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This is KINGDOM WAR: TD Premium APK that will give you all new items as well as new in-game features that give you unlimited free upgrades, builds, runes.
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Get ready to defend your kingdom against hordes of menacing invaders in Kingdom War – an addictively fun RPG tower defense game for mobile. With its combination of strategic tower placement and hero development, Kingdom War offers a deep TD experience.

This in-depth guide will cover all the key gameplay elements, tactics, and features that make Kingdom War such an engaging tower defense title. Let’s dive in and master the art of tower defense domination!

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Overview of Core Gameplay

The goal in Kingdom War is to stop waves of enemies from crossing the path and reaching your base. You do this by building towers along the path to shoot down enemies. Position towers strategically to maximize coverage.

In between waves, spend gold earned on winning waves to build and upgrade towers. Manage your economy smartly to field the most effective tower setups possible.

That covers the core tower defense aspect. But Kingdom War also incorporates hero development with equipment, skills, classes, and more RPG elements to give your strategy game a character progression system.

Importance of Tower Placement

Tower placement is absolutely crucial in Kingdom War. Enemies move along a set path, so you need to build towers that cover as much of the path as possible. But don’t just spam towers – be strategic and efficient.

Some key tower placement tips:

  • Corners and bends – These provide more coverage, allowing a single tower to hit enemies for longer.
  • Choke points – Place towers to target enemies when path narrows for a concentrated barrage.
  • Start and end – Get towers attacking immediately at the start and cover the exit to catch leakers.
  • Upgrade coverage – Evolved towers have increased range, so account for future upgrades.
  • Avoid obstacles – Don’t block towers behind obstacles and impede their firing angles.

With good positioning, you can do more damage with fewer towers. This leaves room for supporting buildings like Barracks and economy generators.

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Tower Types and Upgrades

Kingdom War features a wide variety of towers with unique abilities to handle different situations. Here are some of the key towers:

  • Cannon – All rounder tower good for general damage. Upgrades improve DPS.
  • Archer – Extreme range makes them ideal for covering straight paths early.
  • Mage – Splash damage hits multiple targets lined up on paths.
  • Mortar – Lobs explosive shells that do area damage where they land.
  • Ballista – Fires massive piercing bolts that damage multiple enemies.
  • Bombard – Launches rockets across the entire map for flexibility.
  • Artillery – Channel a volley of missiles onto a targeted area.

Maximize your arsenal by getting towers that complement each other. For example, use Cannons at bends supported by longer range Archers and area damage Mages farther back.

Be sure to upgrade towers regularly to boost their stats. This causes them to inflict more damage and pick off enemies faster.

Kingdom War TD build

Managing Your Economy

Balancing your economy is key in Kingdom War. You need gold income to build and upgrade towers. Here are some economic tips:

  • Prioritize economy early – Get gold generators like Taxes Office built first before towers.
  • Upgrade economy buildings – Improving buildings like Town Center increases gold income rate.
  • Spend gold efficiently – Don’t overbuild! Space towers out and avoid redundancy.
  • Farm harder levels – Beat your record on hard levels to earn 3 stars and bonus gold.
  • Destroy enemy gold caches – Some enemy buildings drop gold when destroyed.

With a strong economy, you can field more towers and overpower enemies with superior firepower. Make economic growth a priority.

Heroes Add an RPG Element

In addition to towers, you also control a party of heroes who fight on the battlefield. Level up heroes, equip gear, unlock skills and classes to make them more powerful.

  • Barbarian – Tanky warrior that can taunt enemies.
  • Archer – Deals massive single target DPS from range.
  • Mage – AoE attacks capable of nuking groups of enemies.
  • Cleric – Healer that can buff allies and debuff foes.

Use hero abilities manually or set behaviors. For example, have Clerics automatically heal allies under 50% health. Position heroes to best use their abilities.

