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By using the Space shooter Mod Apk of the game, you can unlock powerful spaceships and upgrade your weapons and equipment.
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Aug 19, 2023
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Space shooter – Galaxy attack is an exciting sci-fi space shooter game that provides an immersive gaming experience on mobile. This action-packed game lets you take control of advanced spaceships and fight against endless waves of alien forces in a massive galaxy. With its stunning visuals, thrilling space battles, and easy-to-learn controls, Galaxy attack has become hugely popular among mobile gamers.

In this article, we will explore the gameplay, features, and mods of Galaxy attack to help you get the most out of this engrossing mobile game. Whether you are a beginner looking to dive into the world of space shooters or a veteran gamer seeking tips and tricks, this guide has all the information you need about Galaxy attack. So let’s launch into hyperspace and begin our intergalactic journey!

Overview of Gameplay

Galaxy attack offers classic side-scrolling shooter action as you pilot your spaceship across sprawling levels battling menacing enemies. The game boasts 150 action-packed levels spread across 8 unique worlds, each with varied environments and hazards.

Your objective in each level is to shoot down waves of enemies while surviving collisions and attacks. You need to tactically dodge and maneuver around obstacles while unleashing barrages of bullets and missiles at your foes. The hordes of enemies get tougher with relentless assaults and suicide bombers as you progress through levels.

Defeating enemies earns you coins and gems which are the in-game currencies. These let you upgrade your spacecraft with stronger hull armor, extra weaponry, and bonuses like shields and magnets. More powerful spaceships with enhanced stats are crucial for completing the challenging final levels.

Boss fights punctuate the end of certain levels, pitting you against massive battlecruisers and motherships. These require skill and strategy to emerge victorious. Completing levels and optional objectives like destroying all enemies unlocks medals which act as bragging rights for your profile.

With its simple one-touch controls, Galaxy attack lets you easily glide your ship around while firing an unlimited supply of bullets. You can activate screen-clearing bombs during intense firefights. The game really shines on large smartphone screens where you can fully appreciate the gorgeous 3D visuals and sound effects.

Key Features

Here are some of the major features that make Galaxy attack an addictive and enjoyable mobile game:

Thrilling Space Combat

  • Intense side-scrolling shooter gameplay with non-stop action against alien forces. Dodge, shoot and bomb your way through enemy waves.

150 Action-Packed Levels

  • 8 unique worlds with varied backdrops like gas giants, asteroid fields, and supernovas. Test your skills across 150 levels of escalating difficulty.

Upgradeable Spaceships

  • Collect coins and gems to buy new spacecrafts and upgrade components like hull, weapons, and power. Customize your ship for maximum firepower.

Epic Boss Battles

  • Massive boss spaceships require special strategies to defeat. Study attack patterns to emerge victorious from these intense battles.

Simple Controls

  • One-touch controls to swipe and glide your ship fluidly while continuously firing bullets at enemies. Tap the screen for bombs.

Beautiful 3D Visuals

  • Stunning graphics and effects immerse you in the galaxy. Watch beautiful backgrounds like nebulae and planets whiz by.

Online Leaderboards

  • Compete with players globally through online rankings and medal systems. Prove your skill by topping the leaderboards.

With these engrossing features, Galaxy attack offers a complete space shooter experience right on your mobile device.

Tips and Strategies

Mastering Galaxy attack requires lightning reflexes, tactical thinking, and some essential tips and strategies. Here are a few ways to improve your game and get higher scores:

  • Upgrade weapons first – Prioritize spending coins on weapon upgrades like rate of fire and damage. This amplifies your damage per second against enemies.
  • Learn enemy patterns – Study how different alien ships attack so you can anticipate movements and dodge more effectively. Look for openings to counterattack.
  • Utilize ship abilities – Activate magnet and shield power-ups at the right moment to turn the tide during intense sections. Use cloaking to speed past tricky formations.
  • Destroy support ships first – Pick off healer and turret ships early so you minimize firepower against you. Leave bigger ships for later.
  • Always be moving – Don’t stay still for long durations. Continuously strafe left and right to avoid concentrated enemy fire.
  • Find the optimal firing angle – Position your ship at angles that allow maximum bullets to hit targets. Sometimes shooting diagonally works better.
  • Master bomb timing – Use bombs against large swarms or stationary bosses. Refill bombs by collecting blue tokens enemies drop.

Proper use of these tips will help you maneuver masterfully, shoot accurately, and stay alive longer!

MOD Features (Unlimited Diamonds)

The regular version of Galaxy attack lets you earn diamonds by completing achievements and levels. But the game also offers diamond packs for purchase to instantly gain this premium currency.

The MOD version provides unlimited diamonds so you can fully upgrade your spacecraft from the start. This amplifies damage and makes completing levels easier. Here are the benefits you gain with the Galaxy attack MOD:

Unlimited Diamonds

  • Max out upgrades immediately without the need to grind levels. Save time by unlocking all gear.

Customize Spaceships

  • Buy premium skins, decals, trails, and decorations for your ship using unlimited diamonds.

No Need to Pay

  • Get all diamond-locked items without paying real money. Enjoy the full game experience.

Faster Progression

  • Breeze through levels with the best gear unlocked from the beginning. Experience the full story quicker.

Improved Damage

  • Upgrade weapons to insane levels right away. Obliterate enemies with amplified firepower.

So if you want all the perks offered by diamonds without having to earn them slowly, get the Galaxy attack MOD for a major advantage. It lets you unlock the full potential of your spacecraft from the get-go.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Galaxy Attack

Is Galaxy attack free to play?

Yes, Galaxy attack is free to download and play on Android and iOS devices. There are in-app purchases available for coins, gems, and other perks but these are optional.

Can I play Galaxy attack on PC?

Officially Galaxy attack is only available on mobile platforms. But you can use Android emulators for PC like BlueStacks to play Galaxy attack on a desktop computer.

Does it require an internet connection?

You need an internet connection for features like leaderboards, achievements and cloud save. But you can play the main game offline once downloaded.

So blast off into excitement with Galaxy attack today! This epic space shooter offers addictive gameplay with great depth. Unlock an arsenal of deadly weapons as you battle relentless alien armadas. With brilliant visuals and simple controls, now you can experience heart-pounding space combat right on your phone or tablet. The unlimited diamonds MOD lets you max out your ship immediately for space superiority. Buckle up and embrace the thrill of this top-rated mobile game. Your intergalactic adventure awaits!


In closing, Galaxy attack delivers a stellar space shooter experience on mobile with its frantic arcade-style combat across gorgeous levels. Upgrading your ship with coins and gems provides that essential sense of progression. The unlimited diamonds mod removes grinding, letting you access the most powerful gear right away. With its tactically challenging gameplay and modern graphics, Galaxy attack is a must-play title for fans of the genre. So embark on an exhilarating journey across the cosmos and beyond with this smash-hit mobile game. Happy shooting!

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By using the Space shooter Mod Apk of the game, you can unlock powerful spaceships and upgrade your weapons and equipment.

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