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Dec 30, 2023
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Feel the beat and groove to the rhythms of top EDM hits in Marshmello Music Dance! This rhythm game allows you to dance along with cute characters to songs by Marshmello, Alan Walker, The Chainsmokers, and more top DJs. With simple tap controls, infectious tunes, and endless customization, Marshmello Music Dance brings electronic dance music culture to life in your pocket!

Marshmello Music Dance mod

Overview of Marshmello Music Dance

Developed by JoyMore, Marshmello Music Dance is a mobile rhythm game focused on electronic dance music. It features official songs by world famous DJs and producers like Marshmello, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and many more.

The gameplay is straightforward – simply tap and hold on screen in time with the beat to match the dance moves of the cute characters. Notes slide in from all directions, requiring your accuracy and reaction time to hit them in sync with the music. Miss too many notes and it’s game over!

With each song featuring 3 difficulty modes, the game accommodates players of all skill levels. Prove your rhythm skills by perfecting the expert versions. And with 100+ EDM hits across various genres like house, trap, dubstep, and more, the beat never stops in Marshmello Music Dance!

Key Features

  • Officially licensed tracks by top EDM artists
  • Intuitive tap/hold tapping gameplay
  • 100+ songs across multiple genres
  • Easy, normal and expert difficulties
  • Cute original character designs
  • Unlock unique outfits and skins
  • Climb the weekly leaderboards
  • Online competition and challenges
  • Daily rewards and achievements

Whether you’re an EDM fan, rhythm game fan, or both, Marshmello Music Dance hits all the right notes! Available on iOS and Android, it’s one of the hottest music games around.

Marshmello Music Dance apk

Addictive Gameplay Built Around Top EDM Hits

The foundation of any great rhythm game is a catchy soundtrack – and Marshmello Music Dance delivers. With officially licensed hits from household names like Marshmello, Alan Walker, Zedd, Calvin Harris, and major labels like Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, and Monstercat, the song list reads like a who’s who of EDM.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll dance along to:

  • “Happier” – Marshmello, Bastille
  • “Faded” – Alan Walker
  • “Silence” – Marshmello, Khalid
  • “The Spectre” – Alan Walker
  • “Friends” – Marshmello, Anne-Marie
  • “Wolves” – Selena Gomez, Marshmello
  • “Animals” – Martin Garrix
  • “Something Just Like This” – The Chainsmokers, Coldplay
  • And SO many more hits!

You’ll constantly find yourself digging into the huge 100+ tracklist to discover new favorite tunes. And with most songs offering 3 difficulty modes, you can enjoy them at just the right skill level.

The gameplay itself is intuitive and smooth. Notes slide in from all angles to the beat of the music. Tap and hold when notes overlap the outline to score – release to break combos. Simple, yes, but completing a song flawlessly takes skill and practice. Nailing those expert songs is immensely rewarding.

With a polished presentation and gameplay formula crafted around a fantastic EDM soundtrack, Marshmello Music Dance excels at bringing electronic music to life interactively. It feels great to lose yourself in the beat!

Customize Your Dancer With Outfits and More

Beyond just the core gameplay, Marshmello Music Dance has fun supplementary features that make your dancing experience more personal:

Change Characters & Skins

  • Play as male, female or chibi characters
  • Unlock various skins like Cookie Run, BTS, Blackpink
  • New skins released with updates

Collect Outfits

  • Earn in-game currency to buy outfit pieces
  • Mix and match tops, bottoms, hats, eyewear, more
  • Craft your unique style

Get Pets

  • Adopt cute animal pets to follow you
  • Pets also dance along to songs!
  • Feed and upgrade them over time

Join Clubs

  • Form clubs with friends
  • Compete in club challenges and leaderboards
  • Earn club rewards and level up together

Decorate Your Room

  • Customize your virtual room’s decor
  • Express yourself with furniture, wallpaper, floors
  • Create fun living spaces

With so much personalization, you really feel invested in your dancing avatar. Show off your style and decorate a funky livingspace where you can destress by just tapping along to your favorite EDM hits!

