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Homescapes Mod Apk is an alternative version of the popular Homescapes game, designed for players who want a different gaming experience.
May 12, 2023
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Homescapes is a popular match-3 puzzle game that invites players to renovate a dilapidated mansion while progressing through challenging levels. The same company behind other hit games such as Gardenscapes and Township, Homescapes combines elements of interior design and storytelling to create a unique and entertaining experience for players of all ages.

In the game, players take on the role of Austin the butler, who returns to his childhood home to restore its former glory. By completing match-3 levels, players earn stars that can be used to complete tasks, such as replacing old furniture, repairing broken items, and redecorating the entire mansion. The unfolding narrative also introduces players to a cast of colorful characters, including Austin’s family and quirky neighbors, adding depth and charm to the gameplay.

An essential feature of Homescapes is its stunning graphics and attention to detail, which make the game visually appealing and engaging. Each room in the mansion has a unique design, and as players progress, they can make their own design choices to reflect their individual style preferences. With thousands of match-3 levels to conquer and a captivating story to follow, Homescapes provides an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience that continues to attract new fans and keep seasoned players entertained.

Game Overview

Homescapes is a popular mobile game developed by Playrix. The game combines match-3 puzzles with a home renovation storyline, providing a unique and entertaining experience for players. The main goal of the game is to help the protagonist, Austin the butler, renovate his family mansion by solving various match-3 puzzles and completing design tasks.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game primarily revolves around solving match-3 puzzles similar to popular games like Candy Crush Saga. Players are tasked with matching colorful pieces on a grid to achieve specific goals, like collecting a certain number of pieces or clearing obstacles. By solving these puzzles, players earn stars which can be used to complete various renovation tasks in Austin’s mansion.

As players progress through the levels, they are introduced to new gameplay mechanics, obstacles, and power-ups to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Some of these power-ups include rockets, bombs, and paper airplanes, which can be activated by creating specific combinations on the grid.

Currency and Earning Stars

Homescapes features two main in-game currencies: coins and stars. Coins are earned through regular gameplay, as well as by completing daily tasks and participating in events. These coins can be used to purchase new furniture and decorations for Austin’s home or to continue playing a level after running out of moves.

Meanwhile, stars are earned by successfully clearing match-3 puzzles. The number of stars a player earns per level depends on their performance in the puzzle. These stars are used to unlock new tasks and progress through the game’s story.

In addition to stars and coins, Homescapes also features special event currencies, earned by participating in limited-time events. These can be exchanged for unique items and decorations exclusive to the event.

Boosters and Power-ups

Players have access to a variety of boosters and power-ups to help them progress through levels. Some common examples of these are:

  • Rockets: Clear an entire row or column on the grid.
  • Bombs: Clear a 3×3 area on the grid.
  • Paper Planes: Targets a specific object or obstacle on the grid.
  • Rainbow Balls: Can be swapped with any piece to clear all matching pieces on the grid.

Boosters are earned by creating specific combinations on the grid or can be purchased using in-game currency.

Designing Your Home

In Homescapes, designing your home is a rewarding and fun aspect of the game. Players can get creative by customizing various elements in their home, from rooms and areas to furniture and decorations.

Rooms and Areas

Players will have access to several rooms within their home, such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Each room can be customized to fit the player’s personal style and preferences. Additionally, players will also be able to design outdoor spaces, such as gardens and patios.

  • Living room: The main gathering space for the family
  • Bedroom: A private retreat for relaxation
  • Kitchen: A functional space for preparing meals
  • Outdoor areas: Gardens and patios for outdoor enjoyment

As the player progresses through the game, new rooms and areas will become available for them to personalize and bring to life.

Furniture and Decorations

Choosing the right furniture and decorations is essential to creating a home that reflects the player’s personality and style. Homescapes offers a wide selection of items for players to choose from, allowing them to design their dream home.

