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Picsart Gold Apk + Mod allows users to take high resolution, professional-quality digital pictures from their smartphone or tablet.
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Unleash your creativity with Picsart! This popular photo and video editing app offers professional tools for free, with additional premium features unlocked through subscriptions. In this guide, we’ll cover everything Picsart has to offer, from basic editing to advanced AI capabilities. We’ll also provide tips for making the most of Gold and Premium memberships. And for those who want to bypass subscriptions, we’ll dive into the details of the Picsart Mod APK with Gold and Premium unlocked. Whether you’re editing photos for social media, making YouTube thumbnails, or designing graphics, Picsart has the options to take your projects to the next level. Let’s jump in!

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Picsart App Overview

First, let’s look at the key features and tools available through the Picsart app:

  • Photo Editing – Adjustments like crop, rotate, perspective. Drawing, filters, text, stickers. Remove backgrounds.
  • Video Editing – Trim, crop, rotate, split, reverse, change speed. Add background music, visual effects, text.
  • Collage Maker – Grid, freestyle, and shaped layouts. Adjust spacing, angles, backgrounds.
  • Templates & Graphics – Professionally designed editable templates, fonts, illustrations, and more.
  • Remix Chat – Create collaborative chains by remixing or enhancing others’ creations.
  • Trending Feed – Get inspired and share your own creations.
  • Advanced AI Tools – Subject selection, photo enhancement, upscaling, face tools, and more.

Picsart is designed to be simple enough for quick daily photo edits, yet powerful enough for complex manipulations. With a user base over 150 million strong, it’s easy to find inspiration from other creators.

Now let’s dive deeper into using Picsart for next-level photo and video editing.

Photo Editing Features and Techniques

Picsart offers an array of features to enhance your photos through edits and effects. Here are some tips for mastering Picsart photo editing:

  • Adjustments – Use tools like Contrast, Hue, Tone Curve, White Balance and more for color correction.
  • Crop & Transform – Change orientation, perspective, resize, and rotate for polished framing.
  • Remove Backgrounds – Use the erase tools and masks for clean background removal or replacement in seconds.
  • Blemish Removal – Eliminate unwanted spots, blemishes, even objects with the Restore tool.
  • Collages – Arrange images in creative layouts by layering, blending, adjusting spacing and angles.
  • Text & Graphics – Add text using artistic fonts. Customize with shadows, outlines, spacing, and alignment.
  • Overlays & Filters – Enhance mood with color filters, light leaks, textures, lens flares, and more.
  • Brushes – Draw, paint, sprinkle shapes or add text with a variety of realistic and stylized brushes.
  • Effects – Apply artistic finishes like vintage, cinematic, grain, glitch, and dispersion effects.
  • Cutouts – Make stunning photo cutouts and stickers using advanced remove background tools.
  • Trending Edits – Get inspired by exploring popular edit styles and seeing how they’re made.

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment! Part of Picsart’s appeal is how easy it makes complex edits and manipulations accessible to all. Tap into your creativity!

picsart mod

Video Editing Capabilities

In addition to photos, Picsart provides robust tools for video projects like YouTube videos, social media clips, and more. Here’s an overview:

  • Trim & Split – Cut your clips down to size by trimming, splitting, or reverse cutting.
  • Adjust Speed – Creatively speed up, slow down, or freeze frames.
  • Text & Graphics – Enhance videos with animated text, stickers, overlays, masks and inserted images.
  • Filters & Effects – Set the mood with color filters, glitch effects, light leaks, and flashes.
  • Crop & Transform – Re-frame shots with rotate, scale, and perspective tools.
  • Backgrounds – Easily replace or blur backgrounds to highlight subjects.
  • Aspect Ratios – Ensure videos are formatted for any social media with built-in presets.
  • Add Music – Insert audio, mix levels, and trim tracks.
  • Transitions – Add dynamic transitions between clips.
  • Templates – Jumpstart projects with ready-made templates for intros, outros, and more.
  • Green Screen – Seamlessly layer custom backgrounds behind subjects.

Picsart provides everything needed to quickly refine footage right from your phone. The intuitive timeline interface makes it easy to layer edits for professional results.

AI Artistic Tools

One of Picsart’s most unique advantages is its integration of advanced AI to assist with creative tasks. These tools help take projects to the next level.

