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As you progress through Racing Master, you'll enjoy unlocking stunning new vehicles and customizing them to your liking.
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Racing Master is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping arcade racing game for Android. With its gorgeous 3D graphics, licensed real-world cars, and deep vehicle customization, Racing Master offers an exciting simulation-style racing experience right on your mobile device.

In this extensive guide, we’ll breakdown everything you need to know about Racing Master’s frenetic racing action. We’ll highlight tips and strategies for taking first place, building your dream garage of supercars, and customizing rides for peak performance. Buckle up – it’s time to step on the gas and put the pedal to the metal!

An Introduction to Racing Master

Developed and published by Ray Games, Racing Master first hit the Google Play Store in 2021. The game quickly built a loyal fanbase with over 10 million downloads thanks to its mix of:

  • Arcade-style racing action – Easy to pickup but tough to master drifting and racing mechanics.
  • Hyper-realistic 3D graphics – Meticulously modeled real-world supercars with next-level lighting and detail.
  • Massive vehicle roster – Over 60 elite licensed vehicles from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and more.
  • Extensive customization – Thousands of customizable parts and wraps to make rides uniquely yours.
  • Constant content updates – New events, cars, and challenges added every month to keep things fresh.

For mobile racing fans, Racing Master checks every box. Its skill-based drift handling paired with jaw-dropping production values offers an unparalleled simulation-arcade racing experience on the go. Now let’s get behind the wheel!

Racing Modes – Where to Put Pedal to the Metal

Racing Master features a variety of game modes offering different ways to put your racing skills to the test:

Career Mode

  • Multi-day events across different circuits and race types
  • Place top 3 to earn reputation and unlock new career events
  • Purchase and upgrade new cars for each competition

Quick Race

  • Single-race showdowns against AI opponents
  • Global leaderboards for beating default lap records
  • Farm credits quickly through grinding quick races


  • Asynchronous online racing against real opponents
  • Climb ranks in daily/weekly contests for prestige
  • Show off custom cars and liveries to a global audience

Time Trial

  • Beat pre-set lap records on circuits to set new best times
  • Master racing lines and track memorization in isolation
  • Compete against friends and global leaderboards

No matter your mood, there’s always a race ready for you in Racing Master. Now let’s get into how to out-drive the competition and smoke the opposition.

Racing Tips & Driving Techniques

Success in Racing Master requires learning essential techniques like managing traction, executing drifts, and finding optimal racing lines. Master the following tips to shave seconds off your lap times:

Use drifts to carry speed through corners

Drifting through turns allows you to maintain higher speeds rather than braking. Initiate drifts by letting off the gas and tapping the e-brake to kick the car’s rear out, then feather the gas and steering to sustain a controlled slide through bends.

Memorize track layouts and ideal lines

Study each track’s layout during slower practice laps to identify key braking, turning, and acceleration points. Determine the fastest routes and repeat them to ingrain into muscle memory. Optimal racing lines shave precious seconds off your time.

Don’t overlook car setups

Adjusting alignments like camber, toe, and gears can work wonders for improving handling and acceleration. A poorly aligned car will understeer or spin out easily. Setups should match the track’s cornering demands.

Know when to brake or coast

Braking too early slows you down, but braking too late causes crashes. Pay attention to turn approach speeds and brake just enough to make the corner without losing all momentum. Letting off the gas can be just as effective as braking.

Manage traction out of turns

Accelerating too hard out of corners breaks traction and causes wheel spinouts. Feather the throttle to avoid torque loss until the car straightens out, then floor it down straights. Smoothness equals speed.

Follow these pro techniques during all Racing Master events, and you’ll rapidly shave time off laps while leaving fellow racers in the dust. Now let’s boost that car collection.

Building a Legendary Supercar Garage

A huge part of Racing Master’s appeal is collecting and racing the most coveted supercars on Earth from brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, Pagani, Koenigsegg, and more. Here are tips for amassing your dream garage:

Earn cars by placing top 3 in career events

Each career event has a featured luxury vehicle as its grand prize for finishing 1st place. You’ll steadily acquire an elite collection as you progress.

