Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK (Diamonds, Keys, No Skill CD)

The Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK provides quality of life improvements by removing waits and grinding, allowing you to focus on the core fun of tapping your way deeper and deeper.
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Nov 13, 2023
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Tap Tap Dig 2 is a super addictive and fun incremental clicker game where you tap to dig deeper into the earth, unlock new areas, collect artifacts, and upgrade your gear. With simple but satisfying gameplay, vibrant graphics, and catchy music, it’s easy to lose hours digging as deep as you can go!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Tap Tap Dig 2 including gameplay, tips and tricks, and whether the MOD APK with unlimited coins and gems is worth downloading. Let’s dig in!

Gameplay Overview

When you first load up Tap Tap Dig 2, you’ll see a simple interface with a patch of dirt and a basic shovel. Tap anywhere on the dirt to start digging! Each tap chips away a chunk of dirt, slowly revealing artifacts like gems, fossils, and crystals.

The deeper you dig, the more valuable loot you’ll uncover. Swipe to move between different dirt patches and explore new environments full of surprises.

Digging and Earning Coins

  • As you tap, you’ll earn coins that can be spent on upgrades and new tools
  • Certain milestones will unlock new areas with different environments to dig in
  • Occasionally you’ll come across obstacles like rocks that take multiple taps to clear
  • Watch out for the timer bar at the top – when it empties your dig will end and progress will be saved

Spending Coins on Upgrades

  • Visit the shop anytime to spend coins on picks, explosives, and upgrades
  • Better tools dig faster and let you reach greater depths
  • Upgrade pickaxe power, speed, area, and more to improve earnings
  • Invest coins into research to boost skills permanently
  • Prestige skills can be reset for cumulative bonuses

Unlocking Areas

  • Dig deep enough and you’ll hit unlock thresholds for new areas
  • From grasslands to deserts, volcanoes, ice caves, and beyond
  • Each environment has unique blockers, artifacts, and challenges
  • Progress further by prestiging and collecting meteors to boost stats
  • See how many areas you can unlock as you master digging tactics

The simple tap and earn gameplay provides a satisfying loop of incremental progression. There’s always a new environment to reach, upgrade to buy, or technique to refine for earning more.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips to dig deeper and maximize earnings in Tap Tap Dig 2:

  • Tap rhythmically – Tapping to a steady beat maximizes taps per second for faster digging
  • Prioritize speed – Early on, speed boosts allow faster digging for more coins
  • Watch ads for free powerups – Temporary boosts can help you push past barriers
  • Prestige often – Reset skills with each prestige for big permanent bonuses
  • Collect meteors – Cash in daily meteors to boost earnings over time
  • Buy area warps – Once unlocked, pay to skip areas you’ve already beaten
  • Get idle cash – Close the app and come back later to earnings while away

Learning when to prestige, saving up for key upgrades, and utilizing buffs effectively will help you progress much further.

MOD APK Features and Differences

The Tap Tap Dig 2 MOD APK provides some nice quality of life improvements over the regular mobile version. Here are the key features you’ll get:

Unlimited Coins and Gems

  • No waiting to earn coins for new gear and upgrades
  • Buy any tool, upgrade or warp instantly
  • Gems let you finish crafting or research instantly
  • Focus only on the fun digging progression

No Skill Cooldowns

  • Use skills as much as you want without timers
  • Combo skills together for higher earnings
  • Experiment with different skill strategies
  • Greatly speeds up digging momentum

Unlimited Energy

  • Play as long as you want without running out of energy
  • No more waiting for bars to refill
  • Lets you dig deeper in one long session
  • Never have to stop a run due to low energy

Gameplay Differences

  • Progress faster without grind or paywalls
  • Spend more time testing strategies and speedruns
  • Reduce monetization pressure and annoyances
  • Focus on the core fun of simple tapping progression

While the MOD certainly makes the game easier, it also opens up more gameplay possibilities and cuts down on waits and grind. If you want a smooth and fast digging experience, it’s a great way to play.

Is the MOD APK Worth It?

Whether you want to use the MOD APK or not depends on your personal preferences:

Reasons to Use the MOD

  • Remove waits and grinding for coins/gems
  • Speed up overall progression and unlocks
  • No annoying timers or energy limits
  • Try skill combos faster and easier
  • Reduce monetization pressure
  • Focus only on fun tapping progression

Reasons to Avoid the MOD

  • Satisfaction of earning upgrades slowly
  • MOTIVATION and sense of pride from progress
  • Challenge of unlocking areas without fast tracking
  • Achievement of beating obstacles without mods
  • Support the developers with rewarded ads/purchases
  • Avoid risks from unauthorized download sites

In the end, the choice comes down to how you want to experience the core tap-to-dig gameplay loop. The MOD enables faster and smoother progression, while the standard version provides a greater sense of achievement over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MOD APK safe to download?

Unauthorized MODs always carry some risk, so only download from here. Make sure to scan any files for malware first.

Can I play online and save cloud progress with the MOD?

Unfortunately online features usually won’t work with modded versions, so you can only play offline.

Does the MOD drain my device battery faster?

Possibly, since you can play continuously without limits. Be sure to monitor device temperature and take breaks as needed.

What features are best to upgrade early on?

Focus on pickaxe speed and area first. Then power for bigger taps, followed by skills like cash bonuses and offline earnings.

Should I keep tapping manually or use auto tap?

Manual tapping is faster, but auto can help for AFK grinding. Switch off between both to maximize earnings.


Tap Tap Dig 2 delivers a simple but satisfying experience of incremental tapping progression. There’s always a new environment to reach, gear to upgrade, or technique to perfect for earning more coins and gems.

The MOD APK provides quality of life improvements by removing waits and grinding, allowing you to focus on the core fun of tapping your way deeper and deeper. While some may prefer the challenge and achievement of normal play, the MOD enables faster unlocks and testing of late game skills.

Whether you go modded or standard, Tap Tap Dig 2 is an easy game to pick up and enjoy when you have a few idle minutes to tap away. Just turn on some tunes and get into that zen digging rhythm. With a bit of practice, you’ll be excavating fossils and crystals like a pro – then prestige and do it all again even faster!

So get ready to tap until your fingers tingle, because endless digging adventures await underneath. What will you unearth next?

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