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Merge Dragons MOD APK allows you to get Free Shopping. This modified version of the game offers additional benefits to enhance your gameplay experience.
May 10, 2023
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Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! Players can combine everything into better and more powerful items for their journey. In a mystical world hidden among the clouds, the vale of Dragonia once flourished. However, evil Zomblins have cast a void across the land, and now the only hope to heal it rests in the player’s magical power to match anything – dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and even mythical creatures.

Players are tasked with matching eggs to hatch helpful dragons, and evolving them to discover more powerful dragons. Throughout the game, they will encounter and solve challenging puzzle levels, matching Gaia statues to win, and bringing rewards back to their Camp to collect and grow. The captivating gameplay provides an exciting adventure filled with strategy and progression.

In Merge Dragons!, daily quests and rewards are provided by Kala, and players can participate in brand new themes every two weeks that include cool puzzles to complete. This ever-changing environment keeps players engaged, as they match and collect the latest dragons introduced to the game. The journey through this enchanted land is a thrilling experience, filled with challenges and discoveries, all while using a confident, knowledgeable, neutral, and clear tone in its third-person perspective.

Merge Dragons Camp

Merge Dragons Camp serves as the central hub for players to grow their dragons, improve buildings, and manage resources in a magical land filled with entertainment and mystery. The camp plays a vital role in the process of healing the land that has been afflicted by voids cast by evil Zomblins.


Players can combine building materials and objects to construct various types of useful buildings within their camp. Each building serves a unique purpose, such as breeding dragons or producing resources.

  • Dragon Homes: Provide shelter for dragons to rest and recharge
  • Coin Storages: Increase the maximum amount of coins held by the player
  • Stone Storages: Increase the maximum amount of stone held by the player

Land Expansion

As players progress through the game and complete challenges, they have the opportunity to expand their camp’s land. This additional space is essential to accommodate more buildings, dragons, and resources. Land expansion is achieved by:

  1. Matching Life Essence to heal the void-afflicted land
  2. Clearing out Zomblin caves and other obstacles
  3. Acquiring land expansion items with in-game currency

Managing Resources

Resource management is crucial for the player’s success in Merge Dragons! A successful camp requires careful planning and allocation of resources. The fundamental resources available in the game are:

CoinsCurrency used for purchasing buildings, dragons, expansion items, etc.
StoneMaterial for constructing and upgrading buildings
Life EssenceItem used to heal void-afflicted land
Dragon PowerMeasure of the player’s overall dragon strength

With strategic resource management, players can evolve their dragons, enhance their camp, and progress through the captivating world of Merge Dragons!

Levels and Challenges

In the enchanting world of Merge Dragons!, players are presented with a variety of levels and challenges to test their matching and strategizing skills. These levels and challenges range from simple matching tasks to complex puzzles that require creativity and adaptability. As players progress through the game, they will encounter different types of levels and develop their own strategies to overcome obstacles and collect valuable items for their Dragon Camps.

Types of Levels

There are two main types of levels in Merge Dragons!: Camp levels and Puzzle levels. Camp levels take place in the player’s Dragon Camp, where they focus on healing the land, hatching dragon eggs, and building up their camp’s infrastructure by merging and evolving various objects. Puzzle levels, on the other hand, are standalone levels that offer unique and challenging tasks for players to complete. These tasks often involve matching Gaia statues to win and collecting rewards to bring back to the Camp.

Tips and Strategies

As players delve into the depths of Merge Dragons!, there are several tips and strategies that can aid in their success:

  • Maximize Merges: Whenever possible, merge items in groups of five instead of three to receive more powerful items.
  • Plan Ahead: Analyze the layout of each puzzle level and formulate a plan before making moves to avoid wasting valuable resources.
  • Conserve Space: When working within the confines of the Dragon Camp, prioritize merging to clear space and make room for more items.
  • Focus on Goals: Each level has specific goals that must be met to advance; focus on completing these goals first to progress efficiently through the game.
  • Take Advantage of Daily Quests: Participate in daily quests and make use of Kala’s reward offerings to bolster your progress.