Over time, your heroes become tremendously strong. Level them up equally so one doesn’t fall behind. Gear also plays a big role.

Equipment and Gear Set Bonuses

Equipping heroes with gear obtained through battling and crafting improves their combat stats. Gear rarity ranges from:

  • Common (grey)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)

Higher rarity gear has better bonuses and more mod slots for gems that add additional properties.

Collecting matching gear sets unlocks powerful bonuses. The Rogue set boosts dodge chance, Berserker set increases attack speed, etc. Mix and match for desired bonuses.

Max out gear levels and fill mod slots on your damage dealers first. Keep gear updated by crafting new pieces as stronger ones become available.

Kingdom War TD tips

Using Hero Skills Effectively

Each hero type has their own set of unlockable skills. Use skills strategically to turn the tide in battle:

  • Healing skills when allies are low to keep them in the fight.
  • AOE nukes to wipe out clumped up enemies quickly.
  • Debuffs like Sadist’s Armor Break on bosses to increase damage taken.
  • Taunting to draw attacks away from fragile ranged heroes.
  • Damage buffs right before defeating the last wave enemies.

Learn what each skill does and when best to use them. Plan skill rotations that combine different effects for maximum impact.

Skills have cooldowns, so track timers and use them the moment they become available for efficiency. Proper skill use will greatly boost your chances of victory.

Defeating Bosses

At the end of most map stages, you’ll face off against deadly boss enemies like the Giant Spider or Evil Druid. Each boss has unique abilities that pose new challenges.

Some boss battle tips:

  • Check boss resistances/weaknesses – Use proper damage types.
  • Burst down adds quickly – Eliminate side enemies to focus fire.
  • Interrupt big attacks with stuns, knockbacks, etc.
  • Drag bosses into tower range for extra DPS.
  • Move heroes out of AOE indicators – Watch for telegraphed attacks.

With skills, towers, and heroes combined, you can overcome these challenging foes guarding each new territory. Learn boss patterns to prevail with minimal losses.

PvP Arena Battles

In addition to the main PvE campaign, you can also test your skills in asynchronous 1v1 PvP arena battles. Pit your best tower defense strategies against real opponents.

You each set up towers/heroes on one half of the same map. When the battle starts, waves of enemies spawn and try to reach the other side. Win by stopping more enemies than your opponent.

The PvP arena lets you play Kingdom War in a whole new way. Earning trophies pushes you up the competitive ranks, bringing prestige and rewards.

Tips for Success in Kingdom War TD

Here are some tips to help you master Kingdom War’s strategic tower defense gameplay:

  • Utilize tower range – Don’t just look at firing radius, account for actual projectile range too.
  • Sell unwanted towers – Sell obsolete towers for extra gold to build better replacements.
  • Freeze water – Building Freeze mage towers by water creates ice that slows enemies.
  • Elemental weaknesses – Use fire against slimes, nature against undead, etc.
  • Scout ahead – Check future map areas to plan tower builds accordingly.
  • Pause during hectic moments – Use pause to issue commands if things get too chaotic.
  • Focus fire with heroes – Have melee lock down single targets while ranged DPS burns them.

With these tips, you’ll be commanding your kingdom’s defenses like a seasoned tower defense veteran in no time.

Satisfying Progression System

Kingdom War incorporates compelling progression that keeps you coming back:

  • Story stages – Push deeper into enemy territory across 55+ campaign missions.
  • Tower/hero levels – Grow stronger through gameplay and dismantling gear.
  • Rank – Advance in competitive rank by winning PvP arena battles.
  • Achievements – Earn bonuses for completing challenges.
  • Crafting – New gear, gems, and materials to collect.

There’s always a sense you’re working toward something new whether it’s unlocking levels or earning resources to craft that next epic gear upgrade.

