Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

This Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK gives users the ability to access unlimited money and items within the game.
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Aug 11, 2023
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Suit up as the legendary heroes Ladybug and Cat Noir in this official mobile game of the hit animated series! Play through iconic episodic adventures, collect and upgrade abilities, assemble ally teams, and conquer akumatized villains. This guide covers core mechanics like runner gameplay, lucky charm attacks, assembling a hero roster, ally missions and more. We’ll also see how the unlimited money mod enhances the experience. It’s time to transform, summon some lucky charm, and save Paris!

Gameplay Overview

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir blends runner action with collection RPG elements:

  • 🏃‍♀️ Runner Gameplay – Swipe to maneuver Ladybug & Cat through dynamic 2D levels while overcoming obstacles.
  • 💥 Enemy Battles – Defeat iconic akumatized foes using combo attacks and abilities.
  • 🎗️ Collect Lucky Charms – Gather lucky charm pieces and complete lucky charm attacks for powerful effects.
  • 🦋 Allies & Abilities – Recruit allies like Rena Rouge and unlock unique abilities to aid your hero over time.
  • 🏅 Events – Take on limited-time challenges and events for exclusive gear.
  • 🕹️ Mini-Games – Switch up action by playing varied mini-games.

Immerse yourself in the Miraculous universe by playing through and collecting iconic story moments!

Runner Gameplay

Maneuver through dynamic level environments by:

  • 👆 Swiping to jump, dodge obstacles, collect items.
  • 👊 Tapping to attack enemies in your hero’s path.
  • 💨 Dashing through scenarios faster and slamming into enemies.
  • 🎯 Dodging enemy attacks and environmental hazards through quick reflexes.
  • 🏅 Completing Missions like defeating X enemies or collecting Y lucky charms.

Runner gameplay provides satisfying mobility while revisiting memorable story moments.

Enemy Battles

Take on akumatized villains and their minions by:

  • 🥊 Executing tap attacks to deal damage by landing hits.
  • 🔄 Stringing tap combos together through timing to deal increased damage.
  • 💥 Activating special abilities with temporary boosts when charged.
  • 🎯 Dodging enemy attacks and hazards through swipes, jumps and dashes.
  • 💀 Avoiding instant-kill obstacles marked by warning icons.
  • 🎖️ Meeting level objectives like defeating a boss or surviving for X distance.

Overcome diverse villains and obstacles using skill and hero abilities.

Lucky Charm Attacks

Charge up and unleash Ladybug’s ultimate attack:

  • 🎗️ Gather lucky charm pieces throughout levels by collecting or defeating enemies.
  • 💯 Once charged, activate the lucky charm attack for varying powerful effects:
    • Restore health
    • Gain temporary invincibility
    • Unleash an instant defeat wave attack
    • Clear all enemies off the screen
  • 🎯 Use lucky charm attacks strategically to turn the tables in difficult battles.

Lucky charms provide critical advantages when used at key moments in battles.

Assembling Your Hero Roster

Collect additional Miraculous heroes as allies:

  • 🦊 Rena Rouge – Inflicts area damage using Mirage.
  • 🐢 Carapace – Grants a shield against attacks using Shelter.
  • 🐝 Queen Bee – Paralyzes foes using Venom.
  • 🐖 Pigella – Redirects damage back using Rebound.
  • 🐀 Multimouse – Clones your hero for a Doppelganger army.
  • 🦅 Eagle Hero – Carries your hero over obstacles using Uplift.

Strategically cycle hero abilities to overcome different challenges.

Ally Missions

Send idle allies on missions to earn rewards:

  • 🧳 Loot Missions – Earn crafting ingredients, coins and consumables.
  • 🎓 Training Missions – Gain XP to level up heroes and unlock new skills.
  • 🏅 Special Missions – Limited-time event and story missions with exclusive rewards.
  • ⏳ Mission Duration – Missions take real-world time to complete from minutes to hours.
  • 💤 Offline Progression – Missions continue automatically even when the app is closed.

Dispatching allies on missions is key to progression.

Events and Mini-Games

Limited-time events and mini-games add variety:


  • Special episodes and challenge levels themed around holidays or characters.
  • Unlock exclusive characters and cosmetics by completing event content.


  • Memory matching, quiz, runner, and rhythm games expanding the world.
  • Earn rare crafting resources by competing in these bite-sized challenges.

Take breaks from main missions to enjoy seasonal events and mini-games!

MOD APK Benefits

Installing the modded APK unlocks:

  • 💰 Unlimited Money – Max out upgrades without worrying about costs.
  • ⏩ Free Premium Currency – Enjoy unlimited candles for unlocks without grinding.
  • 🔓 Removing Ads – Disable immersion breaking ads popping up.
  • 🏅 Easy Events – Breeze through high score requirements.

The mod APK transforms Ladybug & Cat into the truly unstoppable saviors of Paris!

Using the Mod Safely

When installing and running the mod, keep these tips in mind:

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” install permission in Android settings first.
  • Avoid linking your main account to prevent any banning risk.
  • Turn off automatic updates in the Play Store app to avoid unwanted updates.
  • The mod may still contain ads. Close them immediately to avoid excessive disruption.

Follow common sense and the mod will let you be the ultimate Miraculous hero!

Final Tips for New Players

Here are some helpful tips to know when starting:

  • Take time learning enemy patterns – precision dodging is key to lasting longer.
  • Don’t button mash randomly – watch for openings to unleash combos safely.
  • Activate other heroes’ abilities conservatively until you need an emergency save.
  • Target ranged enemies and bombers first to avoid constant chip damage.
  • Dash through cluttered sections liberally to plow through efficiently.

Mastering combat and dashing fundamentals takes practice, but ensures victory!


Relive the miraculous adventures of Ladybug and Cat while collecting powerful allies. Key highlights:

  • Maneuver through levels overcoming obstacles using swipe and dash actions.
  • Assemble a diverse team of heroes with unique temporary abilities to deploy in battle.
  • Dispatch idle allies on missions to progress and earn valuable resources over time.
  • Complete limited-time events and varied mini-games for exclusive rewards.
  • Enjoy unlimited money and ad-free experience thanks to the mod APK.

Every Parisian citizen looks to Ladybug and Cat Noir to save the day. With this guide, you now have the knowledge to be the heroes they need! So let’s swing into action – Paris awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the modded APK safe to use?

Using any unofficial mod involves minor risk, but this one is generally safe when downloaded from trusted sources and used offline only.

Does the game require internet connection to play?

Initial download requires internet, but afterwards Miraculous can be played fully offline without any internet connection needed.

Is this game appropriate for kids?

Yes! Miraculous Ladybug is rated E10+ and contains family-friendly content without any objectionable elements.

Can I share game progress across devices?

Yes! Syncing progress requires linking to Google Play account or Facebook. Ensure they are linked before switching devices.

Does the mod work on iOS devices?

Unfortunately no, the modded APK is only compatible with Android. iOS restricts installation of unofficial apps and mods.

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