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Unlock the world of makeovers with Project Makeover Premium APK and its Unlimited Money! Take on the role of a personal stylist as you help clients look and feel their best.
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Project Makeover is a popular mobile game that allows players to give makeovers to different characters. With its easy-to-use interface and addictive gameplay, it’s no wonder Project Makeover has become a hit! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore Project Makeover’s gameplay, features, and tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this fun game.


The main gameplay loop of Project Makeover is simple – players are presented with different characters who are in need of makeovers. As a makeover artist, it’s up to you to transform their look by giving them new hairstyles, makeup, outfits, and accessories.

Here are the key aspects of Project Makeover’s gameplay:

Selecting Clients

  • New clients in need of makeovers will appear throughout the day. Tap on a character to select them as your next makeover client.
  • Clients have certain requests and preferences for their new look. Make sure to review their request info before getting started!

Customizing Their Look

  • Use your tools to customize everything about your client’s appearance – you can change their hair color and style, apply makeup like eyeshadow and lipstick, pick clothes and accessories, and more.
  • There are tons of customization options to choose from. Unlock new hair, makeup, outfits, and accessories as you advance through the game.

Meeting Client Requests

  • Pay attention to your client’s special requests. If they want a evening look, give them a glam makeup style. If they mention a preference for a certain hair color, select a style in their preferred shade.
  • Satisfying your client’s requests will earn you more stars and points!

Completing Mini-Games

  • Some makeovers will include optional mini-games like mixing custom nail polish colors or giving a flawless makeup application. Complete these for bonus points and rewards!

Finishing the Makeover

  • When you’re happy with the new look you’ve created, tap the complete button to finish the makeover and send your client on their way.
  • You’ll receive a 1-3 star rating based on how well you met the client’s requests and preferences. Earn stars to level up!

Earning Currencies

  • Complete makeovers to earn in-game currencies. There are several currencies in Project Makeover:
    • Cash: The regular currency used to buy most items. Earn cash from completed makeovers.
    • Stars: Special currency earned by receiving 3 star ratings. Used to unlock certain features.
    • Diamonds: Premium currency that can be earned through level-ups or purchased. Used to unlock special items.
  • Spend your hard-earned currencies to unlock new hair, makeup, outfits, and other rewards in the shopping areas.


Customizable Characters

One of the most fun parts of Project Makeover is getting to customize a wide variety of unique characters. The game features men and women of diverse backgrounds, styles, and age ranges. Part of the challenge is tailoring your makeover to suit each character’s personality and preferences.

Makeup and Hair Salon

The Makeup Salon allows you to completely customize your client’s face. Change their eye shape with eyeshadow, fill in and shape their brows, add lip colors, blush, and more. Apply foundation, contouring, and highlighter for flawless looks. At the Hair Salon, you can dye, cut, style, and add accessories like flowers or headbands to create unique hair makeovers.

Outfit Changes

Project Makeover gives you tons of outfit options to choose from. Dress clients for different occasions like work, casual days, dates, parties, and more. Shop for stylish tops, pants, dresses and skirts. Accessorize with handbags, jewelry, scarves, hats, and glasses. Change their style from sporty to bohemian chic in just a few taps!

Interior Decorating

Some makeovers will allow you to do a full room redecoration along with your client’s new look! Change the wall colors and flooring, add furniture and decorative items, and completely transform your client’s living space. This adds an extra layer of fun and creativity to the game.

Realistic Animations

The characters in Project Makeover move and emote in very realistic ways. Their facial expressions will change as you alter their look. When you find the perfect style, they will jump and clap with excitement. All the animations make the game feel more immersive and engaging.

Timed Levels

Some levels in Project Makeover are timed challenges. You’ll have to complete your makeover within a certain time limit, adding pressure and excitement. Timed levels test your skill at quickly customizing hair, makeup and outfits. Beat the clock for big rewards!

Fun Mini-Games

In addition to standard makeovers, you can play mini-games for bonuses and prizes. Games include mixing nail polish colors, applying makeup against the clock, and popping bubbles in relaxing body spa treatments. These add extra interactivity and keep the app experience fresh.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to level up faster and maximize your makeover skills in Project Makeover:

  • Pay attention to level goals – Each level has certain goals like earning a number of stars or completing a certain number of makeovers. Check the goals so you can target the right activities.
  • Meet all client requests – Listen carefully to each client’s requests during their introduction. Satisfying requests earns you substantially more stars per makeover.
  • Learn client preferences – Over time, you’ll notice certain clients have consistent preferences, like liking a particular hair color. Use this info to customize their looks.
  • Use boosters wisely – You can activate boosters before makeovers to double your coins, earn more stars, etc. Use boosters only when needed to conserve them.
  • Watch videos for free diamonds – You can earn diamonds by watching short video ads. Diamonds are very valuable, so take advantage of this offer!
  • Complete daily tasks – Check the daily tasks listing and be sure to complete all tasks each day. They provide useful rewards and count towards task-based achievement goals.
  • Enter limited-time events – Limited-time events will challenge you to complete a certain number of makeovers within a timeframe. Enter events to win exclusive prizes and rewards.
  • Connect your account to Facebook – Connecting your account to Facebook allows you to save your game progress. This ensures you won’t lose everything if you get a new device.

Take your Project Makeover skills to the next level with these handy tips! Customize clients with flair, meet requests efficiently, and use bonuses and events to advance faster through the game. With practice you’ll be able to give anyone a flawless head-to-toe transformation. Now get out there and start making over!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn more stars in Project Makeover?

Meet all the client’s requests during makeovers
Achieve a short makeover time
Play mini-games and bonus levels
Use star bonuses and multipliers before makeovers

What are the different currencies used in Project Makeover?

Cash: Earned by completing makeovers. Used to buy most items.
Stars: Earned by getting 3-star ratings on makeovers. Unlocks certain features.
Diamonds: Premium currency earned through level-ups or purchased. Used for rare items.

Is there a way to get free diamonds?

Yes! You can watch short video ads to earn free diamonds. You can also rarely earn diamonds by fully leveling up. Finally, some events and seasonal rewards may offer free diamonds.

How can I save my Project Makeover progress?

Connect your game to your Facebook account. This will securely save your progress in the cloud, allowing you to pick up where you left off if you switch devices.

How can I unlock more makeup options?

Make sure to fully level up the Makeup Salon whenever possible to unlock more makeup items. Meeting makeup-related requests also earns new makeup rewards over time.

And there you have it – an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about Project Makeover! With these tips and info, you’ll be a makeover master in no time. Now get styling!

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