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Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most popular and highly customizable launchers available for Android. With its sleek design, smooth performance, and tons of customization options, it’s easy to see why so many Android users swear by Nova Launcher Prime as their go-to home screen replacement.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore everything that Nova Launcher Prime has to offer to help you get the most out of this powerful launcher. Whether you’re looking to fully customize your home screen, boost your phone’s performance, or simply want an attractive and intuitive launcher, Nova Launcher Prime has you covered.

Overview of Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is the premium version of the highly popular Nova Launcher. It packs in all the great features of Nova Launcher plus adds extra customization options, gestures, themes and more to take your home screen experience to the next level.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the key features included in Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Highly Customizable Home Screen – Custom icon packs, themes, widgets, and more
  • Smooth Performance – Optimized for speed and responsiveness
  • Custom Gestures and Shortcuts – Assign gestures and button shortcuts for quick actions
  • Premium Themes – Access to exclusive themes and icon packs
  • Advanced Desktop Options – More home screen customization tools
  • App Drawer Customization – Adjust look and layout of app drawer
  • Improved Graphics and Animations – For a more polished launcher experience

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at everything Nova Launcher Prime has to offer!

Customizing Your Home Screen

One of the areas where Nova Launcher Prime really shines is the high level of home screen customization it provides. With Nova, you can tweak just about every aspect of your home screen to create a uniquely personal setup.

Layout and Scroll Effects

To start with, you can change the layout of your home screen by adjusting the grid size and margins. Play around with different layouts to optimize the use of screen space.

Nova also lets you customize the scrolling effect, with options like Wipe, Accordion, and Throw. Pick whatever scroll effect feels best to you when flipping through home screen pages.

Custom Icon Packs and Widgets

Easily theme your home screen by applying custom icon packs. The Nova Launcher community has produced tons of free icon packs to give your home screen a fresh new look. Or go premium and get your hands on exclusive icon packs.

In addition to icons, you can add custom widgets to your home screen for at-a-glance info like weather, calendar events, battery stats, and more. Scale and resize widgets to your liking.

Folder and Drawer Customization

Folders and the app drawer are also customizable in Nova Launcher Prime. Change folder colors and styles, adjust drawer columns and rows, and even add scroll effects to the app drawer.

Plus, you can hide apps in the drawer and password protect hidden apps for privacy. There are tons of drawer customization options to explore.

Advanced Home Screen Options

For even more control, Nova Launcher Prime opens up advanced home screen settings to let you fine tune things like transition effects, notification dots, icon normalization, and default screen padding.

Additional options like swipe gestures, unread counts, and backup/restore give you enhanced tools to tweak the home screen just right.

nova launcher prime

Gestures and Shortcuts to Streamline Usage

To help you efficiently navigate your device, Nova Launcher Prime offers a variety of customizable gestures and shortcuts.


With gestures, you can perform common actions like opening the notification drawer or app search by swiping up/down on the home screen. You can also swipe to open the camera or dialer from any screen. Gesture controls help speed up phone operation once you get used to them.

Button Shortcuts

Nova lets you assign custom actions to your device’s hardware buttons like volume, power, home button, etc. For example, double press the volume down button to skip music tracks. You can even customize long press and double tap gestures for greater control.

App Shortcuts

Another useful feature is the ability to set custom app shortcuts right on the home screen. Long press an app icon to quickly access specific actions within that app. For instance, long press the Phone app to directly open the dialer.

Nova Launcher Prime 7

Premium Themes and Wallpapers

While the free version of Nova Launcher already provides basic theming, Nova Launcher Prime kicks it up a notch with premium themes and wallpapers to make customization even easier.


Browse and install themes that include matching wallpapers, icons, and styles for the home screen, app drawer, and folders. Nova’s themes are well designed and save you the hassle of manually customizing everything element by element.


Nova also provides access to exclusive wallpaper packs ranging from abstract designs to scenic backgrounds. Easily change up your home screen as often as you like with this constantly growing collection of wallpapers.

Improved Graphics and Smoother Performance

In addition to customization features, Nova Launcher Prime also focuses on improving visuals and performance.


Experience crisper, more polished graphics throughout the launcher with higher quality elements and animations. Icons and transitions appear more vivid on Nova Launcher Prime compared to the free version.


