Petdise Tycoon Idle APK (MOD, Free Rewards, Unlimited Diamond)

The Petdise Tycoon Idle Premium APK offers an enjoyable gaming experience with its enhanced features, including free rewards and unlimited diamonds.
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March 9, 2023
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Petdise Tycoon is a super cute and addictive idle tycoon game where you build up and manage your very own massive pet shop, constantly progressing from a small roadside stand to a pet empire. With its simple tap-based gameplay, adorable pixel art style, and huge amount of pets to collect, Petdise Tycoon will have you glued to your screen for hours on end. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the gameplay, top features, and the big benefits the MOD version brings in enhancing the experience even further. Let’s check out the fluffy fun that awaits!

Getting Started in Petdise Tycoon

When you first load up Petdise Tycoon, you’ll land on the main pet shop overview screen. This shows your current shop lineup, stats like total pets sold and coins earned, worker info, and more. Tapping the pets shows their profiles and generates coins over time.

To start growing your shop, tap the “+” button to unlock new pet slots, or the arrow buttons to switch between different pet types like dogs, cats, and bunnies. New slots cost coins that are automatically generated based on your pets.

The basics of gameplay simply involve:

  • Tapping pets to collect coins
  • Unlocking more pet slots and purchasing new pets
  • Improving your pet shop features for bonuses
  • Completing occasional quests for big rewards
  • Prestiging to earn prestige points and progress

It’s an easy game to pick up and play in your spare moments, tapping away casually throughout the day. But optimizing your pet shop empire takes some strategy too!

Expanding Your Pet Variety

A key part of gameplay is steadily accumulating more and more pets. There are over 600 adorable pixel pets to collect in Petdise Tycoon, from common household breeds to super rare fantasy creatures. Each type earns coins at different rates or provides unique bonuses.

It’s important to have a diverse lineup covering all pet groups. Having certain pet combinations active can unlock special perks too. Gotta catch ’em all!

Some other ways to expand your pet roster include:

  • Special card packs with random pets
  • Using gems to purchase directly
  • Completing collections for unique pets
  • Checking the daily deals for new pets
  • Unlocking pets through the prestige system

With so many pets to discover, it never gets old seeing what cute critters show up next!

Customizing Your Shop’s Features

Aside from your lineup of pets, you can also upgrade various features in your shop itself. On the main overview screen, tabs like Flooring, Decoration, Staff, and more contain upgrades you can buy for coins or gems.

Some key shop upgrades to focus on include:

  • More pet slots – Increase pet capacity for greater output.
  • Coins per tap – Earn more coins tapping each pet.
  • Pet level multiplier – Level up pets for big coin boosts.
  • Offline earnings – Get hefty coin generation even when closed.

Optimizing these features will take your idle income to the next level. Make sure you balance upgrading your pets too using coins and gems. Leveling up pets increases their coin generation exponentially.

Completing Daily Quests and Events

On top of your normal pet shop management, Petdise Tycoon has a ton of rotating quests and events to take part in. These provide valuable one-time rewards and incentives to play daily.

Some types of quests and events you’ll encounter include:

  • Daily quests – Earn X coins, sell X pets, etc. Rewards gems.
  • Combo quests – Have certain pet combinations active. Rewards premium currency.
  • Weekly events – Special themed challenges, sometimes competitive.
  • Seasonal events – Unique events for holidays, anniversaries, etc.

Completing quests and events is key for progression. They’re the main way to earn premium gems and coins that would otherwise require real money purchases. So be sure to check them often!

Prestiging for Major Upgrades

The prestige system in Petdise Tycoon is an important mechanic for progression. When you feel your progress stalling, you can reset your shop back to zero in exchange for prestige points based on your overall earnings.

Prestige points can unlock incredibly powerful upgrades like:

  • More pet and item slots
  • Huge coin generation boosts
  • Upgraded pets and items
  • Exclusive new pet types
  • Multipliers for existing pets

Periodically using the prestige system will skyrocket your income and pets. While resetting loses your existing progress, the permanent upgrades make future runs far more profitable. It’s 100% needed to reach endgame content.

Satisfying Progression with the MOD

One downside of idle games like Petdise Tycoon can sometimes be slow progression at higher levels. But that’s where the free rewards and unlimited diamonds MOD comes in!

The MOD alleviates grind significantly by providing:

  • Unlimited diamonds – Purchase anything in the diamond shop!
  • Free card packs – Open as many pet card packs as you want.
  • No video ads – Never wait for rewarded video timers again.
  • 100x offline speed – Come back to major earnings even when away.

With the MOD, you can enjoy idling at hyper speed to amass your dream pet lineup in no time. Unlock every pet species, fully upgrade your shop, and tap to your heart’s content!

Top Petdise Tycoon Tips and Tricks

If you’re just starting out in Petdise Tycoon, here are some helpful beginner tips:

  • Prestige as soon as progress stalls to earn major upgrades.
  • Aim to have a variety of pet groups active for combo bonuses.
  • Upgrade offline earnings multipliers to generate income when not playing.
  • Level up pets constantly for the biggest coin income boosts.
  • Watch ads for free gifts if you don’t have the MOD enabled.
  • Participate in all events and quests daily for free rewards.
  • Buy workers early on to automate tapping pets.
  • Focus on upgrading coin generation technologies first.

Follow these tips and you’ll be running a smooth pet shop operation in no time!

Live Your Dream of Pet Shop CEO

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their very own massive pet store and being surrounded by furry friends all day? Petdise Tycoon fulfills those wishes in the most wholesome and addicting clicker experience around. With so many pets to collect, shop upgrades to buy, and events to complete, you’ll always have goals to work towards.

It’s the perfect casual game to occupy your time or take a quick break. The MOD makes everything faster and free too if desired. So come on down to Petdise and start your pixel pet shop legacy today! Your furry friends are waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Petdise Tycoon?

Petdise Tycoon is an incremental idle clicker tycoon game where you continuously expand your virtual pet shop by unlocking pets, upgrading features, and prestiging to earn permanent bonuses.

How do you get more pets in Petdise Tycoon?

You can get more pets by purchasing pet slots, buying card packs, completing collections, checking daily deals, using gems, prestiging for pets, and participating in events. There are over 600 pets to collect!

Is there a story mode or campaign in Petdise Tycoon?

Petdise Tycoon does not have a structured story or campaign mode. The gameplay is centered around freely building up your pet shop empire through core idle mechanics and events.

Does Petdise Tycoon require an internet connection to play?

You need an internet connection while playing to save your progress. But the game can still be enjoyed offline for a while thanks to the offline earnings system.

Is there PvP or co-op multiplayer in Petdise Tycoon?

Currently there are no direct PvP or co-op mechanics. However, there are community leaderboards, events, and social features to compare with friends.

Does using the MOD disable achievements in Petdise Tycoon?

The unlimited diamonds and free rewards MOD has no impact on the game’s achievement system. You can still earn achievements as normal.

Is Petdise Tycoon completely free to play?

Yes, the core Petdise Tycoon experience is 100% free. There are no mandatory ads or purchases. IAPs only exist to speed up progress if desired.

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