Toca Life World APK + OBB (MOD, Unlocked All/Speed)

Toca Life World Premium Apk allows you to unlocked all. This Mod helps you shape your world the way you want. You can use speed thanks to the menu.
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Toca Boca
Jan 14, 2024
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Explore fun mini worlds, customize quirky characters, and live your best virtual life in Toca Life World! This expansive simulation app lets you populate charming locales with unique personas as you decorate, play games, nurture pets, grow gardens, run businesses and more. With endless combinations of characters, houses, vehicles, clothes, and activities, the possibilities for creative play are infinite!

This guide will cover the main gameplay features across locations like Toca Life City, Toca Life Farm, and Toca Life Vacation. We’ll look at character creation using the Sticker Room, activities like exploring jobs and hobbies, interacting with others, and customizing using the Shop. Finally, we’ll see how the modded app version provides everything unlocked instantly for maximum enjoyment and creativity. Let’s jump in and start living the Toca Life!

Gameplay Overview

Toca Life World combines dollhouse-style creative play with quirky sandbox simulation across a growing roster of unique locations. Core gameplay features include:

  • 🧍‍♀️Create Characters – Customize avatars with endless outfit and appearance options.
  • 🏘️Explore Locations – Discover areas like neighborhoods, stores, farms, parks and beaches.
  • 🛒Run Businesses – Manage cafes, retail shops, hair salons and more.
  • 🏡Decorate Houses – Design dream homes fully customized to your style.
  • 🚗Drive Vehicles – Cruise around in cars, boats, tractors, hot air balloons and more.
  • 👯‍♂️Play with Friends – Interact with other characters for hijinks and hilarity.
  • 🐶Adopt Pets – Care for cats, dogs, horses, birds and other animals.
  • 🌾Grow Gardens – Plant flowers, trees, vegetables, and harvest the goods.

With so many locations and activities, the fun never ends in Toca Life World! Now let’s dive into greater detail on gameplay components.

Creating Custom Characters

The fun starts with imagining and creating your unique personas. You can fully customize characters in the Sticker Room using all these options:

  • Hairstyles – Lots of options from short to long to stylized ‘dos.
  • Skin Tones – Large palette of skin tones for diverse characters.
  • Faces – Cute and funny options like smirks, grins, gasps and more.
  • Eyes – Varied eye shapes, colors and eyelashes.
  • Noses – Funny noses ranging from small to large.
  • Mouths – Quirky mouths and lipstick/makeup.
  • Hands – Pick hand type and nail polish.
  • Body Shape – Adjust height, weight, and proportions.
  • Clothing – Massive clothing options like shirts, pants, dresses, and more!
  • Accessories – Hats, glasses, jewelry, and other flair.

With so many possibilities, you can dream up unique personas with distinct personalities! Now let’s check out the many locations and activities available to them.

Locations, Businesses & Activities

Once you’ve created characters, it’s time to explore lively locations and engage in fun activities within each. Major venues include:

Toca Life City

  • Apartments – Multi-story homes to decorate in your own style.
  • Cafes & Restaurants – Run a dining establishment and serve patrons.
  • Shops – Manage stores like clothing and pet shops. Stock shelves and help customers.
  • Salon & Spa – Give makeovers and hair styles. Relax in the hot tub.
  • Dance Club – DJ and bust moves on the dance floor.
  • Backstage – Put on theatrical plays and talent shows.
  • Jobs – Work gigs like plumber, racecar driver, singer and more.

Toca Life Farm

  • Crop Fields – Grow fruits, veggies and flowers then sell for profit.
  • Orchards – Tend apple, banana, coconut and other fruit trees.
  • Barnyard – Raise cows, pigs, chickens and collect milk, eggs and wool.
  • Stable – House, train, feed and groom horses. Go on trail rides.
  • Pond – Fish algae and trash for a sparkling pond.
  • Trails – Explore nature walking scenic dirt trails.

Toca Life Vacation

  • Beach – Sunbathe, build sandcastles, surf, beachcomb for treasures.
  • Hotel – Check in, get room service, relax at the pool or gym.
  • Tropical Island – Snorkel the coral reefs. Hang out in the tiki bar.
  • Campgrounds – Roast marshmallows and sleep in tents under the stars.
  • Cruise Ship – Relax on your private balcony. Enjoy buffet dining.
  • Ski Slopes – Carve fresh powder. Après-ski in the lodge with hot cocoa.

No matter your interests, there are diverse locations and activities to enjoy! And we’ve only just scratched the surface of everything Toca Life World has to offer. Now let’s look at how you can acquire even more content.

Shop – Buying New Content

You can expand location content and item options by spending coins in the in-game Shop. New packs allow:

  • New Locations – Beach, campground, ski slopes and more zones.
  • Location Expansions – Add new areas and buildings to existing locations.
  • Characters – Unique original characters and licensed ones like Sonic.
  • Clothing & Items – Expand your wardrobe and furniture catalog.
  • Activities – Unlock new hobbies and careers.
  • Stickers – Decorative stickers for journals and rooms.
  • Emotes – Animated reactions and emotions for expressive characters.