Social Features

Kingdom War contains some fun social features:

  • Alliance – Team up with players in an alliance guild for shared benefits.
  • Competition – Challenge Facebook friends to beat your PvP trophies and rank.
  • Leagues – Get promoted into more prestigious leagues by increasing rating.
  • Chat – Built-in chat rooms to coordinate with your alliance.

Social interaction provides extra incentives to keep making progress. Being part of an active alliance can really enhance the experience.

Kingdom War TD mod apk

Standout Details That Make Kingdom War Unique

While Kingdom War delivers all the strategic satisfaction you expect from tower defense, it sets itself apart in some unique ways:

Hero RPG Progression System

The hero leveling, gearing, and skill progression adds an engrossing new dimension that meshes perfectly with tower defense. It expands the game beyond just towers.

Corrupted Enemy Variants

Later in the game, familiar enemies return as corrupted, twisted versions of themselves with dangerous new abilities. This keeps you on your toes.

Asynchronous PvP Arena

Instead of typical real-time battles, the 1v1 arena uses turn-based setup phases and asynchronous attack waves. Creative and strategic.

Alliance Support Skills

Alliance members can check in daily to contribute useful skills like free tower repairs and bonus gold production for shared benefits.

Augment Gems

Gems slotted into gear can be leveled up to increase their enhancement effects. This gem augmentation system provides another progress avenue.

These innovations help Kingdom War deliver a deeper and more engaging tower defense experience overall.

MOD Features (Unlimited Money, Free Upgrades)

For those looking to speed up building the ultimate unbeatable kingdom, a Kingdom War TD mod apk can provide the following benefits:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Free instant tower/hero upgrades
  • All towers/heroes unlocked
  • Maximum tower/hero level
  • One hit kills
  • High damage multiplier
  • Enemies have minimum health

With unlimited resources, all content unlocked, and crazy damage bonuses, you can swiftly create a spectacularly overpowered kingdom that dominates every map and mode with ease.

The free upgrades, unlocks, and max level allow you to maximize everything without the grind. Combined with the damage boost, no enemy will stand a chance. You can crush through the entire game at record pace.

However, exercising caution is advised as this much power can potentially ruin game balance and challenge. But for those seeking god-like domination, the mod is great.

Why Play Kingdom War TD

Here are the main reasons Kingdom War is a must-try for tower defense fans:

  • Strategic tower placement and economy management Provides the classic tower defense experience
  • RPG progression for heroes adds another layer of depth
  • 55+ stages across vivid maps keep levels feeling fresh
  • Elemental tower abilities add complexity to loadouts
  • Asynchronous PvP battles allow competitive play vs. other players
  • Alliances and social features encourage community engagement
  • Tons of gear, towers, heroes and skills to unlock
  • Corrupted enemies and bosses require you to adapt your strategies
  • High quality graphics and animations that really draw you into the kingdom
  • Active development ensures ongoing content expansions

For tower defense enthusiasts looking for a deep and polished TD experience, Kingdom War hits all the right notes. Download now and begin defending your kingdom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kingdom War have a campaign mode?

Yes, the main PvE mode features over 55 story stages to play through.

Is there a way to speed up animations?

Yes, game settings has an option to toggle animation speed up to 2x faster.

How many heroes can I have on a map?

You can deploy up to 3 heroes per stage. Having 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 DPS is a good balance.

Should I upgrade all towers or focus on a few?

Upgrading your most important towers first is best. Spread upgrades too thin early on.

Is Kingdom War pay to win?

No, the game can be completed fine without spending. Paid purchases are just to speed up progress.

Can you move towers after placing them?

Unfortunately no, you cannot move towers after deploying them. So tower placement is very important.

How can I increase my max energy?

Upgrading the Tavern building increases total energy, letting you play more before needing to recharge.

What happens when I join an alliance?

You can participate in alliance missions, chat, and contribute skills that benefit all alliance members.

Should I craft gear or earn gear from battles?

Crafting lets you target specific pieces you want, though costs more. Earning gear from battles is slower but free. Do both!

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