SeatingSofas, armchairs, dining chairs
StorageBookshelves, cabinets, chests
TablesCoffee tables, dining tables, side tables
DecorationsArtwork, plants, lighting

By strategically selecting and placing furniture and decorations, players can create a cohesive and visually pleasing space that reflects their unique design style.

Boosters and Power-Ups

In Homescapes, boosters and power-ups play a significant role in helping players advance through the game’s challenging levels. This section will discuss the different types of boosters, as well as provide some helpful tips for using them effectively.

Types of Boosters

There are several types of boosters in Homescapes, each with its unique function. Some of the most common boosters are:

  • Hammer: The Hammer allows players to remove a single tile or obstacle without using a move.
  • Rocket: The Rocket booster clears a row or column of tiles depending on its orientation.
  • Bomb: The Bomb booster explodes and removes adjacent tiles within its blast radius.
  • Paper Plane: The Paper Plane targets and removes a single tile, as well as the four neighboring tiles.
  • Rainbow Ball: The Rainbow Ball can be swapped with any tile, removing all tiles of the same type on the board.

Tips for Using Boosters

Using boosters effectively can give players an edge in overcoming Homescapes’ many challenging levels. Here are some tips for maximizing their impact:

  1. Be strategic: It is essential to carefully plan when and how to use boosters. Save them for difficult levels or when you are close to running out of moves.
  2. Combine power-ups: Combining power-ups, like a Rocket and a Bomb, can result in more significant, more effective clearing opportunities.
  3. Focus on objectives: Always prioritize using boosters to help achieve level objectives, such as clearing specific obstacles or collecting required items.
  4. Conserve boosters: Avoid using boosters unnecessarily, as they can be challenging to replenish without spending in-game currency or waiting for specific events.

Challenges and Events

Homescapes offers a variety of challenges and events to keep players engaged and entertained. These events are designed to reward players with bonuses, boosters, and special items as they complete various in-game objectives.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are a significant aspect of Homescapes, providing players with small goals to accomplish each day. These tasks can range from simply logging in or completing specific levels to participating in events and inviting friends to play. Upon completion of these tasks, players are rewarded with in-game items and resources to help them progress.

For example:

  • Log in every day to receive a daily bonus.
  • Complete a certain number of levels to earn rewards like coins or boosters.
  • Participate in limited-time events for the opportunity to earn exclusive prizes.

Special In-Game Events

Homescapes organizes various special in-game events throughout the year, merging gameplay with seasonal or thematic elements. These events often provide an opportunity for players to win unique rewards, such as special decorations or limited-edition boosters.

Some examples of these events include:

Team ChestWork together with your team members to complete tasks and fill up the team chest, earning valuable rewards upon completion.
Seasonal EventsParticipate in limited-time events tied to specific holidays or seasons, offering unique tasks and rewards.
Renovation EventsComplete levels to earn special resources that can be used to renovate specific rooms or areas in the mansion, unlocking new stories and characters along the way.

These challenges and events enhance the Homescapes experience, encouraging players to continuously engage and strive for rewards as they restore the mansion to its former glory.

Social Features

Homescapes offers a variety of social features to keep players engaged and connected with their friends and fellow players. This section will discuss three key social aspects of the game: Connecting with Friends, Leaderboards, and Competitions.

Connecting with Friends

Players can easily connect with friends by linking their Homescapes account to Facebook. Once connected, they can visit their friends’ mansions, send and receive lives, and cheer each other on as they progress through the levels. This social aspect adds a layer of interaction and enjoyment to the game.


Homescapes includes a leaderboard feature that allows players to compare their progress with friends and other players. The leaderboard displays players’ level progression and mansion renovation progress, fostering a sense of friendly competition.

  • Level Progression Leaderboard: This leaderboard shows the total number of levels each player has completed. It encourages players to keep moving forward and trying to outdo each other.
  • Mansion Renovation Leaderboard: This leaderboard displays the progress each player has made in renovating their mansion. It serves as a showcase of each player’s creativity and effort in transforming their mansion into a unique and beautiful space.


