Pokemon GO Premium APK (Teleport, Joystick, AutoWalk)

Pokemon GO Premium Apk is a popular mobile game that uses augmented reality technology to allow players to catch and battle Pokémon in the real world.
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Jan 15, 2024
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Pokemon GO took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016. This augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic allows players to catch, battle, and train virtual Pokemon who appear on device screens as if they’re in the real world. With innovative real-world gameplay and nostalgic appeal, Pokemon GO became an instant phenomenon.

Over seven years later, Pokemon GO continues to have an active playerbase and receive regular content updates. The game provides the thrilling experience of searching far and wide for different Pokemon species. Players can live out the dream of becoming a Pokemon Master by catching them all!

This article will provide an in-depth overview of Pokemon GO’s gameplay, features, and modded versions. Read on to learn everything about this hugely popular AR mobile game.

How to Play Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices. After signing up with either a Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account, players can customize their avatar.

The core gameplay centers around going outside and exploring the real world. As players walk around, their avatar moves on the in-game map. Different Pokemon will spawn depending on the player’s geographic location and terrain.

When a Pokemon appears on the map, players can tap on it to attempt to catch it. An AR mode superimposes the Pokemon into the environment via the device’s camera. Players need to fling Pokeballs to capture the Pokemon. The better the throw, the higher the chance of success.

In addition to catching wild Pokemon, players can also:

  • Battle at Gyms to control them for their Team (Valor, Mystic, or Instinct)
  • Raid at Gyms cooperatively with others to take down powerful Raid Bosses
  • Trade with and send Gifts to friends
  • Evolve and Power Up caught Pokemon
  • Customize avatars with clothing/accessories
  • Complete in-game Research Tasks for rewards
  • Progress through the achievement system to increase their Trainer Level

The goal is to explore the world, catch as many different Pokemon as possible, battle at Gyms, and complete the Pokedex. There’s always something new to accomplish in Pokemon GO!

Key Gameplay Features

Pokemon GO isn’t just about wandering aimlessly trying to randomly stumble upon Pokemon. The game incorporates diverse systems and features that give players goals to work towards and incentivize going outside to play.

Catching Pokemon

The core aspect of Pokemon GO is finding and catching wild Pokemon. Over 450 different Pokemon can be encountered, with the roster continuing to grow through regular updates. Players need to explore various terrain and biomes to find all the available Pokemon.

Some Pokemon are region-exclusive, only appearing in certain parts of the world. Events will also feature special spawns not normally seen. Gotta catch ’em all!

PokeStops and Gyms

PokeStops and Gyms are real-world locations that players can interact with. PokeStops provide items like Pokeballs when spun. Gyms are sites where players battle for control for their team.

PokeStops and Gyms are placed at landmarks, public art, historical markers, and more. They encourage players to visit notable locations in their community.


Raids are cooperative battles where groups of players team up to take down powerful Raid Bosses at Gyms. Legendary and Mythical Pokemon like Mewtwo can only be caught after defeating them in 5-star Raids.

Raids require the purchase of Raid Passes, encouraging repeated play daily. They also promote social gameplay, as higher-level Raids can’t be completed alone.

Buddy System

The Buddy System allows players to pick a Pokemon to set as their buddy. As they walk together, the player will earn Candy for that Pokemon species.

This creates a virtual pet dynamic while also incentivizing exercise. Earning Candy allows players to power up and evolve their Pokemon.

Team Go Rocket Battles

Team Go Rocket Grunts will periodically invade PokeStops, taking them over with dark energy. Players can purge them by battling their Shadow Pokemon. Defeating Grunts also rescues Shadow Pokemon which players can catch and purify.

Battling Team Go Rocket adds some action and gives players a way to save Pokemon. It also provides rewards like mysterious components.

Special Research

Special Research quest lines give players long-term goals and stories to complete. Research tasks involve catching specific Pokemon, raiding, hatching eggs, battling, and more. Completing research rewards legendary Pokemon encounters, rare items, and other prizes.

Research adds structure beyond just wandering and catching random spawns. The multi-stage objectives make progressing feel more purposeful.

Adventure Sync

Adventure Sync enables the app to record physical activity and distance traveled even when the game isn’t open. Players are rewarded for hitting milestones, encouraging regular exercise.

This system makes it easy to hatch eggs and earn Buddy Candy without draining phone battery keeping the game open all the time. It promotes healthy lifestyles through gaming.

Battling and PvP

PvP battling allows players to test their skills and Pokemon against friends or strangers through online matchmaking. The complex battle system has different leagues, cups, and ranks.

Battling adds depth beyond just catching. Having powered-up battle ready Pokemon gives hardcore players an endgame goal to work towards.

Customization and Bonuses

Pokemon GO isn’t just about catching and grinding. There are many ways players can put their own personal touch on their experience.

Avatar Customization

While the avatar starts as a basic Trainer, players can extensively customize it over time. Different hairstyles, outfits, poses, and more can be unlocked. This allows self-expression.