Save credits for expensive rare cars

Common street cars are affordable but exotics run millions of credits. Save up rather than impulse buying cheaper cars so you can purchase top-tier dream machines.

Take advantage of limited-time car hunts

Special weekly events award specific high-end cars for meeting reputation goals. Don’t miss out on these rare hunting opportunities!

Check the dealership daily

The dealership cycles through expensive cars available for direct purchase. Buy them immediately if you have the credits, as supply is limited.

Upgrade career cars to access new events

Upgrading career reward cars using fusion parts and other systems is required to meet the PR walls of future events and continue progression.

Building a jaw-dropping supercar gallery will be addictive as you add Pagani Huayras, Koenigsegg Ones, and other icons to your collection. Now let’s make them truly one-of-a-kind.

Advanced Customization & Car Modifications

The hundreds of options for aesthetically and mechanically modifying cars in Racing Master lets you put a unique personal stamp on vehicles. Here are top ways to customize:

Wraps & paints

Apply eye-catching paint colors, decals, logos, stripes, and other wraps using the wrap editor. Design your own or download community creations.

Body kits

Modify visual aspects like spoilers, diffusers, bumpers, fenders, hoods, mirrors, doors, and more. Kits dramatically transform looks.


Hundreds of branded rims are available from names like Volk, WedsSport, Work, and ADV.1. Pick sizes, fitments, colors, and offsets.


Swap seats, steering wheels, gauges, and gear levers for customized cockpit aesthetics. Express your style.

Performance parts

Upgrade ECUs, turbos, nitrous systems, intakes, clutches, and other components to squeeze every bit of horsepower from engines.

The sheer wealth of tuning options enables you to have a one-of-a-kind exotic that looks and handles exactly how you want. Your dream car awaits!

Essential Racing Master Tips for New Drivers

Racing Master may seem daunting for newcomers to competitive mobile racing. Here are some key tips to get started on the right foot and ease into the game’s mechanics:

Enable assist features like traction control and ABS to make controlling cars easier until you get accustomed to their handling. Gradually turn them off as your skills improve.

Play every circuit slowly in time trial mode first to memorize layouts, optimal lines, braking points, and idiosyncrasies before racing seriously. Map knowledge is vital.

Don’t neglect weekly events as they offer rare import cars, credits, fusion coins, and other valuable rewards in addition to career progression.

Tune gearing ratios so your car’s power band aligns with the tracks. High speed circuits need longer gears while technical tracks call for quicker acceleration gearing.

Follow the racing line indicator in early career races as you learn the basics. While not ideal for posting record times, it teaches fundamentals.

Easing into Racing Master will make grasping its nuances smoother. Before long, you’ll be drifting and racing with the best drivers around the world!

Final Thoughts on Racing Master

With its pulse-pounding simulation-style racing, gargantuan roster of real licensed supercars, and seemingly endless customization, Racing Master represents the pinnacle of mobile racing games. The depth of tuning options paired with constantly improving your skills makes collecting and racing dream exotics endless fun.

Hopefully these tips help you reign supreme on the track and build a legendary supercar collection worthy of any automotive connoisseur. If you love intricately modeled cars and technical racing action, strap into Racing Master today! Whether aiming for a spot on the podium or simply cruising scenic tracks in a gorgeous hypercar, speed and style await.

Racing Master FAQs

Is Racing Master online multiplayer?

Yes and no. You can race asynchronously against other players times but there is no real-time racing against others.

Is there a car damage system?

Unfortunately no – your car remains pristine no matter how many crashes and collisions. Damage modeling would be a cool future addition!

How many cars are in Racing Master?

Over 60 real-world licensed cars with more added every update across common street cars to ultra exotics. Brands include Ferrari, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Pagani, and more.

Can you upgrade cars in Racing Master?

Yes, fusion parts allow you to upgrade various aspects like engines, ECU, turbo, gearbox, wheels, etc to increase performance.

Is Racing Master pay to win?

No, there are no microtransactions that give pay-to-win advantages. All cars and upgrades can be earned through gameplay. Optional purchases are for cosmetics only.

In summary, Racing Master delivers incredibly deep simulation-style racing action paired with gorgeous supercars to collect, customize, and compete with. Start your high-octane racing career today!

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