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The Hay Day Premium Apk offers players unlimited gems, coins, and seeds, which can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to progress in the game.
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March 9, 2023
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Hay Day offers a relaxing yet engaging farming simulation experience on mobile. This article explores the fishing, crop growth, town customization, and social features. We’ll also look at useful mods like unlimited coins, gems, and seeds to supercharge your agriculture success!

Satisfying Farming Loop

The central gameplay loop involves harvesting crops, tending animals, crafting goods, and managing production buildings.

You start with a basic farm but soon expand into huge fields of crops, pens of livestock, production factories, and more. Simply tapping resources to collect them is instantly gratifying.

Planting new crops, gathering eggs, shearing sheep, catching fish, and rolling flour into dough churns out tons of varied materials to craft into goods to sell.

“Something about growing and gathering endless crops is so zen. I can play for hours just harvesting, planting, and crafting. It’s incredibly addicting watching your farm continuously expand.”

With many farming tasks automated, progression stays relaxing yet engaging.

Farm Customization and Expansion

A major part of the fun comes from customizing the look of your farm with decorations and expanding your farming empire.

As you level up, more land opens up for you to landscape with paths, trees, benches, and hundreds of decorations. Express your creativity designing your dream farm.

Saving up coins allows you to purchase new production buildings like bakeries and dairy farms. Their produced goods bring in steady profits over time.

There’s great freedom in deciding which crops, trees, fields, and makers to invest in based on your playstyle. Watching your humble farm transform into a massive agriculture operation over time provides great progression.

“I love being able to expand and design my farm however I want – where I place each building and crop field matters. Unlocking new areas and decorations means I’m always improving my farm.”

For those who enjoy customization and progression, Hay Day really delivers.

Social Features and Cooperative Play

Hay Day contains fun social features that let you visit friends’ farms, help fill orders, and even join neighborhoods to chat and trade with a community.

Being able to lend a hand on your friends’ farms reduces busywork and creates a helpful collaborative environment. Visiting towns unlocks new items and event rewards encouraging interaction.

Joining an active neighborhood means always having people around to help sell excess materials and engage in friendly competition on the leaderboards.

“The social gameplay really enhances the fun for me – I love being able to help friends with tricky orders or sell extra goods in my neighborhood. Hay Day has one of the best communities out there.”

With its social gameplay, Hay Day feels more alive and connected than other farming games.

Fishing and Boat Orders

Taking a break from traditional farm work, you’re able to head down to the rivers and lakes to go fishing. This provides a relaxing arcade minigame diversion with useful rewards.

The fish you catch can be used, cooked into dishes, or sold for profits. Leveling up your fishing skills unlocks the ability to catch rarer fish worth more money.

You can also sail to islands using the boat to pick up town visitor orders and valuable treasure chests. These provide episodic adventures beyond the farm.

“The fishing is fab! It’s such a peaceful and rewarding experience pulling up different fish and treasures from the water. And I love being able to visit new islands to find exotic orders and resources.”

The secondary fishing and boating systems add nice variety to the chilled-out farming gameplay loop.

Managing Town Orders and Visitors

An essential part of growth involves fulfilling orders from the town visitors who arrive regularly. They request certain amounts of crafted goods.

This provides goals to work towards as you expand production to churn out enough eggs, honey, blankets, cherry jam, and hundreds of other goods to meet demands.

Upgrading crafting buildings with coins helps produce orders faster. And satisfying visitors paves the way for more newcomers with lucrative orders to fuel expansion.

“I really enjoy fine-tuning my production lines to reliably pump out the items needed for town orders. It gives me milestones to hit as my capabilities improve. And it’s so fulfilling seeing a big order completed!”

The steady stream of town orders gives rewarding structure to the freeform farming.

Derbys, Events, and Seasons

Special limited-time derbys, events, and seasonal activities keep gameplay fresh and rewarding.

Derbys pit your neighborhood against others with cooperative tasks like growing certain crops or gathering items. Everyone works together when not doing their own farm work.

Seasons change up agriculture with summer crops, winter animals, and holiday décor. Events have you completing quests for fun narrative rewards.

There’s always a new goal or unlock on the horizon so you never run out of things to do!

“I love how new derbys, seasons, and events mix things up! My neighborhood bonding while competing in derbys is super fun. And it’s exciting to unlock seasonal crops, animals, and decorations.”

Lively recurring events and activities prevent repetition and give you reasons to log in daily.

MODs to Fast Track Success

Some helpful Hay Day mods include:

Unlimited Coins – Purchase any items, upgrades, and expansions instantly. Never wait to save up coins again!

Unlimited Gems – Buy the best decorations and speed up all processes with gems without the grind.

Free Seeds – Plant any crops instantly without needing to buy seeds. Fill fields faster.

Instant Grow – Crops, trees, and animals finish growing in seconds. No more waiting!

Mods allow immediately accessing later game production power and content for players craving faster advancement. But use in moderation to avoid burning out!


With its zen farming loop, deep customization, cooperative social play, and regular events, Hay Day executes the mobile farming genre excellently. There’s no pressure – just steadily grow at your pace while helping friends and beautifying your farm. Try the unlimited coins and gems mods if you want fast upgrades and decoration. Now relax as you reap the rewards of cultivating your agricultural empire!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hay Day free to play?

Yes! The full core game is free and can be played indefinitely without spending money.

What are diamonds used for?

Diamonds are the premium currency used to instantly finish building/crafting processes and for certain unlocks.

What’s the easiest way to get expansion materials?

Focus on filling boat orders and checking the newspaper to easily gather planks, nails, bolts etc for expanding your farm.

How do I get more gold coins quickly?

Selling extra products from your production buildings is the fastest way to earn gold coins in the game. Prioritize upgrading these for profits.

Should I buy the second farm?

The second farm isn’t essential early on. Focus on maximizing your first farm before deciding to buy an additional one.

Does Hay Day work offline?

Yes! You can play fully offline after the initial download. You only need an internet connection to sync your progress across devices.

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