Under the hood optimizations result in buttery smooth scrolling and lag-free navigation when using Nova Launcher Prime. Everything feels snappy and responsive. Plus, Nova has low memory usage so it won’t slow down your device.

Google Feed Integration

Nova Launcher Prime offers native integration with the Google Feed panel (formerly known as Google Now). Swipe right on your home screen to access your customized feed.

Backup and Restore

With Nova Launcher Prime you can backup and restore your entire launcher configuration. This makes it easy to transfer your setup to a new device or revert changes if something goes wrong.

Upgrading to Nova Launcher Prime is absolutely worth it for the extra features and customization options. Though Nova Launcher free is great, the Prime upgrade takes it to the next level.

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Nova Launcher Prime 3

Nova Launcher Prime vs Other Launchers

How does Nova Launcher Prime compare against other popular Android launchers? Here’s a quick rundown of how Nova stacks up to its main competitors:

vs. Action Launcher

Action Launcher provides robust customization like Nova, but its unique Quicktheme feature gives it an edge for easy theming. However, Nova’s performance and larger user base give it an advantage.

vs. Evie Launcher

Evie focuses on simplicity and speed. It beats Nova in minimalism but lacks the customization power. Nova is better for tweaking your home screen layout.

vs. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair aims to mimic the Pixel Launcher look and feel. Nova gives you more theming flexibility. Lawnchair is better optimized for stock Android while Nova offers deeper changes.

vs. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher provides tight integration with Microsoft apps and services. Nova gives you more theming control. Microsoft Launcher offers built-in app drawer search which Nova lacks.

vs. Rootless Pixel Launcher

Rootless Pixel Launcher recreates the Pixel experience. Nova Launcher Prime lets you customize the look and feel much more extensively. But Rootless Pixel Launcher is lighter weight.

The Ultimate Custom Launcher

With its highly customizable layout, smooth performance, exclusive themes, and enhanced Prime features, Nova Launcher presents an excellent option for creating a tailored home screen experience on Android.

The level of personalization Nova Launcher Prime offers is unmatched. If you want to craft a seamless, aesthetically pleasing home screen that’s uniquely yours, Nova Launcher can make it happen.

The range of customization options may seem overwhelming at first but start simple. Try small tweaks like a new wallpaper and icon pack to get a feel for the possibilities. Gradually explore deeper settings at your own pace to unlock Nova’s full potential.

So customize away and design the perfect high performance home screen suited to your needs with Nova Launcher Prime!

Nova Launcher Prime 1

Nova Launcher Prime Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nova Launcher drain battery?

No, Nova Launcher is designed to have minimal battery drain. Its performance optimizations make it run efficiently without excessive resource usage. Many users report better battery life after switching to Nova.

Is Nova Launcher safe?

Yes, Nova Launcher is perfectly safe to use. It does not access any private data on your device. Millions of users worldwide trust Nova as their launcher of choice.

How do I backup Nova Launcher settings?

In Nova Launcher Prime, you can back up your entire launcher configuration from within the Nova Settings menu. You can then restore from this backup to transfer settings or revert changes.

Does Nova Launcher support icon packs?

Yes! One of Nova’s biggest features is support for applying custom icon packs to theme your home screen. The Nova community has created thousands of free icon packs to choose from.

Can you use Nova without root?

Absolutely. Nova Launcher does not require root access to use any of its features. It works flawlessly for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Does Nova have ads?

Nova Launcher free contains ads in the app drawer. Upgrading to Nova Launcher Prime removes all ads as well as unlocking extra features.

What scroll effects does Nova support?

Some of the scroll effects available in Nova include Accordion, Cylinder, Flip, Wipe, and many others. Nova Prime lets you change horizontal and vertical scroll effects.

Can I schedule dark mode with Nova?

Yes, Nova has a built-in night mode as well as the ability to schedule automatic theme switching. You can set a custom time range for when dark mode activates.

How do I set double tap gesture on Nova?

First enable gestures in Nova Settings. Then tap Shortcuts > Swipe/Gestures > Double tap to assign a double tap action like open app drawer.

Does Nova work with all launchers?

Nova Launcher replaces your device’s default home screen experience. It works with almost any Android device not tied to a built-in launcher like Pixel phones.

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