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RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk is the modified version of the original game that offers many features and functionalities to enhance your gaming experience.
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RAID: Shadow Legends is one of the most popular mobile role-playing games on the market today. With stunning graphics, hundreds of champions to collect, and deep strategic gameplay, it’s easy to see why RAID has amassed over 30 million players worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at RAID’s gameplay, features, and mods – including the popular Battle Speed mod that speeds up combat. Whether you’re a new player looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned veteran seeking advanced tips, you’ll find everything you need to know right here. So grab your best champions and let’s dive in!

Gameplay Overview

RAID is a turn-based RPG featuring both Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) combat.

In PvE, you’ll battle your way through an expansive campaign map divided into 15 regions. Each region consists of chapters and stages that must be cleared to progress. Along the way, you’ll fight spider dungeons, dragon lairs, clan boss battles, and more while collecting shards to summon new champions.

PvP encompasses arena battles and tag team arenas where you can test your squad against other players for prizes and bragging rights. Winning arena matches allows you to climb the tiers from Bronze up to Platinum.

Below we’ll take a closer look at some of the key gameplay features and mechanics:

Collecting Champions

There are currently over 500 champions available in RAID, each with their own unique skills and upgrade trees. You can collect new champions from shards acquired through quests, clan rewards, and other activities. Legendary and Epic champions are the rarest and most powerful.

Champions belong to certain factions like Banner Lords, High Elves, and Skinwalkers. Forming faction teams gives you bonuses, so building a diverse roster is important.

Leveling and Ranking Up

As you use champions in battle, they gain XP and level up. Leveling up increases stats and strengthens skills. However, the maximum level is only 50.

To break past this cap, you need to rank up your champions using Rank Star ascension. The highest rank is 6 stars. Ranking up requires specific champions and materials but is necessary to unleash a champion’s full potential.

Gear and Artifacts

Outfitting your champions with gear and artifacts found through battles and quests is crucial. Gear comes in weapon, helmet, shield, gloves and chest varieties. Artifacts provide buffs and bonuses.

Managing gear – upgrading, enhancing and swapping – is vital to survive later game challenges. The right gear on the right champion can make all the difference.


Masteries are skill trees unique to each champion that allow you to further enhance their abilities. Investing in certain masteries can tailor champions to specific roles like attack, defense or support.

Masteries are unlocked with scrolls acquired by sacrificing duplicate champions. Choosing masteries strategically is key to maximizing your squad’s capabilities.

Clans and Clan Boss

Joining an active clan allows you to participate in clan vs clan tournaments. It also grants access to the formidable Clan Boss.

The Clan Boss is a regularhigh-level raid that requires multiple champions attacking in sync. Defeating the boss earns you ultra-rare loot. Clans coordinate to optimize damage and share strategies.

Being in an active, organized clan makes a huge impact on progress and enjoyment. Carefully choose one that matches your goals and playstyle.

Campaigns, Dungeons and Keeps

The expansive PvE campaign map offers hours of questing. Optional challenge paths on each stage provide extra rewards. Dungeons like Spider’s Den and Fire Knight’s Castle present new obstacles.

Keeps guarded by elementally-attuned bosses are scattered across the regions. Defeating keeps allows you to craft glyphs for improving gear. Each keep focuses on offense, defense or support glyphs.

With so many PvE activities and options to choose from, there’s always another goal to pursue in RAID even after you finish the main campaign.

Key Features and Modes

Beyond core gameplay, RAID contains a wealth of features and modes that add depth:

The Tavern

The Tavern is your champion management hub. Here you can view your whole roster, upgrade skills and ranks, equip gear and artifacts, and adjust masteries. Useful sorting and filtering options help organize your stable.

Sparring Pit

The Sparring Pit allows you to automatically level up champions over time. Just assign champions you want to passively develop and they’ll gain XP while you play. It’s a handy way to strengthen reserves.

Missions and Advanced Quests

Daily missions provide objectives that reward you with shards, potions, silver and more. Advanced quests offer juicy one-time rewards for completing specific tasks. They serve up long-term goals to strive towards.

Events and Tournaments

RAID constantly offers new events and tourneys with exclusive rewards. Events have you complete certain activities for points that unlock prizes. Tournaments pit players on global and clan leaderboards with the top ranks earning premium loot.

Doom Tower

The formidable Doom Tower is an end-game challenge. This 120-floor gauntlet is filled with punishing bosses that require strategic champion combinations to overcome. Each 10 floors comprise a different difficulty level that gets progressively deadlier.

Tag Team Arena

In this unique PvP mode, you pair up two of your champions into teams of two. Winning advances you through tiers just like classic arena. It’s an exciting variation that adds more strategic depth when building teams.

