjustments

Make targeted tweaks to specific parts of images using the lasso, radial, and linear selection tools. Isolate adjustments instead of applying global changes.

Horizontal Text

Add stylish text elements with options for custom fonts, sizes, colors and positions. Fotor uniquely offers horizontal text – great for posters, social media imagery, and photo collages.

Fotor packs an unbelievable amount of editing power into one easy-to-use package!

Simple Graphic Design Functions

Fotor goes beyond photo editing to offer useful graphic design tools for creating social media posts, cards, flyers, YouTube thumbnails, and more:

Customizable Templates

Choose from über-modern templates for Instagram posts, Facebook covers, YouTube creations, invitations, brochures, and much more. Personalize by adding your own text and images.

Collage Maker

Combine multiple photos into eye-catching collages of different layouts, sizes and styles. Add backgrounds, textual elements, clipart, and creative touches.

Scene Creator

Choose from hand-designed scenes like birthday parties, Christmas, weddings and set your images within. Resize and customize scenes to suit your needs.

Stunning Graphics

Enhance designs with Fotor’s graphics library containing 50,000+ free images, 50 fonts, shapes, frames, clipart, masks and natural elements like leaves, light leaks, textures, and more.

“Building graphics is almost fun with all the templates, images, and tools Fotor offers. I don’t need any fancy design programs now!”

Fotor takes away the hassle of sourcing design assets so you can easily build stunning social posts, banners, thumbnails, and more in minutes.

Powerful Photo Effects

Serious hobbyists will love exploring Fotor’s more advanced features for truly transforming or composing images.

HDR Effects

Merge multiple exposures into one perfectly balanced photo with rich colors and sharp contrast using Fotor’s HDR tools. Great for landscapes and architecture photography.

Tilt-Shift Effects

Give real-life photos or videos a magical miniature model look using tilt-shift effects that blur and fade elements. Works beautifully on cityscapes and road scenes.

Double Exposure Effects

Blend two images in creative ways using Fotor’s specialized double exposure tools. Reveal striking combinations by adjusting opacity and layers.

Add Natural Elements

Place clouds, smoke, rays of light, sparkles, falling snow and more into your images with Fotor’s atmospheric scene elements. Intensify moods.

Advanced Layering Capabilities

Stack, rearrange, flatten, and group an unlimited number of layers when compositing images. Change blending modes and control opacity precisely.

Unleash your creativity by weaving stunning photo effects right within Fotor!

Effortless Batch Processing

Fotor supercharges productivity by making batch editing and applying effects to multiple images at once totally painless:

Batch Editing

Automate adjustments across tons of photos with just a few clicks instead of laboriously working on one file at a time. Customize strength to suit each batch.

Batch Export

Define sizing and settings like image format quality ahead of time, then export high volumes of files at the same specifications all at once. Skip repetitive manual exporting.

Batch Collages

Design one photo grid template and make collages in bulk by automatically populating the template with custom sets of multiple images.

Batch Effects & Filters

Instantly add the same effect or graphic style whether it’s black and white, vintage, HDR and more to batches of photos simultaneously.

Say goodbye to repetitive work when processing multiple files thanks to Fotor’s excellent batch features!

Convenient Image Management

Fotor not only edits but helps organize your growing image collection:

Metadata Support

View handy EXIF metadata like date shot, exposure, aperture size, and more right in Fotor. Use details to better understand and improve photography.

Album Creation

Visually arrange images into custom albums. Easily find, access and work on related images by saving into coherent stories instead of generic folders.


Flag favorite go-to images and effects for quick retrieval so you can reuse as needed without hunting through your entire media library.

Cloud Support

Open and save image edits with popular cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox for convenient online access and backing up of your work.

Stay on top of your ever-expanding photography projects with Fotor’s useful organization tools!

An Ideal Option for All Skill Levels

Fotor manages to balance professional-grade editing tools with an experience approachable for casual hobbyists. Let’s recap key reasons it appeals to beginners and professionals alike:

Easy-to-Master Interface

Intuitive design with simple interactions allows new users to pick things up quickly and feel comfortable experimenting. Veterans can still access advanced options.

Impressive Results

Packed with the same adjustment tools, artistic filters and text/graphic design elements used in pro software suites costing hundreds of dollars yearly.

Completely Free Core Editing

Use free essential editing tools like cropping, filters, and exposure correction without paying. Move up to paid subscriptions for premium content and capabilities.

Cross-Device Functionality

Edit on the go with mobile apps for Android and Apple phones and tablets. Use the desktop-based web app for more intensive work on Windows and Mac machines.

“I don’t care if you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned creative pro – Fotor has everything you need to take image editing and design to the next level!”

Photography newcomers, social media mavens, mobile content creators, artists, marketers, graphics pros and more can all benefit from this versatile photo editor.

FAQ: Common Fotor Questions Answered

Is Fotor really free to use?

Yes, basic editing tools don’t cost a dime! Extra features such as premium images, effects, templates and more are active with this version.

What file types does Fotor support?

Work with JPG, PNG, BMP and other common formats. Fotor edits don’t save over originals so you keep maximum image quality.

Can I access Fotor offline?

The mobile app allows offline editing for when you don’t have an internet connection. Sync changes next time you go online.

How is Fotor different from other apps?

Combines editing power on par with premium software like Photoshop and Lightroom with extreme ease more like Canva. Also uniquely offers photo effects tools unavailable elsewhere.

Is there a desktop version?

Yes, complement the mobile experience with Fotor’s web-based online editor accessible right from your webbrowser.

Hopefully this closer look at Fotor’s offerings gave you a better feel for its diverse tools and capabilities! Don’t hesitate to reach out with other questions.

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