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Hunt Royale drops players into a massive open world where 100 players compete in an exhilarating battle royale for glory. With comical third-person gameplay, diverse weapons and vehicles to master, and deep tactical squad options, Hunt Royale is a must-play for any multiplayer combat fan. Packed with content and constant updates, its addictive battles never get old!

Hunt Royale mod apk

Overview of Hunt Royale

Developed and published by Ballistic Moon for mobile platforms, Hunt Royale creatively adapts the battle royale formula into a more casual and accessible form. Matches involve 100 players battling it out with guns, vehicles, and items in a huge open world map. The last squad standing wins!

Unlike more serious games like PUBG, Hunt Royale adopts a more colorful and humorous visual style. Characters have funky looks and movements that give gameplay a distinct arcade-like feel. Powerful weapons and vehicles also allow for over-the-top chaos.

At its core, Hunt Royale is about foraging, looting, tactical positioning, and surviving as the playzone constricts. But it throws in innovative features like:

  • Hero characters with unique abilities
  • Buildable forts for defense and control
  • Ridable beasts, mechs, and other exotic transport
  • PvE enemies and side challenges
  • Dynamic weather effects
  • Deep weapon and character customization through leveling

With so much variety across heroes, weapons, items, and strategies, no two matches ever feel the same. And constant content updates ensure Hunt Royale stays fresh and engaging in the long term.

Key Features:

  • 100 player PvP battle royale
  • Huge open world map with diverse biomes
  • Third-person arcade shooter gameplay
  • Tons of quirky hero characters
  • Variety of weapons, items, and vehicles
  • Squad formation options
  • Real-time building of forts
  • PvE enemies and side quests
  • Unlockable skins and cosmetics
  • Regular new seasonal content

Whether you prefer strategic squad play or aggressive lone wolf attacks, Hunt Royale accommodates all styles for an immensely fun last-man-standing experience.

Hunt Royale
Hunt Royale 1

Addictive Core Survival Gameplay Loop

Like any great battle royale, Hunt Royale nails the tense early game looting, mid game positioning tactics, and end game survival intensity perfectly. Here’s an overview of how typical matches flow:

Looting Phase

  • Drop from the plane onto a random spot on the map
  • Rush to find weapons, healing items, and gear in buildings
  • Destroy crates and harvest materials for building
  • Eliminate any immediate threats quickly

Exploration Phase

  • Venture into new unlooted areas
  • Open treasure chests for powerful weapons
  • Harvest more materials to build fortifications later
  • Engage in side quests like hostage rescues

Building Phase

  • Find a tactical position as playzone shrinks
  • Construct walls, traps, turrets to defend location
  • Provide sniping cover and high ground advantage

Battle Royale Phase

  • Fight off enemies trying to breach your base
  • Use zone pressure to force battles
  • Destroy enemy structures and fortifications
  • Survive as long as possible!

Mastering each phase and transitioning smoothly between them is key to victory. It’s an immensely satisfying gameplay loop that constantly tests your adaptability and skills.

Hero Character Variety

What really sets Hunt Royale apart is its roster of unique playable hero characters. Instead of generic unknown soldiers, you get to battle it out using a diverse cast of heroes with their own looks, backstories, and special abilities.

There are over 50 collectible heroes covering classes like:

  • Assault – Well-rounded combatants
  • Sniper – Long range marksmen
  • Tank – Heavily armored and strong
  • Support – Buff allies and heal
  • Scout – High mobility and stealth

Each hero has a special skill like area heal or deploying turrets that complements their class. This allows you to tailor your squad composition to your preferred strategy. The variety keeps matches fresh as you experiment with new hero synergies.

And collecting cosmetics to customize your main hero never gets old. Show off your style!

Hunt Royale 2
Hunt Royale 3

Vehicles Add Fun Chaos

Beyond character abilities, vehicles play a huge role in Hunt Royale’s distinct flavor. Cars allow quick traversal and escapes, while choppers and planes rule the skies. But that’s just the beginning of the vehicular mayhem.

