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With Super Sus Premium Apk you get Mega menu access. This menu contains the features of seeing the location of the impostors or hiding yourself.
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Jan 5, 2024
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Super Sus takes the wildly popular social deduction formula popularized by Among Us and injects it with a burst of chaotic energy! Become a cute cartoon character and try to complete tasks and identify the impostors sabotaging your spaceship – or play as the impostor yourself trying to take out your crewmate friends.

This guide will cover Super Sus’s core gameplay, characters, maps, modes, tasks, customization options and strategy tips. We’ll also look at how the mod menu in the modded APK version lets you go wild with zany powers and hacks. Time to strap in and get ready for some seriously sus action!

Overview of Gameplay

Super Sus distills social deduction multiplayer down to its essence. Here are the key gameplay elements:

  • 👥 Play as Crewmates or Impostors – Before each match, players are randomly assigned roles.
  • 📋 Complete Tasks as a Crewmate – If you’re a crewmate, you must complete all tasks to win.
  • 🤫 Sabotage as the Impostors – Impostors must sabotage and discretely eliminate crewmates.
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Investigate and Report – Find clues and bodies then report details back to crew.
  • 🗳️ Emergency Meetings – Crew can call meetings to share intel and vote to eject impostors.
  • 🤯 Deduce the Impostor – Pay attention to behavior patterns to deduce who is the impostor!
  • 😵 Get Ejected – Mess up and you just might be voted off into the cold vacuum of space!

It’s a raucous gameplay loop filled with laughter, yelling, second-guessing, and memeing on friends. Now let’s meet the suspicious characters you can play as.

Super Sus Character Roster

Super Sus features a cast of 12 wacky characters to choose from.

Characters are fully customizable with skins, hats, accessories and nameplate options. Now let’s look at the spaceship maps where this motley crew does tasks and gets into mischief.

Spaceship Maps

Super Sus currently features 5 maps set in different sections of a spaceship:

The Skeld

The classic map featuring upper and lower engine rooms, cafeteria, admin, shields, weapons, navigation, O2, and more iconic areas.


A research base with laboratory, decontamination, comms, office, vitals monitor, seismic stabilizers, and other areas to tamper with.


A huge luxury airship with engine room, security feeds, showers, laundry, storage, records, gap room, and decoy tasks.


Compact but dangerous HQ map featuring launchpad, lab, reactor, office, comms, specimen, and other key zones.


The newest alien planet map with dropship, launchpad, dorms, contamination, nutrition, greenhouse, and other tasks.

Each map features a different layout and thematic look, but the same sabotage, venture, and deduction fun. Now let’s examine the game modes and victory conditions.

Game Modes and Goals

Super Sus offers great variety across game modes and objectives:

Spaceship Sabotage

  • 4-10 players
  • 1-3 impostors (set by host)
  • Crewmates win by completing all tasks or ejecting all impostors
  • Impostors win by eliminating enough crewmates to equal/exceed remaining crew

Giant Impostor

  • 5-10 players
  • One player is a super-powered giant impostor
  • Crew must complete tasks and defeat the giant to win
  • Giant impostor wins by consuming enough crewmates


  • 5-10 players
  • One impostor who can convert crewmates
  • Normal crewmates must identify impostor to win
  • Impostors win by converting or consuming all crew


  • 5-10 players
  • Map vision range severely reduced
  • Impostors can sabotage lights
  • Crewmates must finish tasks in darkness

Mix up gameplay by selecting different game modes each round! Next up, let’s examine crewmate tasks and impostor sabotage options.

Crewmate Tasks and Impostor Sabotage

Crewmates must complete an array of tasks to win, while impostors have options for subterfuge and sabotage:

Crewmate Tasks

  • Swipe ID cards
  • Chart flight course
  • Prime shields
  • Clean vents
  • Submit scan samples
  • Reset seismic stabilizers
  • Calibrate distributors
  • Decode data
  • Reboot wifi
  • Many more!

Impostor Sabotage

  • Lock doors
  • Disable seismic stabilizers
  • Shut down electrical
  • Disable O2
  • Disable reactor meltdown alarms
  • Disable security cameras
  • Close comms
  • Fake/hide tasks
  • Create diversions
  • Vent through ducts

Juggling tasks as crew while dealing with impostor sabotage makes for tension-filled matches! Now let’s examine gameplay strategies more closely.

