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Who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush of driving a fast car? Real car driving games capture that excitement and let you experience insane speeds from the comfort of your couch. Forget about rules, speed limits and common sense – in these games you can drive like a maniac and pull off stunts that would make professional racers jealous.

Choose Your Ride

The first big decision in any real car driving game is picking your wheels. You’ll have tons of options from souped-up street racers to luxurious supercars:

  • Street Racers – Lightweight and speedy, these modified coupes and sedans are built for illegal nighttime races. They look awesome with colorful paint jobs and body kits.
  • Muscle Cars – Classic American metal with tons of horsepower under the hood. These retro rides have attitude and the straight-line speed to outrun cops.
  • Supercars – Sleek, exotic machines made by legendary brands like FerrariLamborghini and McLaren. They cost more than a house but can hit 60 mph in under 3 seconds!

Each ride handles differently so test drive a few to find one that matches your driving style. And don’t forget to upgrade components like the engine, turbo and nitrous injection to increase speed and acceleration even more!

Explore Open Worlds

The best real driving games feature massive open worlds for you to explore. Instead of circling the same boring tracks, you can cruise through photorealistic cities, scenic coastal roads and epic mountain passes.

Some of the most breathtaking open worlds include:

  • Los Angeles – This sunny metropolis has it all from congested highways to Mulholland Drive with its sweeping views. Recreate thrilling cop chases from famous movies.
  • Tokyo, Japan – Neon-drenched streets full of twists, turns and hills. Drive at night to see the vibrant city come alive.
  • French Riviera – Exotic seasides and glamorous towns. Take in the views as you race luxury cars along cliffside roads.
  • Scottish Highlands – Rugged mountains, misty lochs and open meadows. Push supercars to insane speeds on the long straightaways.

No matter where you drive, expect lots of ramps, jumps and destructible objects to crash into for added mayhem!

Game Modes

What kind of driving experience are you looking for today? Real car games offer a variety of game play modes including:

Story Mode

You play as an amateur racer taking part in an illegal street racing league. Work your way up from lowly newbie to underground legend! The story is told through cinematic cutscenes. Some games let you make dialogue choices that impact the narrative.

Career Mode

Build a professional racing empire! Start an official team, earn sponsorships from big brands, hire drivers and mechanics. Buy multiple garages to store your growing fleet. Balance your books to turn a profit while winning championships against rival teams.

Free Ride

Just drive around and explore without any races, competitions or storylines. This relaxed game mode lets you chill and enjoy the scenery. Find hidden items, stunt jumps and scenic photo spots. See if you can find that perfect stretch of road to test a car’s top speed.


Compete against real people online! Street race rivals in fast-paced point-to-point sprints or try coordinated team driving challenges. Chat to other players with headset mics while swapping paint. Some games have local split-screen multiplayer so you can race friends on the same couch.

Realistic Driving Physics

Unlike arcade-style racers, real driving games aim to simulate the experience of speeding a multi-thousand pound machine over varied terrain with precise control. You can’t just mash the gas and brake pedals without consequence. These games recreate complex physics concepts like weight transfer, slip angles and tire deformation. With time and practice, you can master advanced techniques:

  • Drifting – Intentionally oversteer the car through high speed turns. The tires lose grip as you balance throttle and steering inputs to hold beautiful long drifts. Leave smoking rubber on the pavement!
  • Drafting – Tailgate the bumper of the car ahead on straightaways. You’ll gain speed from their slipstream allowing you to slingshot pass them.
  • Heel-Toe Shifting – Special manual transmission downshifting technique. Tap throttle and brake at the same time for smoother deceleration into corners. Preserve momentum.

Of course, crash too often from pushing too far and you’ll have to reset. Careful driving is rewarded so don’t be ashamed to ease off the gas when losing control. Surviving to race another day is winning!

Customization & Upgrades

The best part of any racing game is customizing your car to stand out. Real driving games give you tons of options to make your wheels one-of-a-kind including:

Visual Upgrades

  • Paint colors, finishes and liveries
  • Body kits – new front/rear bumpers, wide fender flares
  • Interior – racing seats, roll cage, gauges
  • Rims – choose size, design and colors
  • Window tints, decals and numbering

Performance Upgrades

  • Engine – boring, stroking, camshafts, ECU tuning
  • Drivetrain – gear ratios, limited slip differentials
  • Suspension – ride height, shocks, anti-roll bars
  • Brakes – cross-drilled rotors, multi-piston calipers
  • Nitrous oxide injection system

Start with a basic economy car then transform it over time into a corner-carving monster!

Chasing High Scores

Real driving games track all kinds of stats to quantify your performance. Look to beat personal best lap times or highest speed records. Compare standings on global leaderboards against millions of players. True masters aim for 100% completion by aceing every race, finding every collectible and purchasing every car. Show you’ve got the skills to pay the bills!


What hardware do I need to play?

Most new real driving games require reasonably modern gaming hardware:
Console: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X
PC: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290 video card equivalent. Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM
Mobile: iPhone 6S or newer Android phones with Adreno 530 GPU
Controllers, wheels or tilting are preferred over touch or keyboard controls.

Do I need an internet connection?

Singleplayer modes can be enjoyed offline but you’ll need an internet connection for online multiplayer features and leaderboards.

Are manual transmissions supported?

Yes! Many real driving games let you shift gears manually for extra control. This allows techniques like heel-toe downshifting before corners. Assistance options like auto-clutch help ease the learning curve.

Can I play in first-person view?

Some games offer both third and first-person camera modes. First-person heightens the simulation but has a narrower field of view. Third-person provides better spatial awareness to judge car positioning. Try both!

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