Subway Surfers APK (MOD, Mega Menu, Unlimited Everything)

Subway Surfers Premium APK allows you to access Mod Menu. So with this mod you can have Unlimited Coins, Stars and Everything.
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Dash through subway trains, busy traffic, and lush temples to escape the grumpy Inspector and his dog in Subway Surfers! This wildly popular mobile game sets you loose to freelance your way through endless procedurally generated subway tracks teeming with obstacles and collectible coins. Perfect razor sharp reflexes by slide tackling under trains, grinding train rails, and performing backflips over barriers in this adrenaline-fueled infinite runner.

This guide will cover core gameplay, powerups, customization unlocks, tips for high scores, and the game’s vibrant locations. We’ll also look at how the mega mod menu in the modded version can grant everything unlimited with crazy benefits like super speed and one hit kills. Let the surfing commence!

Overview of Gameplay

Subway Surfers distills infinite running to its essence. Here are the key elements:

  • 🏃‍♂️Swipe Controls – Dodge obstacles by swiping up, down, left, and right to maneuver your surfer.
  • 🚊Subway Tracks – Run and surf through procedurally generated subway lines with shifting routes.
  • 👮‍♂️The Inspector – Flee from the surly Inspector and his dog determined to catch lawbreaking surfers.
  • 💰Coins – Collect flying coins along the tracks to earn high scores.
  • ⚡Powerups – Gather jetpacks, magnets, multipliers, super sneakers and more to aid your escape.
  • 🛤Grinding – Perform stunts grinding along metro rails to chain big combos.

The simple swipe running mechanics combined with collectible grabs and close shaves with trains makes for addictive skill-based survival. Now let’s take a closer look at gameplay elements and strategies.

Gameplay Elements and Techniques

Mastering Subway Surfers takes lightning reflexes and knowledge of key gameplay elements:


Trains, tunnels, track switches, barriers and more – split second dodging is key!


All kinds of prizes like standard coins, pinatas, secret coins and more to grab.


Boosters like Magnet, Multiplier, Jetpack, Super Sneakers and Headstarts to aid you.


Ride grindable objects like rails to chain big combos for major points.


Keep grabbing coins and grinding continuously without crashes to build combo multipliers.


Unlock and upgrade characters with unique playstyles and upgraded abilities.


Switch to hoverboards that float over ground obstacles for easier dodging.


Complete timed missions like specific grinds or collecting items to earn prizes.

Master these skills, and you’ll be surfing the subways endlessly!

Tips for High Scores

Use these pro tips to achieve those record-breaking high scores:

  • Maintain combos as long as possible by continuously grinding and grabbing.
  • Prioritize coins and powerups over fancy moves at higher combos. Don’t risk crashing!
  • Activate Powerups at key moments when train dodging gets dense.
  • Learn the subway line patterns to anticipate upcoming obstacles and danger zones.
  • Target secret coin stashes that appear at certain points in the track.
  • Upgrade your multiplier boosts early to build combos faster.
  • Equip stat-boosting outfits and hoverboards.
  • Complete quick missions to earn handy upgrades and keys.

Stay focused, react quickly, and victory will be assured! Now let’s take a worldwide tour of Subway Surfers’ colorful locations.

Subway Surfers Locations

Subway Surfers takes you on a whirlwind global tour of iconic locations, each with their own unique flair:


The bright sunny original location with sweeping harbor views.


Historic ruins and aqueducts around the Colosseum. Watch out for chariots!


Vibrant cityscapes with billboards, neon signs and bullet trains.


Sunny waterfront run along Ocean Drive’s iconic art deco buildings.

New York

Iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and more.


Tropical run through beaches, palm trees and volcanic jungle.


Festive decorations and Day of the Dead themes.


Old-world charm running through village squares and castles.

Rio de Janeiro

Dash through colorful favelas and lively Samba carnivals.


Safari dash across grasslands with giraffes, elephants and more.

With so many cultures and sights to experience, the environments never get stale!