Hydra Clan Boss

This specialized clan boss unleashes multiple heads that perform different attacks and abilities. Clans must carefully coordinate champion roles and placements to withstand the onslaught. Defeating Hydra yields some of RAID’s most coveted rewards.

Faction Wars

Faction Wars are PvE battles focused on specific factions. You can only use champions from that faction, so building up a diverse roster is key. Each faction defeated unlocks a legendary champion and other special rewards.

Battle Speed Mod (MOD)

Now that we’ve covered the key features and modes, let’s discuss one of the most popular RAID mods – the battle speed mod.

This mod does exactly what it sounds like – it speeds up the animations during combat, allowing you to finish battles much faster. By eliminating slow animations, it greatly reduces the time you spend grinding.

Here are some of the benefits of installing the battle speed mod:

  • Faster farming and dungeon runs
  • Quicker clan boss and arena battles
  • Less time spent grinding masteries and mino runs
  • Easier completion of events and tournaments
  • Overall faster progression through the game

The mod achieves faster speeds by essentially “skipping” animations – champion skills fire off rapidly but you lose the visual flair. So while you don’t really see your champions in action, battles finish 2-4x quicker.

Many players consider this mod essential once you hit mid or end game. The animations simply become too time-consuming given the thousands of battles required to progress. Being able to blaze through stages and dungeons makes the game much more enjoyable and less of a grind.

However, keep in mind the battle speed mod is considered cheating by Plarium, the developers. Using it could potentially get your account banned. While the risk seems low, it’s worth keeping in mind.

RAID: Shadow Legends Tips and Tricks

Here are some key tips and tricks to excel at RAID: Shadow Legends:

  • Use shards wisely – Save ancient and void shards for 2x events to maximize your chances at legendaries. Don’t blow resources chasing the hot new epic – RNG is rarely in your favor!
  • Join a clan ASAP – Find an active, friendly clan that will help you progress. The benefits are too good to ignore.
  • Upgrade your gem mine – Investing extra silver in the gem mine early pays off long-term with a steady gem income.
  • Focus on campaign farmers first – Champions like Kael with AOE attacks can quickly clear campaign stages for leveling.
  • Build a clan boss team – Clan boss rewards are so valuable that building a decent CB team should be a priority.
  • Balance teams for factions – Don’t stack one faction too heavily – aim for diversity to cover all your bases.
  • Master Minotaur – Unlocking masteries makes a huge difference. Grind Minotaur when you need scrolls.
  • Farm Warmaiden – This Epic provides crucial decrease defense AOE for early-mid game. Farm her stage if needed!
  • Upgrade artifacts too – Don’t neglect levelling artifacts alongside champions. They provide major stat boosts.

Closing Thoughts on RAID: Shadow Legends

With visually stunning graphics, hundreds of champions to collect, and constantly expanding PvE and PvP content, it’s easy to see why RAID: Shadow Legends has become such a hit. The depth of gameplay mechanics, diverse modes and activities, and steady updates from Plarium entices both casual and hardcore gamers.

Installing mods like the battle speed mod allow veterans to cut down grind time and progress faster. While RAID does involve some grinding, the fun combat and engaging clan features make the journey enjoyable. For fans of mobile RPGs, RAID should absolutely be on your radar.

Hopefully this guide gave you a good overview of RAID’s core gameplay and features. Now grab your best champions and get raiding! Let us know your thoughts and tips for RAID: Shadow Legends in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RAID: Shadow Legends really free to play?

Yes, RAID is completely free to download and play. There are in-app purchases to speed up progress, but they are not required to enjoy the game.

What device specs are recommended to play properly?

RAID can run on most modern devices. For best performance, Plarium recommends devices with at least 2GB of RAM and Android 5.0 or higher. The more powerful your device, the better it can handle RAID’s awesome graphics.

Is there a clan or guild system?

Yes, joining an active clan is one of the most important things you can do. Clans provide rewards, clan boss access, advice from veterans, and more. Pick one that suits your playstyle.

Is RAID pay to win?

While in-app purchases can accelerate progress, the right F2P strategies and grinding will get you far. Whales have advantages, but skilled F2P players can also compete at the highest tiers of arena and events.

How long does it take to unlock all the content?

Unlocking all 15 regions and beating Doom Tower will take months for casual players, and years for F2P players. But progression stays fun and exciting throughout thanks to diverse gameplay modes and new content updates.

Is there an auto-battle feature?

Yes, RAID allows you to auto-battle through stages you have cleared manually first. This automates grinding, making it less tedious. But manual control is often needed for tough bosses.

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