Marshmello Music Dance

Competitive Elements Keep You Striving

While you can dance casually just for fun, Marshmello Music Dance also incorporates rankings, leaderboards, contests, and other competitive elements to give dedicated players goals to strive for:

  • Weekly leaderboards – Compare scores vs other players each week
  • Limited events – Compete in time-limited contests for exclusive rewards
  • Multiplayer battles – Directly battle other players for high scores
  • World rankings – See where you place out of all players globally
  • Friend challenges – Take on your friends’ high scores
  • Achievements – Earn all achievements by completing challenges
  • Club competitions – Team up to top the club leaderboards

These features really encourage you to master the trickiest songs on expert to maximize scores. It becomes addicting to keep honing skills to climb higher in the ranks and outdo friends.

Marshmello Music Dance MOD Features (Unlimited Gems & More)

While Marshmello Music Dance itself is free-to-play friendly, you can utilize mods to speed up unlocking rewards and fully customize your character sooner. Some key perks include:

Unlimited Gems & Keys

  • Purchase any outfits, pets, decor faster
  • Gems normally obtained slowly by playing
  • Keys required to play songs

Unlock All Songs

  • Gain access to the entire music library from the start
  • Normally songs unlock over time
  • Enjoy all hits right away!

Free Shopping

  • Obtain any available skins, outfits, items for free
  • No need to grind currency to shop freely

No Ads

  • Play uninterrupted without annoying ads

Together these mods allow you to instantly unlock everything for unlimited dancing fun. Get all items and skins to customize your avatar fully, then enjoy all songs at your leisure without annoying ads or representing limits. You can just focus on the pure rhythmic action!

Tips for Beginners

Here are some helpful tips to get the hang of Marshmello Music Dance and start consistently pulling off perfect runs:

  • Start on easy difficulty to learn song patterns at a slower speed. Gradually increase to normal and expert.
  • Listen to a song a few times first to internalize the beat before playing. This helps you anticipate note patterns.
  • Pay attention to the guide arrows – they indicate which direction notes will come from next.
  • Tapping notes just before they overlap the outline ensures perfect timing.
  • Hold start positions stable to rack up big combos from long hold notes.
  • On tricky sections, focus more on reacting fast rather than anticipating notes.
  • Enable Hard Mode to disable arrow guides and really test reflexes.
  • Explore all music genres – different EDM styles have unique rhythms to master.

Most importantly, embrace the beats of EDM and have fun! Rhythm skills will naturally improve over time.

Marshmello Music Dance unlimited gems

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Download the Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK

To fully unlock all songs and customization instantly, download the Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK for Android:


  • Go to popular APK mod sites like ApkDone or APKPure
  • Search for “Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK”
  • Download the latest version


  • Allow installation from Unknown Sources in Android settings
  • Open the downloaded APK file and complete installation


  • Launch the game and have unlimited gems/keys
  • Access any outfits and songs immediately
  • Dance freely to top EDM hits!

So bring the beats anywhere and boogie to the hottest electronic jams using the Marshmello Music Dance MOD APK. Ultimate customization freedom awaits – download now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various game modes?

The main focus is Journey mode where you progress through unlocking songs. Other modes include events, leaderboards, multiplayer, clubs, and room decoration.

Does it require constant internet?

An internet connection is only needed initially to download songs and progress. But you can then play offline!

Will my progress be saved?

Yes, registering an account saves all your unlockables and progress to the cloud. You can resume on multiple devices easily.

Can I use a game controller?

Absolutely! Marshmello Music Dance has built-in controller support for seamless play on big screens.

How frequent are new song updates?

The developers add 5-10 new hit songs every month along with themed events, keeping things fresh.

Is there multiplayer or PvP?

You can battle other players directly in real-time competitive 1v1 matches to earn trophies and rewards.

Does it work on emulators?

Yes, Marshmello Music Dance works great through Android emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer if you want to play on PC.

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