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Idle Robots Premium Apk is an AI powered robot crafting game that challenges players to build, program and customize their own robots in a fun, creative environment.
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Jan 15, 2024
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Idle games have become massively popular on mobile for their addictive progression loops and sense of constant growth. Idle Robots is one such idle clicker game that takes the genre to a sci-fi setting with robot assembly lines. With colorful assembly lines, tons of robot types to discover, and offline idle revenue growth, Idle Robots provides a polished and deep idle gaming experience.

This article will dive into the essential gameplay, various features, and available mods of Idle Robots. Whether you’re an idle game veteran or new to the genre, there’s plenty to explore with this game!

How to Play Idle Robots

Idle Robots is available for free on iOS and Android devices. The core gameplay involves tapping on robots rolling down assembly lines to earn nuts and bolts currency. This currency can then be spent to upgrade and unlock new robots, technologies, and factories.

As an idle game, the key concept is that revenue and robot production continue even when the app is closed. Each factory has an offline earnings rate that ticks upwards as you play. Leaving the game running accumulates currency over time.

The gameplay loop involves:

  • Tapping robots to earn nuts and bolts
  • Using currency to upgrade factories and technologies
  • Unlocking new robots down the tech tree
  • Prestiging to boost offline revenue gains
  • Progressing through robot ages from steam to space

With regular play, factories and the number of robots exponentially grow. Eventually, holdings and revenue reach the point where huge amounts of currency pours in even while idle/offline.

Core Gameplay Features

Idle Robots incorporates various features that give depth to the simple tap and upgrade formula. Managing these well is key to progression.

Multiple Factories

The game utilizes a factory management system. Players unlock and upgrade several factories that produce different robots. Balancing investment across factories is crucial.

Research Tree

New robots and technologies must be unlocked through research. It branches into multiple robot types to choose from in determining upgrade paths.

Robot TypeDescription
BasicCheap starter bots
AdvancedMid-range balanced bots
PremiumExpensive high-output bots
RareSpecial unique rare discoveries


Laboratories boost factory and robot output through researching technologies. Their power stack, so upgrading labs compounds gains.


Brains are workers that can be assigned to research projects to speed them up. They are spent to rush projects. Managing brains between labs is important.

Offline Mode

A key feature of idle games is offline progress and revenue generation. Even when closed, the game continues producing income proportional to total factories/robots owned.


Prestiging resets the game state back to zero, but provides permanent percentage boosts to offline revenue. This exponential progression mechanic is central for advancing.


Special limited-time events provide exclusive robots and bonuses. They incentivize regular play during the event window to gain permanent buffs.


Seasons are long-term content releases containing new robot sets and mechanics. They keep the game fresh with new strategies/goals.

Customization Features

Idle Robots provides decorators satisfying customization tools. Players can express creativity and immerse themselves in a personalized factory tycoon experience.

Factory Decoration

Buildings and outdoor scenery like trees, roads, and streetlights can be placed around factories for aesthetics.

Robot Skins

Unique cosmetic skins are available to reskin robots into designs like unicorns, giraffes, and frogs. Skins don’t affect stats.

Photo Booth

Posing multiple decorated robots against customizable backgrounds creates fun scenes. Photos can be saved and shared.

Mods/Cheats (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

While Idle Robots can be fully enjoyed as an intended idle progression game, modded game clients and cheats exist for those wanting shortcuts or less grinding.

Money Mod

Money mods provide unlimited nuts and bolts currency. This allows instantly buying factories, robots, upgrades, etc. It removes the core gameplay loop.

Diamond Mod

Diamonds are the rarer premium currency used for speeding projects or gaining unique skins. Diamond mods eliminate their scarcity for easy unlocks.

Max Offline Revenue

This cheat directly sets offline revenue generation to the maximum possible, bypassing the prestige upgrade grind.


Mods that directly alter game values have risks like crashing, save file corruption, or banning. They often require disabling antivirus and downloading shady software.

Pro Tips for New Players

If you’re struggling to progress starting out in Idle Robots, here are some tips from advanced players:

  • Prestige early – Don’t be afraid to reset early on for big offline boosts. The first few prestiges give the biggest gains.
  • Upgrade offline rate – Prioritize research and factory upgrades that maximize total offline gains for when you close the app.
  • Balance brains – Don’t spend all brains rushing one project. Spread them between multiple labs researching in parallel for efficiency.
  • Watch ads – Opt to watch ads when available for free gifts. The gifts often include precious diamonds.
  • Use events – Events give major rewards worth more than regular gameplay. Always participate in them.
  • Save diamonds – It’s tempting to spend diamonds as soon as acquired, but try saving them for buying skins for your favorite rare robots.
  • Decorate sparingly – Building and decorating your factory is fun but can divert nuts/bolts from more impactful upgrades. Avoid overspending.
  • Max laboratories – Make sure to get all labs unlocked as soon as possible. Their exponential compounding is key.


Is Idle Robots free to play?

Yes! Idle Robots is completely free to play on mobile. There are no forced ads or paywalls that block progression. Optional paid cosmetics don’t affect gameplay.

Are there offline earnings?

A core feature of idle games like this is offline revenue generation. The factories keep producing even when the app is closed proportional to total owned robots.

Is there a multiplayer or social element?

Not directly, but there are community goals and global events where all players work together towards unlocking global rewards.

Do you lose progress when prestiging?

Prestiging resets most game progress, but permanently boosts offline revenue rates. Upgrades stack multiplicatively with each prestige.

Is it pay-to-win?

No, everything can be unlocked for free over time. There are no gatekept gameplay elements requiring real money purchases. Cosmetics are the only IAPs.

Are there bots or auto-tappers?

Third-party auto-tapping apps exist, but are against the game’s terms of service. Use at your own risk of bans or other consequences.

How long until hitting max level?

Reaching max factories and robots takes months for casual players but is faster with optimal prestiging strategies. Events also accelerate.

Closing Thoughts

That covers the ins and outs of the wildly popular tapper Idle Robots! Whether you play actively or idle, it provides that dopamine rush of constantly earning currency and progression that makes the idle genre so addictive.

Optimizing your prestige timing, upgrade priorities, and brain management separates the decent from the elite players. It’s a great title to play incrementally during spare moments. And for those wanting unlimited diamonds and money, modded versions provide that option too!

If this overview piqued your interest, dive into Idle Robots today to start automating your money-making robot empire! Just be careful, as optimizing your idling strategy can quickly turn into a very time-consuming obsession. Have fun!

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