Nitro Nation MOD APK + OBB (Auto Perfect, Time Delay)

With the Nitro Nation Mod Apk, you can enjoy a wide variety of high-performance cars that are customizable to your liking.
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Aug 23, 2023
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Rev up your engines and get ready to dive into the fast-paced world of Nitro Nation – one of the most popular and addictive mobile drag racing games around. With stunning 3D graphics, hundreds of real licensed cars to collect and customize, and intense multiplayer racing action, it’s easy to see why Nitro Nation has amassed over 50 million players.

This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know about Nitro Nation’s gameplay, features, community, and top mods like auto perfect shifts and time delay hacks. Whether you’re just getting started on the track or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll find tips and info to help fuel your need for speed. Let’s get racing!

Gameplay Overview

Nitro Nation allows you to take the wheel of dozens of meticulously modeled licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, BMW, and more. You can tune and customize your dream garage of cars to compete in thrilling street races and tournaments.

The core gameplay revolves around 1v1 multiplayer drag racing. Timing your gear shifts perfectly while hitting nitrous at the right moments is crucial for securing wins. Below we’ll take a closer look at some key gameplay elements:

Car Collection

Collecting and building up an elite garage of exotic supercars, vintage classics, JDM tuners, and muscle cars is essential. There are over 250 real licensed vehicles to add to your fleet spanning multiple eras and styles. Legendary rides like the Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Aventador, and McLaren P1 await.

Customization & Tuning

You can extensively tune and customize your car’s performance parts, exterior styling, paint jobs, decals, rims, interior, and more. Adjust gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous systems, and other parts to optimize your vehicle for the strip. Deep customization allows you to individualize your rides.

Multiplayer Drag Racing

The multiplayer heart of the game revolves around 1v1 drag races against real opponents. You’ll need quick reflexes on the gear shifts and nitrous while keeping the car straight to outrun the competition. Winning races earns reputation levels and in-game cash.

Leagues & Multiplayer leaderboards

Competing in multiplayer matchmaking places you into various leagues from Rookie to Pro. Climbing the leaderboards across multiple leagues allows you to prove you’re one of the world’s fastest drivers.

Detailed Tuning & Setups

Advanced tuning options like gear ratios, tire pressure, suspension adjustment, and weight reduction allow you to set up your car perfectly for races. Different tracks and opponents call for different tunings. Mastering setups is key.


Joining a crew allows you to socialize, trade tips, and compete together in team competitions. Active crews provide rewards, support, and motivation to keep you engaged. Choose carefully though – not all crews are created equal!

Features and Game Modes

In addition to intense multiplayer racing, Nitro Nation stuffs its garages full of great features and modes. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Singleplayer Campaign

The lengthy singleplayer campaign mode provides hours of gameplay across over 2000 races throughout multiple stunning environments at all times of day or night. Work your way from rookie league amateur to pro racing icon by beating rival crews.

Daily Events

Special daily events provide unique challenges like only using American muscle cars, hitting a nitrous timing challenge, or completing objectives under a time limit for big rewards. They change up the gameplay and testing your skills in fun new ways.

Crew Hangouts

Crew hangouts are race environments and tracks reserved specifically for you and your crewmates. Here you can chat, share tuning tips, show off your custom rides, and compete in crew-only races. Solidifying bonds with your crew makes the game much more social and enjoyable.

Limited Time Events

Ongoing limited-time events like Manufacturers Cup, Marquee Matchup, or Head 2 Head Racing give you opportunities to win rare cars, upgrades, and customization items. You might need to complete special challenges or hit leaderboards, so strategic boost usage is key.

Multiplayer Race Types

Different race types and restrictions add variety during multiplayer battles. You’ll encounter standard races, events limited to certain car types, brand wars where you can only use Audi vs BMW for example, and more. The diverse race formats keep multiplayer feeling fresh.

Car Collections

Collecting entire sets and series of cars unlocks massive rewards. For example, gathering all the Ferrari models like F40, Enzo, and Testarossa bestows hefty currency payouts and gold keys for high-end car packs. Appealing to your inner collector pays big dividends!

The Black Market

This seedy underground market occasionally offers special legendary cars and exotic parts for your purchasing pleasure. Keep an eye out for rare opportunities to buy elite vehicles that give your garage a boost and envy-inducing bragging rights.

Multiplayer Race Wagers

In certain event types, you can place additional bets on yourself using in-game cash to multiply race rewards. The higher the wager, the greater the risk but larger the payout. Use wagers strategically when you’re particularly confident.

Real World Racing

One incredibly unique aspect of Nitro Nation is its real world multiplayer integration. You can race along actual routes and streets using the phone’s GPS and Google Maps!