Some unique rides you can hijack include:

  • Mechs – Stomp around blasting enemies
  • ATVs – All-terrain exploration
  • UFOs – Gravity lifting and abductions
  • Mounts – Charge into battle on beasts
  • Boats – Critical for ocean zones
  • Tanks – Heavy firepower and armor

Vehicles are scattered around the map or earned through side quests. Combining their strengths with hero abilities results in creative strategies. They also contribute to the sheer fun chaos that makes matches so unpredictable!

Customizable Weapons for All Styles

Of course, the countless weapons you loot are key to dominating opponents. And Hunt Royale offers a diverse arsenal covering all playstyles:

  • Pistols – Quick firing sidearms
  • SMGs – Spray and pray up close
  • Shotguns – Obliterate at close quarters
  • Rifles – Reliable medium range
  • Snipers – Precision long distance kills
  • Explosives – Create massive chaos

Shotguns, snipers, and rocket launchers are especially powerful but limited in ammo. Understanding each weapon’s strengths and playstyle is critical to reacting quickly upon drops.

And similar to heroes, leveling up unlocks cosmetics and upgrades for guns like scopes, grips, skins, and effects. This keeps the core gunplay feeling fresh indefinitely.

Hunt Royale 4
Hunt Royale 5

Building Fortifications for Control

Constructing walls, ramps, traps, and turrets is a necessity to control areas and gain strategic advantages. Here are some examples of how building changes matches:

  • Walls – Block enemy pathways and seal off buildings
  • Ramps – Claim high ground areas like mountains and roofs
  • Turrets – Set up automated defenses to hold areas
  • Traps – Inflict damage against unwanted intruders
  • Sniper Towers – Gain superior sightlines from height

You need to harvest building resources from the environment, so construction is balanced. Tactically building and positioning a fort can be the difference between victory and defeat in the final circle, so get creative!

MOD Features (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Already packed with content, Hunt Royale is taken to another level with mods:

Unlimited Gems

  • Purchase any cosmetics, heroes, season passes
  • Normally acquired slowly through gameplay
  • Have unlimited currency to unlock everything

Unlimited Money

  • Buy any weapons, items, upgrades instantly
  • No need to grind for in-match purchases

Together these make acquiring any gear or heroes you want far easier. You can focus on the fun battle royale gameplay without limits!

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to excel as a Hunt Royale newcomer:

  • Start with Assault heroes – They are well-rounded and easier to learn
  • Aim for the head for extra damage and quick kills
  • Equip armor pieces for extra protection and perks
  • Don’t hoard consumables – Use them early and often
  • Ping enemies and locations constantly for your squad
  • Move unpredictably – Crouch, strafe, and use parkour
  • Change heroes each match – Learn their strengths and limits
  • Stick together as a squad – Avoid solo missions

Following these tips will get you that elusive first chicken dinner in no time. Just remember – survival above all!

Hunt Royale 6
Hunt Royale 7

How to Download Hunt Royale MOD APK

Want unlimited gems, money, and other mods? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to or similar APK download site
  2. Search for “Hunt Royale MOD APK”
  3. Download the latest version APK file
  4. Enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device
  5. Locate and install the APK file
  6. Open Hunt Royale and enjoy unlimited gems and money!

With this extra currency and unlocked heroes, you can focus on dominating the battlefield and claiming victory!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hunt Royale pay to win?

No, all heroes and weapons can be earned for free eventually. No content is locked behind paywalls.

How big is the map/how many players?

100 players battle it out on a massive 8×8 km map featuring diverse biomes like deserts, jungles, cities.

How long do matches take?

The pacing is quick with most matches lasting 10-15 minutes max.

Does Hunt Royale work offline?

No, an internet connection is required as it is an online multiplayer game.

Is there controller support?

Yes, Hunt Royale has full controller support for mobile and emulators.

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