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This Stick War 3 Premium APK provides players with some significant benefits, including unlimited money and free soldiers.
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Stick War 3 is the latest installment in the popular Stick War real-time strategy video game series. This exciting new game builds upon the gameplay of previous titles while introducing a range of new features, units, and modes for players to master. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what you can expect from Stick War 3’s addictive gameplay and the benefits of using the unlimited money and free soldiers MOD.

An Introduction to the Stick War Series

The Stick War series first launched back in 2009 with the release of the original browser-based Stick War. This simple yet engaging online game became an instant hit among RTS fans thanks to its straightforward controls and challenging multiplayer battles. Players controlled an army of stickmen as they gathered resources, built bases, trained units, and waged war against one another or computer-controlled enemies.

The second installment, Stick War 2, arrived in 2011 with improved visuals, new unit types, and additional features like multiple save slots and leaderboards. This sequel expanded the scope of the series while retaining the classic Stick War gameplay. Now, over a decade after the franchise debuted, Stick War 3 takes the series into the future with its biggest and most fully-featured outing yet on mobile and desktop platforms.

Core Stick War 3 Gameplay Mechanics

Like its predecessors, Stick War 3 utilizes familiar real-time strategy gameplay mechanics. Players start each match by establishing a home base and gathering gold from mines to spend on recruiting troops and researching technologies. Two resources are used for recruiting units: gold and mana. Gold is collected automatically from mines at a steady rate, while mana regenerates slowly over time up to a maximum limit.

You’ll need to train a balanced mix of infantry, ranged, and siege units using your resources. Know when to build up your economy and when to build an attacking force. Your army must then meet and defeat the enemies’ forces in battle to ultimately destroy their statue and win. Positioning and the right unit composition are key to winning fights.

Stick War 3 introduces new trainable flying units as well that can pass over ground obstacles. Spells can now be used too if you have enough mana, allowing you to damage enemies or support your own troops. Overall, matches involve a fun blend of base building, economic management, and tactical combat.

New Units, Stats, and Training Options

Stick War 3 features familiar returning units like the swordsman and archer, along with new additions like the mage, giant, and dragon. Every unit type now has expanded stats for aspects like health, speed, damage, and more. Up to 4 units can be queued for training at a time from each barracks too.

Some other new training options and mechanics include:

  • Item equip: Specific items can be equipped to individual units to boost their stats.
  • Unit abilities: Special activated abilities that unlock at higher ranks.
  • Training infusion: Infuse units with elemental properties by training them at infused barracks.
  • Alternate units: Upgraded buildings allow recruiting alternate unit types.
  • Unit medics: Heal your troops in combat by having them stand near medic huts.

There’s a lot more customization around how you build and empower your army compared to previous Stick War titles. You’ll want to leverage these new training mechanics to tailor your forces to your playstyle and each match’s conditions.

New Map Types and Victory Conditions

While classic head-to-head matches are still the bread and butter, Stick War 3 adds some welcome map variability into the mix. Maps now feature different terrain types, obstacles, and gold/mana mine configurations for you to account for in your strategies. Some maps even have secondary objectives like capturing neutral buildings for bonuses.

In terms of victory conditions, destroying the enemy’s statue remains the default. However, other winning conditions like destroying all enemy archer units or surviving for a set timer have been mixed in as well to shake things up. This adds replayability and prevents things from getting repetitive.

Exciting New Single Player Modes

A major addition in Stick War 3 is a robust single player component, making this the most content-rich entry in the series yet. Two new modes have been introduced:

Campaign Mode:

  • Multi-level story campaign spread across different maps
  • Gradually face tougher opponents
  • Unlock and upgrade units as you progress
  • Boss battles!

Challenge Mode:

  • Pre-designed challenge scenarios
  • Specific victory conditions to meet
  • Leaderboards for competing against others
  • Earn points to unlock rewards

These new PvE modes provide hours of solo gameplay value on top of the classic PvP matches against other players. They’re great for learning the game’s nuances before taking your skills online.

