Luna Ravel APK (MOD, Unlimited Gems and Tickets)

Luna Ravel Premium APK allows you to have Unlimited Gems and Tickets. To play the story without interruption, you must install this mod on your android device.
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Dec 30, 2023
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Luna Ravel is a fantastical match-3 puzzle game that brings a magical charm and challenge to the classic casual gaming genre. With its tales of wizards, diverse puzzle levels, and custom outfits to collect, Luna Ravel provides hours of magical entertainment. The addition of MODs like unlimited gems and tickets enhances the experience even further.

Overview of Luna Ravel

Developed and published by Pop US, Luna Ravel transports players to a mystical world filled with magic and wonder. You play as the young wizard Luna, who must master her spells and matching skills to pass each challenging puzzle stage.

The core gameplay revolves around forming matches of 3 or more items by swapping adjacent pieces on the puzzle grid. By matching pieces, you unleash various magical effects. The goals vary across 1200+ levels – some might require you to collect ingredients, break apart obstacles, defeat enemies, or assist characters in passing each stage.

With 20 mystical worlds to explore, each with its own fairytale atmosphere, Luna Ravel keeps the match-3 puzzles feeling fresh. You’ll traverse environments like:

  • Whimsical forests
  • Frozen tundras
  • Seaside paradises
  • Mystical academies
  • Ancient ruins
  • And more!

The visuals are vibrant and colorful, with cute character designs and spells that dazzle the screen. The matching puzzles gradually increase in complexity, challenging your skills. Boss battles also test your speed and matching capabilities.

Key Features:

  • 1200+ magical match-3 levels
  • Enchanting fantasy worlds to explore
  • Defeat enemies and bosses with matched spells
  • Special item combos and power-ups
  • Customize Luna with hats, outfits, and accessories
  • Relaxing OST to match the mystical atmosphere

With so much variety and content, Luna Ravel engages puzzle fans with its magical charm and challenge. The game is free-to-play and available now on iOS and Android.

Magical Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay

The foundation of Luna Ravel’s gameplay is the classic match-3 mechanic of swapping two adjacent pieces to form lines of 3 or more matched objects. Here are some of the ways Luna Ravel spruces up the formula with magical charm:

Element-Based Matching

  • Match basic elements like fire, water, wind to cast spells
  • Combine elements for more powerful chain reactions
  • Fire spells burn obstacles, wind spells blow pieces around

Obstacle Removal

  • Remove blocks of ice, stone, trees by matching near them
  • Open up the board to make more matches
  • Some obstacles need special spells to remove

Cascading Reactions

  • When matches are made, more pieces will cascade down
  • This leads to satisfying chain reactions
  • Causing cascades is key to mastering levels

Magical Creation

  • Match a specific recipe of required elements to create magic items
  • Items like potions, ingredients, and crystals enable combos
  • Fulfill combo requirements to win levels

Special Tiles

  • Certain tiles have unique effects when matched
  • Rainbow tiles clear entire rows/columns
  • Bomb tiles blow up surrounding pieces
  • Multi-match tiles count for multiple matches

Enemy Battles

  • Some levels have enemies like skeletons and witches
  • Match near them to damage and defeat the enemies
  • Defeat all enemies to win and advance

With all these features, Luna Ravel takes the simple match-3 concept and adds magical depth with its use of elements, special tiles, recipes, and enemies. There’s plenty of variety to keep players engaged through 1200 levels!

Collection and Customization Elements

Beyond the core matching gameplay, Luna Ravel has fun supplemental features that add to the magical experience:

Outfit Collection

  • Earn gems to buy outfit pieces like clothes, hats, weapons
  • Customize Luna with cute, cool, and quirky fashions
  • Hundreds of outfit pieces to collect
  • Dress Luna up before starting puzzle levels

Pet Creatures

  • Rescue cute creatures like pandas, deer, and owls
  • They’ll become pets and follow Luna around
  • Each has unique magical abilities to aid gameplay
  • Find secret levels to rescue rare creatures

Magic Wand Upgrades

  • Use gems to upgrade Luna’s wand
  • Boosts automatic recharge rate for spells
  • Essential for tougher levels
  • Combine with costumes for added effects

Scenery Collection

  • Gather materials during levels to build new scenery
  • Construct buildings, plants, and artifacts for your Academy
  • Customize the environment surrounding each level

These features encourage replayability while giving breaks between the matching puzzles. Players are rewarded for mastering levels and progressing.