Homescapes frequently hosts in-game events and competitions, providing players with opportunities to win various rewards, such as coins, boosters, and unique decorations. Examples of such events and competitions include:

Team TournamentsPlayers can join or create a team with other players to compete in tournaments for rewards. Teams work together to complete specific tasks, and the team’s overall rank in the tournament determines the rewards.
Special Seasonal EventsDuring special occasions, like holidays, Homescapes features unique, limited-time events. These events often include thematic levels and rewards such as exclusive decorations or furniture.

These social features not only enhance the gameplay experience but also foster a sense of community within the game, as players support and compete with each other in their Homescapes journey.

Tips and Tricks

Game Strategy

One crucial aspect of excelling in Homescapes is developing an effective game strategy. Here are some helpful tips to guide players through the game:

  • Focus on the main objectives: Each level in Homescapes has a specific objective, such as collecting a certain number of pieces or removing obstacles. Prioritize these tasks to progress through the game quickly.
  • Maximize power-ups: Make use of power-ups, like rockets, bombs, and paper planes, to clear large portions of the board. Combine them for even more potent effects.
  • Plan moves carefully: Every move counts! Strategize and think several moves ahead to create the most significant impact with each action.
  • Pay attention to boosters: Use in-game boosters, such as the hammer or the rainbow ball, wisely. Save them for more challenging levels or situations where they can make a significant difference.

Implementing these strategies can lead to better performance in Homescapes, making the journey to restore the mansion more enjoyable and efficient. Remember to adapt to each level’s specific requirements and continue mastering your game strategy.


In conclusion, Homescapes has proven to be a popular and engaging game for players of all ages. Its blend of puzzle-solving and home renovation storylines keeps users entertained and wanting more. The fact that the game has been consistently updated with new levels and features contributes to its success.

Developers of Homescapes have done an excellent job of listening to player feedback and making improvements. They have created an environment that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, while offering a suitable level of challenge to keep players engaged.

While some may argue that the game employs similar mechanics to other match-3 games, it must be acknowledged that the unique home renovation aspect sets it apart from competitors. The compelling storylines, endearing characters, and appealing visuals all contribute to the game’s appeal and help solidify its position as a top choice for players in the casual gaming market.

Homescapes Mod Apk

Homescapes Mod Apk is an alternative version of the popular Homescapes game, designed for players who want a different gaming experience. This modified version offers several features that aren’t available in the original game, such as unlimited stars and additional game modes.

One of the main benefits of using Homescapes Mod Apk is the availability of unlimited stars, which allows players to unlock new levels, decorations, and game content without waiting or spending real money. This can make the gameplay experience more enjoyable and allows players to progress through the game faster.

However, it is essential to note that using a mod apk comes with potential risks, including possible account suspension or banning from the game’s online community.

Some other features of Homescapes Mod Apk may include:

  • Increased coin rewards
  • Unlocked additional game modes
  • Access to exclusive in-game items and customizations

Despite the potential risks, Homescapes Mod Apk can offer a more enjoyable and flexible gaming experience for those seeking additional features and a faster pace. It is vital to weigh the benefits and potential drawbacks before deciding to use a mod apk and to always prioritize your device’s security and the integrity of your gaming experience.


What is the objective of Homescapes?

The main goal of Homescapes is to help the protagonist, Austin, renovate his family’s mansion by completing match-3 puzzles. Players earn stars by solving these puzzles, which can then be used to unlock various tasks and upgrades for the mansion.

Is it possible to play Homescapes offline?

Yes, players can still enjoy Homescapes without an internet connection. However, certain features, such as in-app purchases or syncing game progress across devices, will not be accessible while offline.

How can players earn in-game currency without spending real money?

Players can earn coins in various ways, such as:
-Completing match-3 puzzles
-Participating in daily in-game events
-Connecting to Facebook and gaining extra rewards


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