Photo Enhancement

Automatically improve photos with one touch:

  • Sky Enhancer – Boost details in sky/clouds.
  • Clean Up – Reduce noise, smooth textures, sharpen details.
  • Portrait Enhancer – Retouch portraits with skin smoothing.
  • Face Tools – Adjust facial features and expression with warping.

Subject Selection

Powerful smart selection tools make precision editing a breeze:

  • Object Removal – Erase unwanted objects or backgrounds with one tap.
  • Selective Adjust – Limit edits to a specific area, person, or object.
  • Selective Coloring – Make a subject stand out by desaturating surroundings.

Upscales and Face Filters

Take creativity to new heights:

  • Mega Upscale – Increase resolution for crisp, detailed prints without loss of quality.
  • Portrait Filters – Transform into popular art styles like anime or neon.
  • Beautify Tools – Flawless facial touchups, teeth whitening, makeup application.

Image Generation

Turn ideas into images with AI image generation:

  • Background Eraser – Instantly replace backgrounds with any image or pattern.
  • Scene Creator – Generate custom backgrounds from text prompts.
  • Face Editor – Edit facial features and expression simply by typing text edits.

Picsart is on the cutting edge when it comes to accessible AI creativity. Don’t be afraid to tap into these tools early and often!

picsart apk

Gold Subscription Perks

Picsart offers a Gold subscription plan that unlocks extra features and perks. Here’s an overview of Gold benefits:

  • No Ads – Enjoy an ad-free editing experience for smoother workflow.
  • 100+ Premium Fonts – Use stylish, customizable premium fonts for eye-catching text.
  • 200+ Premium Stickers – Access exclusive Gold stickers for fun and flair.
  • 200+ Premium Backgrounds & Frames – Enhance projects with high-quality backgrounds and borders.
  • Exclusive Templates – Add style with templates designed just for Gold subscribers.
  • 2,000+ Assets per Month – Download 2,000 images, fonts, templates and more each month.
  • Unlimited Video Length – Export longer videos beyond the standard 3-minute free limit.
  • Premium Music Library – Use premium licensed songs and audio tracks.
  • Live Support – Get help directly from Picsart through email, chat or phone support.
  • Layer Groups – Organize layers into groups for simpler editing.
  • Batch Editing – Edit multiple images at once instead of one-by-one.
  • Cloud Storage – Store up to 100 creations in the cloud for easy access anywhere.

For serious Picsart users, the ad-free experience and wealth of high-quality assets can be well worth the monthly fee. Take advantage of exclusive perks!

Premium Tier Unlocks

In addition to Gold, Picsart offers an upper-tier Premium subscription with the most advanced capabilities unlocked. Premium includes:

  • All Gold Benefits – Includes full access to all Gold features and assets.
  • No Watermarks – Download and share creations without Picsart branding watermarks.
  • AI Art Generator – Generate stunning AI artworks from text prompts with Dream Picsart.
  • 100 Add-Free Shares per Month – Share directly to social media without Picsart branding.
  • AI Background Remover – Instantly remove and replace any background with AI magic.
  • AI Portrait Editor – Have an AI artist edit portraits just by typing text instructions.
  • AI Art Restorer – Transform damaged or low-quality art into pristine restorations.
  • Premium Brushes – Next-level drawing and painting with realistic Premium brushes.
  • 10,000 Assets per Month – Massive asset downloads for unlimited creative fuel.
  • Reface Integration – Deepfake your selfies into fun viral videos.

For power users and professionals, Premium offers capabilities not found in any other creative app. The AI alone makes this tier extraordinary.


Tips for Using Picsart Subscriptions

Here are some tips to get the most mileage out of Picsart’s Gold and Premium subscriptions:

  • Browse Discover Page – Check the Discover tab daily for new assets, deals, tutorials, and inspiration.
  • Max Out Assets – Don’t let those monthly asset download limits go to waste!
  • Learn Shortcuts – Save time by learning keyboard shortcuts for common adjustments.
  • Create Drafts – Use cloud storage to create drafts and seamlessly pick up editing anywhere.
  • Follow Challenges – Participating in daily creative challenges pushes your skills.
  • Share Creations – Remixing and sharing drives more engagement and inspiration.
  • Request Features – Premium members can directly suggest features for Picsart to add.
  • Contact Support – Don’t forget live chat support is there if you ever need assistance.