What the MOD Adds to the Experience

While the base Stick War 3 experience is already solid, the unlimited money and free soldiers MOD takes it to another level. Here are some of the key benefits you’ll get with the MOD enabled:

  • Unlimited resources: No need to worry about gold/mana generation ever again! Recruit troops and research technologies as much as you want.
  • Free Reinforcements: Your fallen units will respawn automatically over time. Keep the pressure up without losses.
  • Faster training: Unit training time is reduced, so you can amass your army faster.
  • Increased building slots: Build more structures in your base and advance quicker.
  • Boss skip: Optional to skip over story mode boss battles if you want.
  • Max item crafting: Items have their crafting fee removed for free maximum upgrades.

With infinite resources and rapid recruiting, you can fully focus on strategy and mastering all the units. The replayability skyrockets when you no longer have to grind for gold/mana. The MOD makes experimenting fun and allows tackling challenging late game content sooner.

Tips for New Players

If you’re new to Stick War 3, here are some helpful tips to get you started on the path to commanding your forces to victory:

  • Scout and adapt – Send initial units to scout the map and identify the enemy’s location and composition. You can then respond with a counter unit mix.
  • Use hotkeys – Learn the unit and building hotkeys to train troops and erect structures more efficiently.
  • Prioritize economy – Focus first on building up your gold/mana income by mining resources before amassing a huge army.
  • Spend smartly – Be thoughtful about which units and tech you invest your resources into for the situation.
  • Control positions – Use melee units to block chokepoints and exploit terrain advantages in combat.
  • Protect ranged units – Keep fragile archers and mages behind tanks and ramparts so they can fire safely.
  • Use spells – Take advantage of spells at the right moments to swing battles in your favor.
  • Attack in waves – Coordinate sending fresh units from your base as existing ones weaken to maintain pressure.

Stick to these guidelines when starting out and you’ll be commanding pro-level forces in no time. Soon you’ll be the one handing out strategies instead of receiving them!

An Engaging Mobile and Desktop Experience

Part of what makes Stick War 3 so enjoyable is that it translates well onto multiple platforms. The intuitive controls and simple yet attractive visuals make for an ideal mobile experience. It’s perfect for quick battles on the go against friends or strangers. Yet it also scales up nicely to desktop and laptop screens for those who prefer commanding their armies from PCs with full mouse and keyboard controls.

No matter your platform of choice, you’re sure to find the same addictive Stick War action running smoothly. Cross-platform multiplayer support further unites the user base into one big competitive community. With long-time fans and newcomers alike active on mobile and desktop devices, finding matches in any mode won’t be a problem.

Join the Battle and Lead Your Forces to Victory!

Stick War 3 evolves the classic strategic gameplay the series is known for in exciting ways. New units, training mechanics, game modes, maps, and more headline the changes players can look forward to along with the familiar compulsive combat. And experiencing all this content unlocked right from the start with unlimited resources thanks to the MOD takes things to another level.

If you crave intense real-time strategy showdowns, Stick War 3 looks to be a must-play. Gather your forces, craft devious strategies, and join the fray to emerge victorious! The battlefield awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stick War 3?

Stick War 3 is the latest installment in the popular Stick War video game series. It builds upon the classic real-time strategy gameplay of recruiting units, managing resources, and leading your army to defeat opponents in tactical battles.

How is Stick War 3 different from previous games?

Stick War 3 introduces many new features like flying units, spells, customizable troops, and expanded maps and game modes. There is also a full single player campaign available now in addition to online PvP matches.

Do I need to play previous Stick War games to understand Stick War 3?

No, Stick War 3 stands entirely on its own. While fans of the first two games will recognize callbacks, no prior Stick War experience is needed to pick up and enjoy Stick War 3 as a newcomer.

How does the unlimited money and soldiers MOD work?

The MOD provides all purchasable items, maximum resources, quicker training, unlimited unit revives, and more right from the start. This lets you enjoy building huge armies and progress faster without delays.

Is Stick War 3 online multiplayer only or is there a single player mode?

Stick War 3 offers a full campaign mode and challenge scenarios that can be played solo against AI opponents, in addition to real-time online PvP matches.

What are some useful strategies for winning more matches?

Some top strategies include scouting your opponent, countering their forces with the right units, controlling map chokepoints, protecting ranged fighters, leveraging spells, and attacking in coordinated waves.

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