Boss Battles Add Challenge

At certain milestones in Luna Ravel, players must face off against epic boss battles that test their matching skills. These special levels pit Luna against giant mystical creatures and enemies in unique encounters featuring:

  • Massive HP bars to gradually diminish
  • Special tile effects to learn and exploit
  • Pattern-based attack phases to memorize
  • Summoning minions that must also be defeated
  • Turn limits that require quick matching

Boss battles have multiple phases, and defeating them requires skillful use of spells, power-ups, cascades, and combos. They punctuate the campaign nicely with memorable clashes.

Luna Ravel MOD Features (Unlimited Gems & Tickets)

While Luna Ravel is a free-to-play game, players looking to speed up their progress can take advantage of MODs like unlimited gems and tickets. Here are the benefits they provide:

Unlimited Gems

  • Gems are the premium currency used to buy most items
  • Normally obtained slowly through gameplay
  • MOD provides unlimited gems to spend!
  • Buy and upgrade all outfits and pets
  • Purchase wand upgrades sooner
  • Exchange gems for extra lives/tokens without worry
  • Construct all available scenery faster

Unlimited Tickets

  • Tickets are required to initiate puzzle levels
  • They recharge slowly over time normally
  • MOD gives unlimited tickets for nonstop gaming
  • Play as much as you want without waiting
  • Attempt tricky levels again and again
  • Grind levels to collect ingredients faster

Together, unlimited gems and tickets allow you to enjoy the magical puzzle adventure at maximum speed without annoying timers or paywalls. Focus on the fun matching action!

Tips for Luna Ravel Beginners

Here are some helpful tips to get started conquering the mystical match-3 puzzles of Luna Ravel:

  • Learn elemental recipes and required matches to open levels faster. You can retry a level anytime to practice.
  • Save special tiles like Rainbows and Bombs. Don’t waste them on random weak matches early on. Coordinate their use.
  • Cascades are key. Set up matches that will drop new pieces into more matches. This creates big chain reactions.
  • Destroy obstacles blocking the board first. This opens up space for more possible matches.
  • Activate power-ups like extra time and magic wands at the right moment. Use when you’re close to level goals.
  • Purchase Water and Air element pets first. Their abilities help generate essential cascades to win levels.
  • Complete optional side objectives when possible. They provide extra gems and items to help progression.
  • Struggling with a level? Use gems to purchase power-ups, lives, or continues to make it easier and advance.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be mastering Luna Ravel’s mystical puzzles and saving the Academy from peril in no time! Just focus on smart matching strategies and occasional power-up usage.

Luna Ravel MOD APK

To gain unlimited gems and tickets in Luna Ravel, download and install the Luna Ravel MOD APK or IPA on your device. Here is a quick guide:


  • Download the latest version of the MOD


  • For Android, enable Unknown Sources in security settings
  • Open the downloaded MOD file and complete the installation
  • For iOS, use a signing service like AppValley to install the MOD IPA


  • Launch Luna Ravel and enjoy your unlimited gems and tickets!
  • Spend gems freely on outfits, pets, upgrades, lives
  • Play unlimited levels with unlimited tickets
  • Dominate every magical puzzle without waiting!

So unlock the full magical potential of Luna Ravel today with these amazing MODs! All the outfit fashion and match-3 mania you could want awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luna Ravel free to play?

Yes! The core game is 100% free to download and play without any upfront payment required. Optional in-app purchases exist to speed up progression.

Does it require internet connection?

An internet connection is required initially to download the game, but afterwards Luna Ravel can be fully enjoyed offline!

What devices is it available on?

Luna Ravel can be played on any modern Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

How much storage space does it need?

Approximately 150MB of free storage is required to install Luna Ravel. Additional space is needed for saving progress.

Does it have controller support?

Yes! Luna Ravel has full controller support for big screen fun.

Is there a story/ending?

Luna Ravel has a delightful story told through cutscenes about saving Luna’s wizarding academy. There are 50 story chapters that conclude in a grand finale.

Is there PvP multiplayer?

Currently only single player is available. More multiplayer modes may be added in future updates!

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