Some examples include:

  • Racing down the Las Vegas strip or Hollywood Boulevard
  • Battling from one real world landmark to another
  • Attempting to beat real world speed records on famous routes
  • Competing in community organized meetups and events
  • Racing at actual drag strips and Raceway Parks across the world

This integration of real routes with the game’s physics and tuning mechanics results in an extremely immersive experience and lets you see real world racing brought to life. The community loves organizing impromptu urban races and meetups. Real world racing sets Nitro Nation apart from any other mobile racer.

Nitro Nation Mods (Auto Perfect, Time Delay)

Let’s move our focus over to some of the most popular mods that give you big advantages in Nitro Nation like auto perfect shifts, unlimited nitrous, and time delay removal.

Auto Perfect Shift Mod

This handy mod automatically triggers perfect gear shifts for you without pressing anything. Your shifts will be optimized every single time instead of occasionally missing them.


  • Never miss another perfect shift
  • Focus just on timing nitrous
  • Significantly improve your racing performance
  • More consistent race times
  • Beat opponents you normally couldn’t


  • Takes away much of the skill/challenge
  • Could be considered cheating
  • Risk of account ban

Unlimited Nitrous Mod

An unlimited nitrous mod gives you unlimited use of your nitrous injection system during races. Your nitrous will regenerate immediately after using it without having to wait for it to refill.


  • Use nitrous way more frequently
  • Maintain blazing speeds for longer periods
  • Pull ahead on long straightways
  • Come from behind easier with sustained speed


  • Eliminates nitrous management strategy
  • Too overpowered

No Time Delay Mod

This mod removes multiplayer time delay ping issues that can throw off your sense of timing for shifts and nitrous. Eliminates annoying lag and disconnects.


  • Perfectly synchronized timing
  • No disconnects during races
  • Consistent timing improves performance
  • Fair races based just on skill/reaction time


  • Could lag you if your connection can’t keep up
  • Doesn’t fix fundamental slow connection issues

So are Nitro Nation mods worth it? That’s ultimately your call. Many players feel the auto perfect shift mod helps compensate for mobile controls without fully automating the process. Try them cautiously and decide if the risks are worthwhile.

Nitro Nation Tips and Strategies

Here are some essential tips and strategies to progress quickly in Nitro Nation:

  • Time nitrous bursts right after you shift into higher gears for maximum speed
  • Watch RPMs and shift before redlining for efficient acceleration
  • Tune gear ratios and tires based on the number of gears in your car
  • Handle cars very gently when launching – any fishtailing slows you down
  • Use the smallest possible tire width for maximize speed
  • Soft suspensions, stiff anti-roll bars, and low ride heights improve grip
  • Match power upgrades with proper tires, gearing, and fusions
  • Keep an eye out for great car deals in the black market
  • Participate in daily events and special events for rare loot
  • Only collect the cars you need to complete a collection for maximum rewards
  • Prestige cars you use often for higher rarity and permanent bonuses
  • Switch between multiple cars to take advantage of tuning variety
  • Analyze your post-race analytics to identify areas that need tuning
  • Watch videos of top players racing to learn their techniques

Mastering these tips along with seamless gear shifts and nitrous timing will push your skills to the next level. Study the physics, handle every car uniquely, and you’ll be smoking supercars in no time.

Closing Thoughts on Nitro Nation

With its impressively realistic graphics, licensed vehicles spanning multiple eras, in-depth tuning mechanics, thriving multiplayer leagues, and integration with real world maps, Nitro Nation offers one of the most complete mobile racing packages out there.

While the gameplay may seem simple on the surface, mastering timing, tuning, reaction speeds, and racing lines takes real finesse and practice. Successfully climbing to the peak of the Pro Leagues lets you prove your elite skills against some of the best drivers around the globe.

Installing certain mods like auto perfect shifts can help compensate for the limitations of mobile touch controls. While potentially controversial, many players embrace them as a means of overcoming the platform’s limitations to enable more fair and competitive races.

Overall, whether you’re a casual fan of racing games or a hardcore drag racing fanatic, Nitro Nation deserves a spot on your phone. Grab this nitrous-fueled adrenaline rush and see if you can handle the heat of its high octane competition!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different race types?

There are standard races, crew battles, limited car events, brand wars, daily/weekly tournaments, real world map races, elite races, and multiplayer leagues. Diverse events keep things fresh!

Does Nitro Nation work offline?

Unfortunately there is no offline mode – an internet connection is required to play since the game is built around online multiplayer.

Is the game pay to win?

Not completely. Paying provides advantages but skill trumps all. Expensive cars still require masterful driving. Knowledge and experience overcome paywalls.

Can you play Nitro Nation on PC?

Nitro Nation is mobile only officially. However, Android emulators do allow you to run it on a PC. Controls are best on mobile though.

Is your game data saved?

Yes, your entire garage and progress are linked to your Google Play or Game Center account. No worries about losing data when switching devices or reinstalling.

What are the different leagues?

There are 10 leagues from Rookie, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro and beyond to Elite. Reach the highest competitive leagues to prove your skill against the very best!

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