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Grow Castle Premium Apk is a unique and addictive tower defense game that offers an engaging blend of strategy, hero management, and base-building.
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Jan 15, 2024
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Tower defense games have always been popular, but Grow Castle puts an incremental RPG twist on the classic genre. With strategic tower upgrading, equipment crafting, hero development, and idle revenue generation, Grow Castle provides addictively deep incremental tower defense gameplay.

This article will break down the key features and gameplay loop of Grow Castle. We’ll also explore some modded apk benefits like unlimited money and the mega menu. Let’s dive into the world of automated fantasy battle!

How to Play Grow Castle

Grow Castle is free to download on iOS and Android devices. The goal is to defend your castle from invading monsters using heroes and towers. Gold earned from defeating waves is invested into upgrading towers, gear, and heroes.

The core gameplay loop is:

  • Place and upgrade different tower types to fight monsters automatically
  • unlock and level up heroes with unique abilities to aid the towers
  • Craft powerful gear and abilities to equip on heroes
  • Earn gold from defeated waves to invest back into your castle
  • Prestige upon reaching max wave to boost passive gold gain

With each run, you push until you fail to defeat a wave. The gold earned lets you start new runs with stronger towers, heroes, and gear to push even further.

Main Gameplay Features

While simple on the surface, Grow Castle has deep RPG, tower defense, and incremental gaming elements that provide tons of variety and progression.

Tower Types

There are 10 main tower types, each with 20 levels. Towers have different attack styles, ranges, damage types, and abilities:

  • Cannon: Single target physical damage
  • Lightning: AOE electric damage
  • Poison: Damage over time poison clouds
  • Ice: AOE freeze to stun enemies
  • Fire: AOE fireballs
  • Summoner: Spawns minions to fight
  • Thorns: Reflects melee damage
  • Blast: Explosive AOE
  • Tesla: Chaining electric damage
  • Deathray: Piercing laser beam


29 heroes can be unlocked, leveled up to 1000, and equipped with gear. They provide support skills and passive bonuses. Heroes include:

  • Pure Wizard: Magic damage boost
  • Dark Ranger: Physical damage boost
  • Athena: Flying unit spawns
  • Alice: Summoner boost
  • Dorothy: Thorns boost
  • Lisa: Poison cloud boost

Gear and Crafting

Powerful gear is crafted and equipped onto heroes to enhance them. Gear provides stat boosts and set bonus effects:

  • Weapons: Damage and critical chance
  • Armor: Health and defense
  • Accessories: Various bonuses


30+ enemy types like goblins, ogres, bats, lizardmen, and more. They get tougher each wave with increasing health and damage.


Reseting your castle prestiges to earn permanent bonuses to gold gain, experience, and other benefits that stack across runs.

Offline/Idle Gains

Even when closed, you accumulate gold and experience based on total upgrades purchased and current wave. Idle progress incentivizes checking back regularly.

Customization Features

While beating endless waves drives progression, Grow Castle also lets players express creativity in customizing their castle.

Castle Design

Towers and decorations can be placed in many configurations to design your castle layout. Make efficient mazes or aesthetically pleasing patterns!

Tower Skins

Special skins like brick, ice, and lava themes unlock to visually enhance towers. Show off your favorites!


Joining a guild allows chatting and socializing with other players. Compare achievements and get guild-wide buffs!

Cheats and Mods (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

Grow Castle can be enjoyed as an intended incremental RPG, but game mods provide shortcuts for those wanting faster progression or less grinding.

Unlimited Money

Money mods give unlimited gold for instantly buying any upgrade. You can max everything without the incremental grind.

Mega Menu Unlock

This mod unlocks all content immediately. Towers, heroes, monsters, gear, upgrades, and skins unlocked for endless possibilities.

Max Stats

Raise tower levels, heroes, gear etc. to maximum status values. Instant power!

Auto Battle

This automated battling mod grinds progression for you without any clicking needed. Perfect for idle income!


Mods may require downloading unsafe files. Bans are also possible for achieved impossible stats. Use caution when modding!

Tips for New Players

If you’re struggling to make progress in Grow Castle, here are some tips:

  • Upgrade damage – Focus on boosting your DPS nodes first. Killing faster gets more gold.
  • Prestige early – Don’t push too far before prestiging. The early resets give the biggest lasting bonuses.
  • Prioritize AOE – Early on, AOE towers that damage multiple targets excel compared to single projectiles.
  • Use assassins – Rogue and Assassin heroes cheaply boost starting gold to fast track upgrades.
  • Craft sets – Gear sets give huge boosts. Keep crafting items until you complete sets.
  • Join a guild – Guilds provide permanent passive bonuses and social support.
  • Watch ads – Opt to watch free ads when offered for bonus gold and chests.
  • Spend excess – Before prestiging, spend any excess gold on upgrades for offline gains.


Is Grow Castle free to play?

Yes, Grow Castle is completely free to play, with only optional ad views or cosmetic IAPs that don’t affect progression.

Are there microtransactions or ads?

There are optional ads that reward bonuses. IAPs exist only for cosmetics and do not gate any content.

Is there an endgame or does it go on forever?

There is no end, the waves and difficulties scale endlessly. The goal is to continuously push to higher waves and prestige levels.

Should I spread upgrades evenly or focus them?

It’s generally best to specialize in damage towers first to increase wave clearing speed. Even spreading is slower.

What heroes should I focus on upgrading with XP?

Pure Wizard and Dark Ranger give the biggest overall damage boosts. Prioritize leveling them first.


That covers all the essential tips and info on Grow Castle’s addictive incremental TD gameplay! Combining deep strategic tower defense and party-based RPG progression in one medieval idle game was a genius move.

Optimizing your prestige runs, upgrade priorities, gear crafting, and hero development is key to pushing higher waves. Or grab a mod for instant power! Just be careful, as the addictive loop of incremental improvement can quickly eat away your free time.

Happy defending your castle from the invaders! May your towers grow ever mightier and your heroes more powerful. This is one incremental RPG that will have you hooked for hours on end. Now get out there and start prestiging!

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