Customization Options

Make your surfer stand out with unlockable customizations:


  • Play as unique characters like Jake, Lucy, King, and more.
  • Level up characters to upgrade speed, powerups and coin bonuses.


  • Stylish rideable hoverboards with speed boosting stats.
  • Themed boards like soccer, unicorns, candy, and more wacky designs.


  • Fresh threads from track jackets to cosplay costumes.
  • Outfits boosting speed, multiplier growth, and other benefits.


  • Swag like hats, glasses, and headphones.
  • Pride flags and other flair.


  • Visual trails following your surfer like electricity or rainbows.

With so many rad options, you can craft a truly unique surfer silhouette. Now let’s discuss the mega mod menu’s benefits.

Mega Mod Menu Benefits

The mega mod menu allows manipulating the core game in crazy ways:

Unlimited Keys & Coins

  • Limitless keys to open any character, hoverboard or customization
  • Max out coins to afford endless upgrades and stat boosts

God Mode

  • Surfer becomes invulnerable to all crashes and obstacles
  • Never lose your hard-earned combo multiplier

100x Game Speed

  • Makes the game move insanely fast
  • For an extreme challenge dodging at insane speeds

One Hit Kill

  • Eliminate the Inspector with just one tap for insta-victory

Super Jump

  • Tap to leap sky-high over any oncoming trains or barriers

No Ban

  • Undetectable god mode, speed, and other benefits
  • Use openly without risking account flags

The mega menu lets you bend Subway Surfers to your wildest desires!

Tips for Using the Mega Mod

Here are some tips for dominating Subway Surfers using the mega mod:

  • Activate no ban before using other mods to be untraceable
  • Use speed hacks in small bursts – too fast becomes unplayable
  • Toggle god mode when going for ultra long high score runs
  • Spam jump to effortlessly leap atop train cars
  • Try unusual character and hoverboard combinations using unlimited keys
  • Attempt runs on new locations you haven’t unlocked yet
  • Stream with silly super speed modes to entertain viewers
  • Compete against friends using crazy game mods!

Just be careful not to overdo it and crash your game. Moderation is key!

Final Tips for Surfing Success

Here are some last tips before hitting the subways:

  • Prioritize daily and special missions for quick rewards.
  • Watch video bonuses and ad offers for freebies.
  • Stay persistent through harsh runs – consistency pays off.
  • Take breaks to avoid burning out and tilting.
  • Avoid tunnel vision – regularly assess your overall upgrades.
  • Equip new characters and boards even if stats seem lower at first.
  • Higher combos mean paying extra attention to powerup timing.
  • Remain calm under pressure – anger leads to crucial mistakes!

Stick to these tips and you’ll be shattering personal high scores in no time. The world’s greatest surfer awaits!


We’ve covered the core gameplay, strategies, locations and customizations that make Subway Surfers so wildly fun and addicting across billions of global downloads. To recap:

  • Master swipe dodging, grinding, and powerup use for infinite subway surfing.
  • Stay alert to build massive scoring combos across varied global locations.
  • Outfit unique characters with stylish hoverboards, clothing, accessories and more.
  • The mega mod menu unlocks crazy benefits like god mode and super speed.
  • Expert tips help you play skillfully and optimize high score runs.

So get out there, tap into your inner pro, and ride the subways to worldwide glory. With millions of tracks awaiting, the ultimate run is in your sights. Cowabunga!

Here are Some Common Subway Surfers Questions

Is the mega mod menu online multiplayer safe?

No, only use the offline mega mod. Using it online risks bans for cheating.

Do I lose progress if I delete or reinstall the game?

Unfortunately, yes all local progress is lost if you uninstall. Sync to the cloud first before deleting!

How often does Subway Surfers add new characters and locations?

New characters and locations are added every 1-2 months through in-game updates to keep things fresh.

Can I replay special event locations like Holiday themes?

Once events expire, their associated locations and characters go away until the next holiday. Complete them before they leave!

What happens if I don’t play Subway Surfers for a long time?

Nothing – you can pick back up anytime without losing anything. Just be prepared for tougher high score competition!

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