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Homescapes Premium Apk is an alternative version of the popular Homescapes game, designed for players who want a different gaming experience.
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March 9, 2023
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Homescapes is a popular match-3 puzzle game blended with home decoration elements. This article explores the extensive match-3 gameplay, house renovation systems, character stories, and the unlimited stars mod for easier progress.

Addictive Match-3 Puzzle Core Loop

At its heart, Homescapes revolves around completing hundreds of match-3 puzzle levels by swapping and matching pieces on a board.

Matching 3 or more pieces makes them disappear and causes new pieces to fall down from above. You must meet specific goals like collecting a certain number of tiles, bringing pieces to the bottom, or breaking all obstacles to pass each level.

With varied level gimmicks, power-ups, and obstacles like locks, blocks, honey, and ice, the gameplay stays fresh and challenging. Completing multiple matches in a row creates fun cascading chain reactions for big points.

“The match-3 puzzle gameplay is so addicting! Trying to figure out the best combinations for high scores while also meeting level goals keeps me coming back. And the power-ups add extra strategy.”

With smooth controls and rewarding progression, Homescapes’ match-3 core delivers hours of fun.

Renovating the House Through Level Progress

The match-3 gameplay ties into a home renovation system. Each level pack focuses on restoring a specific room like the hallway, bedroom, or kitchen.

As you complete puzzle levels, you earn stars used to purchase decorations and furnishings from the home shop. New category tabs unlock once old rooms reach certain star thresholds.

Seeing each area transform from dilapidated into a beautifully decorated room through your efforts provides great progression. Unlock new rooms and earn more stars to renovate the entire estate!

“I love how the match-3 gameplay directly improves the house! It feels so rewarding finally earning enough stars to buy that new fireplace or elegant window I had my eye on to complete a room.”

Watching the once rundown house become grand again through steady match-3 progress is extremely satisfying.

Appealing Characters and Story

A big part of Homescapes’ charm comes from its characters like Austin the helpful butler and the mischievous cat and dog.

Between puzzle levels, short cutscenes play showing Austin interacting with the house pets while cleaning up the estate. The animal animations add humor and bring the world to life.

Over time, you learn more about Austin’s motivations for renovating his childhood home while growing attached to the lovable furry friends. Small story beats motivate progression.

“I don’t know why but I really love the characters! Austin trying to wrangle the crazy pets is always funny and puts a smile on my face. It brings so much personality beyond just matching.”

This lighthearted storyline and cast amplifies engagement with the satisfying renovation gameplay loop.

Cute Customization Options

Between setting up furnishings to match room themes, you’re also able to customize the pets themselves with cute outfits.

Special event levels reward pet outfits like a wizard robe, pineapple suit, and even a dinosaur costume! Mix and match these with accessories for one-of-a-kind fashion.

The pets will sport your custom designs in cutscenes and around the house adding to the personal flair. Try creating holiday looks or silly combinations just for fun.

“I don’t know why but dressing up the pets however I want brings me so much joy! The cosmetics just make the whole game feel more personalized. And it’s fun seeing my crazily dressed pets in the story bits.”

The ability to customize the pets alongside the house provides another layer of personalization.

Power-Ups Spice Up Matching

Power-ups are key to mastering Homescapes’ trickier puzzle levels. They provide abilities that help overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Some handy power-ups include:

  • Rocket – Destroys a whole horizontal row. Great for knocking off stuck pieces.
  • Bomb – Eliminates all pieces within a 2×2 area. Useful for clearing out clustered sections.
  • Paper Plane – Reveals the next power-up you will receive after matches. Plan your moves accordingly.

Combining power-ups together in clever ways allows you to demolish huge chunks at once for big cascades. Figuring out these key combinations gives an extra layer of strategy.

“The power-ups add so much to the matching gameplay! Finding the perfect power-up at the right time to cause massive chain reactions is amazing. It becomes almost a puzzle within a puzzle.”

Mastering power-ups is extremely rewarding and distinguishes advanced players under pressure.

Lives System and Power Plays

Homescapes uses a lives system where failed levels cost you one life. You start with 5 lives that refill over a few hours.

Running out of lives means waiting before you can play more levels. But the game gives you options to extend play:

  • Power Plays – Earn these to play unlimited lives for a period of time. Useful for challenging stages.
  • Social Features – Friends can gift you lives, allowing you to keep playing.
  • Ads – Optional ad views grant free lives if you’re impatient.

The lives system pushes you to play carefully but power plays and friends provide backups when needed. Having these options helps balance challenge and accessibility.

“The lives system had me skeptical at first, but all the ways to refill them keep the match-3 action going. Power plays are great for tackling tough levels, and gifted lives from friends are a nice bonus!”

For players worried about stamina systems, Homescapes handles lives reasonably well.

Near Endless Progression

With thousands of puzzle levels across main chapters and side events, progression in Homescapes feels nearly endless.

And with new levels added through frequent updates, long-time players always have fresh content to master. Milestone star rewards also encourage consistent play for renovating the estate.

occasional time-limited events like the Hampsterdam Travels challenge provide narrative side stories while testing your matching skills against special objectives for rewards.

“I’ve been playing for months, but still have new areas and levels to unlock! The massive amount of puzzles combined with constant updates means I’ll be designing dream homes for a long time.”

With so many match-3 challenges to overcome, wannabe interior designers can enjoy freshening up the mansion for years.

MODs to Speed Up Renovations

Some players utilize mods like unlimited stars/lives for quicker renovation progress:

  • Unlimited Stars – Always afford new furniture and unlock areas faster without grinding levels.
  • Unlimited Lives – Retry difficult levels indefinitely without waiting for refills. Practice as needed.
  • Unlimited Boosters – Have endless power-ups for clearing obstructions and reaching goals with ease.

However, resist abusing these as it can remove the rewarding sense of progression entirely. Moderate usage is recommended to supplement the core experience.


With its incredibly addictive match-3 loop, charming interior design elements, cute pets, and massive content, Homescapes is a must-play for any puzzle fan. Completing levels to renovate the deteriorating mansion provides a satisfying motivation that distinguishes itself from standard matching games. Try the unlimited stars/lives mods in moderation if desired, but the best long-term enjoyment comes from the earned progression. Now get ready to put those puzzle skills to work as you restore this home to its former glory!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I earn stars quickly?

Focus on completing levels quickly and minimizing failed attempts. Finishing levels under the par time and with extra moves left gives big star bonuses.

What should I spend real money on?

Special Saturday Sale packs that double your purchased stars are the best value for money spent. Otherwise accumulate free stars from gameplay.

Is it possible to progress without spending money?

Absolutely! Everything can be unlocked for free over time just through consistent match-3 gameplay. Purchases only speed things up.

Do I need internet connection to play?

Internet is required to download assets and sync progress at launch but offline play is supported after that initial install.

How often are new levels added?

Major content updates that add new home areas and 100+ puzzle levels come every 2-3 months typically. Smaller updates add a few dozen levels monthly.

Will my progress carry over between devices?

Yes, syncing to your Play Games (Android) or Game Center (iOS) accounts allows progression to carry between linked devices.

How many puzzle levels are there?

Over 5000 puzzle levels and counting across the main mansion as well as special events! Virtually endless matching gameplay.

Are the match-3 puzzles luck based or skill based?

Expert play requires Puzzle skills and strategy. Luck plays a small factor but level objectives ultimately test skill.

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