Buddy Pokemon

Any captured Pokemon can be set as a Buddy to follow you on the map. Ultra Buddies even appear in AR mode for cute photos. Players can showcase favorite or rare Pokemon.


Certain PokeStops can be customized by players with modules. Lure Modules attract Pokemon while Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lures draw specific types.


Gifts contain random items and can be collected from PokeStops and sent to friends. Gift wrapping paper reflects the sending location, allowing sharing of cool spots.


Photos can be taken in-game at various real-world locations and tourist spots. These can be saved as postcards or sent to friends.

Pose Stickers

Stickers of Pokemon and avatars doing poses like dancing, acting tough, etc. can decorate Gifts, postcards, and profiles. They let players express personality.


Trainer profiles show statistics and recent catches. Stickers, frames, poses, and backgrounds can be added for decoration and customization.


Trading Pokemon with friends allows lucky Pokemon that take less Stardust to power up. Trading helps complete the Pokedex and get cool Pokemon from around the world.

Modded Versions: Joystick, Teleporting, Auto Walking

While Pokemon GO is intended to be played by physically moving and exploring in real life, there are ways to play with mods that bypass this. Modded versions allow joystick movement, teleporting, and auto walking.


Modifying the app via third-party apps or patching violates the Terms of Service. Use of mods could result in punishment like temporary bans or permanent account termination if detected. Players use mods at their own risk.


Some mods allow GPS spoofing to artificially move your in-game location. This teleporting lets you visit regional exclusive Pokemon spawn points worldwide or quickly get to PokeStops/Gyms.


A virtual joystick can control movement instead of physically walking. This allows playing from home and Precise GPS-spoofed movement for sniping Pokemon hotspots.

Auto Walking

With this mod, the avatar auto walks along routes to hatch eggs, earn Candy, trigger spawns, etc. Routes can be customized including pacing.


Mods allow disabled players or those without safe access to outdoor exploration to still participate and progress in the game. Teleporting provides new diversity in Pokemon variety and gameplay opportunities.


Modded gameplay greatly differs from the intended real-world exploration experience. Some consider it cheating and damaging to legit players. Potential safety risks also exist downloading unofficial software.

Tips and Tricks for New Players

For those just starting their Pokemon GO journey, here are some helpful beginner tips:

  • Catch everything – Stock up on resources and candy by catching common spawns like Pidgey. Catching transfers to XP.
  • Conserve resources – Be selective about only catching Pokemon, raiding, or powering up valuable Pokemon later on. Resources dwindle later.
  • Use Pinap Berries – Pinap gives extra candy, helping gain evolutions faster. Use on lower CP Pokemon for an easy catch after.
  • Look for nests – Parks and nature areas that regularly spawn specific Pokemon. Great for grinding candy.
  • Do Research – Completing research tasks rewards strong Pokemon encounters, XP, and items.
  • Add friends – Trading gifts and raiding together helps progression. Higher friend levels boost XP from interactions.
  • Defeat Team Go Rocket – They provide purified Pokemon and useful rewards. Beating them helps take over PokeStops.
  • Do Raids – Higher tier raids have rare spawns. Join local groups to take on stronger bosses.
  • Manage resources – Only power up optimal Pokemon. Regularly transfer extra Pokemon to clear storage.
  • Utilize events – Events boost spawns, XP, raid bosses, and other benefits. Take advantage of them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pokemon GO free to play?

Yes, Pokemon GO is free to download and play. There are optional in-app purchases for items but they are not required.

Are legendary Pokemon available?

Yes, legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, and Mewtwo are obtainable as Raid bosses. Mythical Pokemon such as Mew can be encountered through Special Research.

How do Raid Battles work?

Raids involve teams of players working together to defeat powerful Raid Bosses. Defeating them provides capture chances at rare Pokemon.

Can you trade Pokemon with friends?

Yes, the friendship system allows long-distance trading of Pokemon. Good friends can trade, with benefits like candy discounts for higher friends.

Is there PvP battling?

Yes, Pokemon GO has a battle league system that lets players battle others in real-time via online matchmaking. There are different leagues and ranks.

What bonuses are there for logging in daily?

Daily login provides bonuses like Pokecoins, XP, Stardust, and item bundles. Catching a Pokemon daily also builds catch streaks for rewards.

Are there cheat codes or mods for features like teleporting?

Third-party apps exist that enable cheating features via modifying the game client. However, they violate TOS and carry risk of bans.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon GO offers an innovative social gaming experience that entices players to go outside and explore. There’s always something new to accomplish whether it’s catching Pokemon, completing research, battling, or making friends.

Regular events and updates provide continued fresh content. Mods like teleporting and auto-walking provide alternative ways to play. Whether playing legitimately or with mods, Pokemon GO’s core capturing and collecting gameplay remains engaging and addicting.

With so much to do, now is a great time to pick up Pokemon GO and dive into the world of catching Pokemon in real life. Just watch out for any Whitney’s Miltanks – they can be brutal! This amazing game continues going strong by integrating the Pokemon universe into the real world.


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