Royal Match Premium APK (Mod, Unlimited Boosters/Stars/Coins)

With the Royal Match Premium Apk, players can gain access to unlimited boosters, stars, and coins, allowing for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
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March 9, 2023
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Join the royal court for some puzzle matching fun with Royal Match! This colorful match-3 game immerses you in regal adventures across majestic kingdoms. With unlimited boosters, stars, and coins thanks to the mod, you can restore these realms to their former glory.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything Royal Match has to offer, from magical gameplay to larger-than-life MOD features. Get your royal robes on and prepare to restore order to these fairytale lands!

Gameplay Overview

The core Royal Match gameplay has you swapping and matching royal gems on a gridded board to earn points and complete objectives. Here’s an overview:

  • Match 3 or more gems of the same type to clear them from the board.
  • Earn points for every match and combo you create.
  • Clear indicated objective gems to pass each level.
  • Special gem pieces have unique effects when matched.
  • Restore each kingdom by progressing through increasingly difficult match puzzles.
  • Time limits on each level add challenge and excitement.
  • Power-up boosters provide aid when puzzles get tricky.

With easy pick-up-and-play mechanics, Royal Match is fun and accessible while still offering a surprising amount of depth. Creating huge combinations takes strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and a little luck!

Magic Kingdom Settings

The royal motif isn’t just window dressing – each kingdom in Royal Match has a visually distinct look and magical twist:

Rose Kingdom

  • Vibrant red roses color every backdrop.
  • Home of the Red Queen and her floral magic.

Moon Kingdom

  • Glowing celestial realm bathed in moonlight.
  • Ruled by the mysterious Moon Goddess.

Clockwork Kingdom

  • Land of perpetual ticking and turning gears.
  • Run by an intricate network of clockwork.

Candy Kingdom

  • Where everything is made of sugary sweets.
  • Controlled by the whimsical Candy Prince.

Sun Kingdom

  • A desert oasis blessed under constant sunlight.
  • The Sun Priestess protects this ancient kingdom.

Star Kingdom

  • Floating among the spectacular night sky.
  • Watchful home to the powerful Star Sorceress.

Each fantastical setting brings new visual charm and unique gameplay elements into the mix.

Special Match Gems

In addition to standard colored gems, Royal Match includes special types that provide bonuses and power-ups when matched:

Objective Gems

  • Must be cleared to pass the level.
  • Come in level-specific shapes like crowns, stars, and more.

Rainbow Gems

  • Clear nearby gems of the same color when matched.

Bomb Gems

  • Clear all adjacent gems when matched.

Gift Gems

  • Provide bonus stars, coins, and XP when matched.

Ice Gems

  • Freeze gems in place temporarily.

Chest Gems

  • Reveal prizes like coins, boosters, or extra time.

Learning when and where best to utilize these special gem effects adds extra depth to the matching gameplay.

Powerful Power-Ups

If those tricky puzzle boards have you stumped, power-up boosters come to the rescue! Here are the boosters available:

Lightning Bolt

  • Zaps and clears a column of gems.


  • Incinerates and removes a section of the board.

Magic Wand

  • Transforms up to 6 gems into matching colors.

Royal Hammer

  • Smashes a cluster of gems off the board entirely.

Extra Time

  • Adds precious seconds to the timer.

With boosters on your side, those challenging levels don’t stand a chance!

Compelling Game Modes

Royal Match provides different ways to enjoy its regal match-3 action:

Adventure Story Mode

  • Travel across 6 storybook kingdoms saving realms from ruin.

Relaxing Zen Mode

  • Enjoy endless, stress-free matching gameplay.

Brain-Teasing Challenge Mode

  • Put your skills to the test in 100+ challenging levels.

Quick Play Mode

  • Rapid fire through match-3 levels at breakneck speed.


  • Compete against others worldwide on special event leaderboards.

No matter how you wish to play, Royal Match has a game mode perfect for your mood. Now let’s discuss the unlimited resources mod!

Royal Match MOD Features

The Royal Match mod includes:

  • Unlimited boosters
  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited coins

Let’s look at each of these awesome benefits:

Unlimited Boosters

  • Never run out of fireballs, lightning bolts, and other power-ups!
  • Blast through even the toughest levels with ease.
  • Activate boosters as much as you want.

Unlimited Stars

  • Keep playing levels without worrying about energy limits.
  • Progression through the game at your own pace.
  • Remove waiting for natural refills.

Unlimited Coins

  • Buy any items in the store without going broke!
  • Purchase continues and upgrades at will.
  • No more grinding for coins.

With the mod installed, you have endless royal riches allowing you to enjoy Royal Match to the fullest. No more paywalls or timeouts!

Tips and Strategies

Here are helpful tips and tricks for matching your way to success:

  • Plan power-up combos carefully – Coordinate boosters for maximum board clearing.
  • Focus on required gems first – Clear objectives as soon as possible.
  • Aim for cascades – Set up chain reactions for huge combos.
  • Utilize special gems – Match them at the right time for optimal benefits.
  • Be flexible – Adjust plans as needed when new pieces appear.
  • Take breaks – Step back rather than get frustrated if stumped.
  • Spin gems before using boosters – Maximize their area of effect for better clearing.
  • Create space – Open up the board if it gets too crowded.

Following these tips will transform you into a royal match-3 master in no time! Just remember to have fun.

Royal Match Review

Addictive Match-3 Gameplay

Its match-3 foundation is polished to perfection. Making matches and combos is super satisfying.

Enchanting Magic Kingdoms

From the Candy Kingdom to Moon Kingdom, every realm has memorable storybook charm.

Special Gem Strategies

Bomb, rainbow, and objective gems add extra variety and challenge.

Fun Booster Effects

Lightning bolts and magic wands make busting through tricky puzzles a blast.

Entertaining Game Modes

Everything from zen relaxation to intense tournaments accommodates all playstyles.

Removes All Limits

Unlimited boosters, coins, and stars let you enjoy match-3 magic without hindrances.

Royal Match combines a highly addictive puzzle loop with gorgeous fantasy theming for a royal good time. Our MOD elevates it further by providing endless resources. If you’re seeking the definitive match-3 experience, going Royal is a decision you won’t regret!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a storyline or ending?

Yes, Adventure mode features light storytelling as you progress through the different magic kingdoms.

Do the levels get more difficult over time?

As you advance, puzzles gradually increase in complexity with larger boards, more obstacles, and tighter time limits.

Is the Royal Match mod safe to download?

Absolutely, we provide 100% clean mods without any viruses, malware, or unnecessary permissions. Install with confidence!

Enter a world of match-3 magic, epic storytelling, and unlimited resources with Royal Match. It offers hours upon hours of addictive puzzling fun suitable for all ages. Download the unlimited boosters, stars, and coins mod and join the royal court today!

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