Gameplay Strategy Tips

Use these tips to sleuth out impostors as crew and stay sneaky as an impostor:

For Crewmates:

  • Stick together in groups to watch each other’s backs
  • Memorize task locations to avoid acting suspicious
  • Pay attention to others’ location patterns
  • Take mental notes of alibis and reported clues
  • Don’t randomly accuse unless you have evidence
  • Finish tasks quickly to force impostor hands

For Impostors:

  • Sabotage at key moments to split up groups
  • Use vents strategically to pop out of hiding
  • Pretend to do tasks you’re familiar with
  • Physically isolate lone crewmates
  • Frame crewmates by reporting their murders
  • Lie low if suspicion on you gets too high

Apply these tips and your deduction skills will quickly improve. But extra help identifying impostors never hurts! Next we’ll cover cosmetics and pets that can assist.

Customization Options

Super Sus offers tons of cosmetic options to make your character stand out:


  • Dozens of stylish outfits like astronaut, pirate, wizard suits and more
  • Holiday skins for events like Halloween, Christmas
  • Silly skins like banana, hotdog, turtle costumes


  • Space helmets, cowboy hats, propeller beanies
  • Animal heads like tiger, frog, panda
  • Iconic red crewmate cap


  • Adorable mini-crewmate pets that follow you
  • Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards
  • Rare special pets like aliens and butterflies


  • Back items like jetpacks, swords, gas tanks
  • Visor colors, goggles, ties, belts, bandanas


  • Custom movement trails like bubbles, lightning, fire

Pets even assist in identifying impostors, barking if they see something sus! Now let’s look at what the mod menu offers.

Super Sus Mod Menu Benefits

The mod menu unlocks these powerful benefits:

Character Customization

  • All skins, pets, accessories, trails unlocked
  • Mix and match unlimited custom combinations
  • Stand out with premium cosmetics immediately

Hack Visuals

  • See tasks progress bars for all players
  • Track player positions through walls
  • Impostor vision in crewmate mode
  • Menu to instantly complete tasks

Game Alterations

  • Adjust player speed
  • Modify kill cooldown
  • Set emergency meeting cooldown
  • Change voting time
  • Toggle visibility of tasks and roles

Trolling Options

  • Kill animations and effects
  • Spam chat messages
  • Spawn random pets and items
  • Force start with any number of impostors

The mod menu lets you go wild customizing matches for maximum fun and trolling friends!

Pro Tips for Using the Mod Menu

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the Super Sus hack menu:

  • Use visibility hacks subtly to avoid overly frustrating friends
  • Speed up or slow down game speed for chaotic results
  • Customize special pet swarms and cosmetic overlays
  • Mess with settings like voting and kill cooldowns
  • Force start with multiple impostors for imbalanced teams
  • Equip the funniest and most distracting cosmetics
  • Set a custom movement trail to leave in your wake

Unleash your creative inner troll! Just be prepared for some salty friends when you sabotage their perfect run as impostor.

Final Tips for Super Sus Success

Here are some last tips to excel at Super Sus:

  • Study behavior patterns and look for inconsistencies
  • Split tasks efficiently to finish them quickly
  • Watch vitals to discover deaths immediately
  • Check security feeds to confirm alibis
  • When in doubt, just hit the button and call a meeting
  • Stay flexible – plans change as new information appears
  • Don’t be afraid to make bold accusations with evidence
  • And most importantly, have fun trolling each other!

Outsmarting friends through 300 IQ plays feels so satisfying. Just try not to get too tilted when they pull a galaxy brain maneuver on you!


Super Sus takes the social deception genre to chaotic new heights through zany characters, madcap abilities, and advanced sabotage. To recap key points:

  • Master completing tasks as efficient crewmates or stealthy impostor saboteurs
  • Deduce the truth through careful observation, questioning, and investigative skill
  • Explore 5 unique maps set across space ships and alien planets.
  • Unlock tons of custom cosmetics through gameplay and the mod menu
  • Alter matches into complete madness using the mega mod menu’s hacks and options
  • Apply pro strategies for optimum chances of victory and domination

Strap on your space suit, keep an eye out for any sus behavior, and let the laughter, yelling, and finger pointing begin. This is Super Sus!

Here are Answers to Some Common Super Sus Questions

Is there proximity or push-to-talk chat?

No, currently chat is global and always on. There is no way to chat privately or based on proximity.

Can I play Super Sus offline against bots?

Unfortunately no, all matches require an internet connection for multiplayer. No offline bot matches exist.

Do I keep unlocked cosmetics if I uninstall the game?

Normally yes, but cosmetics unlocked via the mod menu may not sync properly after reinstalling. Use mod menu cosmetics carefully.

Can I get banned for using the mod menu online?

Mod menu hacks only work locally offline, not on official online servers, so you cannot be banned. However, proceed at your own risk.

Where can I report cheaters or bugs?

You can report suspected cheaters or bugs via the official Super Sus Discord server. Links can be found in the app’s community tab.

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