By implementing these strategies and adapting to the ever-changing atmosphere of Merge Dragons!, players are sure to find success in their quest to revive the magical land of Dragonia from the clutches of the nefarious Zomblins.


Currencies in Merge Dragons! are essential for purchasing necessary resources and items. The main currencies in the game are:

  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Stone bricks

Players can collect these currencies by matching and merging items, completing levels, and participating in events.


In addition to currency, Merge Dragons! provides a variety of boosts to help players progress more quickly. Some examples of these boosts include:

Double CoinsIncreases coin rewards for a limited time.
Double HarvestIncreases the yield of harvested resources for a limited time.
Faster DragonsImproves dragon speed for a limited time.

Various boosts can be acquired through events or by using in-game currency.


In the enchanting world of Merge Dragons, players have the opportunity to discover a variety of dragon types, breed them to create new species, and level them up to unlock their full potential. Collecting dragon eggs is an integral part of building a strong and diverse dragon army, which will aid you in solving challenging puzzles and progressing through the game.

Dragon Types

There are numerous dragon types available in Merge Dragons, each with their unique abilities, appearances, and benefits. Some dragons specialize in harvesting resources, while others focus on healing the land. As players progress, they will encounter more rare and powerful dragon species that enhance their gaming experience.

Some common dragon types include:

  • Grass Dragons: Skilled in harvesting fruit from trees
  • Rock Dragons: Efficient in mining stone from rocks
  • Water Dragons: Hold the ability to clean the land quickly
  • Mystical Dragons: Possess powerful magic to help collect unique items

Breeding and Leveling Up

Breeding in Merge Dragons involves combining two or more dragons of the same species to create a stronger, more powerful offspring. Dragons can mate once they reach level 4, and their chances of producing rarer offspring increases as they level up. To level up a dragon, players must collect and merge their duplicate dragons, creating an ever-stronger army.

Experience points (XP) are earned through various activities, such as completing puzzles and daily quests. These points contribute to leveling up the dragons and unlocking new, more advanced species for breeding.

Collecting Eggs

Dragon eggs are a crucial resource in Merge Dragons, as they enable players to hatch and grow their dragon army. There are several ways to collect eggs, including completing puzzles, participating in events, and purchasing them with in-game currency. Eggs can also be found while exploring various locations in the game or as rewards for completing tasks.

Players can merge three or more eggs of the same type to hatch a new dragon or to obtain a higher-tier egg. This process contributes to the growth and diversification of the dragon army, ensuring success throughout the game.

Merge Dragons MOD APK

Merge Dragons MOD APK allows you to get Free Shopping. This modified version of the game offers additional benefits to enhance your gameplay experience. Some of the benefits include:

  • Unlimited resources for upgrading and expanding your camp
  • Access to premium content without spending real money
  • More opportunities to collect rare dragons and items

With the help of Merge Dragons MOD APK, players can enjoy a more exciting and seamless gaming experience as they explore the magical world of Dragonia.


What is Merge Dragons?

Merge Dragons! is a mobile game where players combine various items, such as dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars, magical flowers, and mythical creatures, to create better and more powerful items. Set in the mystical world of Dragonia, players must heal the land and rid it of evil Zomblins by harnessing their magical powers.

How do I play Merge Dragons?

To play Merge Dragons!, simply match items in groups of three or more to create upgraded items. Match dragon eggs to hatch helpful dragons, and evolve them to discover more powerful species. Progress through the game by solving challenging puzzle levels, such as matching Gaia statues to win and bring rewards back to your Camp to collect and grow.

What are the daily quests and rewards in Merge Dragons?

Daily quests and rewards are offered by a character named Kala, who presents new puzzles and themes every two weeks. By completing these quests, players can match and collect the brand new dragons featured in the game.

Can I play Merge Dragons! in different languages?

Yes, Merge Dragons! supports multiple languages, which can be changed in the game’s settings menu.

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