Investing in Gold or Premium unlocks enormous creative potential. Be sure to fully utilize everything they offer!

Picsart Mod APK (Gold/Premium Unlocked)

For those seeking all the best features without paying, installing the Picsart Mod APK is the way to go. Here’s what you need to know:


The latest working Mod APK can only be downloaded from trusted sites. Installation steps include:

  • Download the latest Mod APK
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device
  • Locate and install the downloaded APK file
  • Open the app and enjoy unlocked features!

Note: Downloading unauthorized modifications is done at your own risk.

Unlocked Features

The Picsart Mod APK typically unlocks:

  • Gold Subscription Features
  • Premium Subscription Features
  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Unlimited Assets Download
  • No Watermarks on Exports
  • All Templates, Fonts, and Stickers
  • AI Art Generator and Tools
  • Unlimited Layers and Cloud Storage

Essentially everything in the app is unlocked! All content and tools are free to use.

Downsides to Consider

While incredibly powerful, there are some drawbacks to using the mod:

  • App updates need to be manually downloaded
  • Syncing between devices is unsupported
  • Lack of access to support if issues arise
  • Possible ban if detected (unlikely)
  • Ethical concerns of unauthorized usage

The convenience of unlocked features comes with some tradeoffs. But for many, it’s a risk worth taking!

The Final Verdict

For those not wanting to pay subscriptions, the Picsart Mod APK provides tremendous value. Just be aware of the downsides, and be sure to download from trustworthy sources for best results. But ultimately, enjoy all the premium features for free!

picsart mod apk

Helpful Techniques and Tips

Here are some additional techniques and tips to take your editing to the next level in Picsart:

  • Layering – Stack edits on separate layers for non-destructive editing.
  • Masking – Use masks to selectively apply edits to specific areas.
  • Color Balance – Fine-tune mood and temperature with color balance adjustments.
  • Brush Techniques – Lower opacity, use erasers, and blend for painterly effects.
  • Shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts speed up workflow once memorized.
  • Batch Processing – Edit multiple files at once to save time.
  • Creative Collaboration – Remixing community creations fosters inspiration.
  • Trend Browsing – Discover new styles and editing techniques under Trending.
  • Effects Automation – Use FX Actions to instantly apply favorite effects.
  • Format for Social – Customize dimensions, aspect ratio, and export settings for each social platform.
  • Practice! – Develop skills by editing daily photos. Imitate styles that inspire you.

Don’t be limited to just the built-in tools. With the right techniques, you can create truly unique edits that reflect your own artistic vision.


Thanks for joining us on this in-depth look at everything Picsart has to offer. From basic photo editing to advanced AI artistry, it provides all the tools you need to bring your visions to life. We covered key features like:

  • Intuitive photo and video editing capabilities
  • AI-powered enhancement, selection, and generation
  • Added perks through Gold and Premium subscriptions
  • How to install the full-unlocked Mod APK
  • Tips, tricks, and FAQs to maximize your experience

Now you have a complete guide to transforming raw inspiration into stunning creations. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries with Picsart’s incredible tools. This is just the beginning – where will your creativity take you next? The sky’s the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the Picsart watermark without Premium?

Unfortunately there is no way within the official app. You will have to either crop out the mark or use another app to cover it. Premium removes it automatically.

Is the AI image generator available on mobile?

Currently it is only available on the web editor and through Premium subscriptions. However, Picsart is continually adding new AI tools to mobile, so it may be supported natively soon.

Can I pay annually instead of monthly for Premium?

Yes! Annual Premium plans are available at a discounted rate compared to paying monthly. Just access Premium via the app or Picsart website to see annual pricing options.

What happens when my subscription ends?

You will revert to the free version. Any premium assets you downloaded can still be used, but you’ll lose access to premium-only tools. Renew promptly to retain full access.

Is there a way to sync my creations and tools across devices?

Unfortunately full cross-device syncing is not supported outside of Premium. You can manually export creations as files to share across devices.

Are technical issues common with the modded APK?

It is generally fairly stable as long as you download from trusted sources. However, being unsupported means you are unlikely to receive assistance if major issues occur.

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