Shop packs provide endless fresh content so the fun never has to stop!

Pets System

In addition to human characters, adopting virtual pets brings energy and personality to your worlds. Pets include:

  • Dogs & Cats – Lovable furry classic pets that react to touch.
  • Horses – Majestic horses to groom, feed and ride around on adventures.
  • Birds – Tropical birds that land on your arm and chirp songs.
  • Fish – Decorative fish to populate your aquarium or pond.
  • Lizards & Frogs – Exotic cold-blooded critters housed in terrariums.
  • Farm Animals – Cows, pigs, sheep and more barnyard buddies.

Pets bring your locations to life with added dynamism! Interact by petting them and playing fetch. Now let’s examine social features.

Playing with Friends

Toca Life World’s friend system lets you populate worlds with characters controlled by real people for enhanced interaction:

  • Multiplayer Houses – Roomies can simultaneously live in the same house and decorate it together.
  • Send Gifts – Surprise friends by sending gifts like clothing items or furniture.
  • Co-op Activities – Team up on activities like running a restaurant or store.
  • React with Stickers – Unlock stickers to express reactions during co-op play.
  • Visit Locations – Travel to friends’ locations to see how they designed areas.
  • Style Friends – Use the dressing room to style friends’ characters and share outfit combos.

Playing together with friends takes the experience to the next level with cooperative creation and hilariously emergent adventures!

Parental Controls

For younger audiences, Toca Life World offers extensive parental control options:

  • Restrict Access – Limit location and activity access to curate appropriate experiences.
  • Disable Chat – Turn off chat and interactive features for social limitations.
  • Purchase Locks – Password protect in-app purchases to prevent unwanted spending.
  • Filter Content – Use keywords to filter out inappropriate content.

By tailoring parental restrictions, you can ensure kids enjoy Toca Life World in a protected environment focusing on creativity.

Toca Life World Mod Benefits

Installing the modded version of Toca Life World unlocks awesome benefits:

  • 💎**Free Unlimited Coins **- Endless coins to buy anything without grinding!
  • 🔓Everything Unlocked – All locations, activities, characters, and items instantly available without buying in the Shop!
  • Speed Hacks – Accelerate gem harvesting, character actions and more for convenience.

With everything free and unlocked, you can focus purely on creativity and self-directed open-ended play!

Using the Mod Safely

Follow these tips when installing the mod for smooth sailing:

  • Only download from trusted sources to avoid malware.
  • Enable install from unknown sources on Android before installing the mod APK.
  • Avoid updating the game if you want to keep mod benefits.
  • The mod is not affiliated with Toca Boca and may have bugs since it’s unofficial.

While modding does carry some risks, it can hugely enhance the experience once properly set up. Have fun!

Final Tips for Getting Started

Here are some helpful tips as you dive into your new virtual life:

  • Spend time customizing your main character until their style reflects your unique personality and flair. This will be your primary in-game avatar.
  • Build your dream home first as a home base before exploring other locations. Really make it reflect what you’d love in real life!
  • Start small with a few close friend characters rather than populating worlds with tons from the start.
  • Take it easy and explore at your own pace rather than rushing to see everything quickly. Slow immersion leads to the most enjoyment over time.

The possibilities are endless for the stories you’ll tell and worlds you’ll create. Enjoy this special experience!

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Toca Life World offers a vibrant creative sandbox, letting you build rich virtual lives full of endless possibilities. Key takeaways:

  • Customize unique characters with distinctive personalities through the Sticker Room.
  • Explore diverse locations from busy cities to tropical resorts, each full of activities.
  • Adopt pets, grow gardens, run businesses and design dream homes.
  • Play cooperatively with friends for enhanced interaction.
  • The modded version provides unlimited money and everything unlocked instantly.
  • Follow tips to use the mod safely and get the most out of this special experience.

With your imagination as the limit, you’re set to craft truly one-of-a-kind worlds! Your Toca life awaits. So get ready to live it to the fullest!

Here are Answers to Some Common Toca Life World Questions

Does the game require internet access to play?

An internet connection is required initially to download the app, but once installed, it can be played fully offline.

Can I visit other player-created locations?

Currently you can only directly interact with locations designed by in-game friend characters, not other real players.

Is there voice chat support?

No, Toca Life World does not feature voice chat. You can only interact via visual emoji stickers and predetermined dialogue options.

What happens if I delete and reinstall the app?

Unfortunately your current worlds and characters will not be saved or synced across devices after uninstalling. Make sure worlds are backed up first.

Can I transfer progress between iOS and Android devices?

No, cross-platform syncing is not supported natively. Your content remains separate on iOS vs Android installs.

Is Toca Life World appropriate for very young kids?

Yes, the app is made by the child-focused Toca Boca. It contains extensive parental controls to restrict content and purchases.

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