Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Fuel)

Truckers of Europe 3 MOD APK provides players with unlimited money, menu and various benefits that can greatly enhance the overall gaming experience.
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Oct 9, 2023
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Experience the life of a long haul trucker across stunning European landscapes in Truckers of Europe 3! This ultra realistic truck simulation game lets you take the wheel of faithfully modeled big rigs while navigating real highway systems. With the unlimited money and fuel mods activated, you can focus solely on the rewarding long distance delivery gameplay loop without financial restrictions holding you back.

Truckers of Europe 3 captures the methodical pace and vast scale of overland trucking with its sprawling open world. Read on to learn how smart progression mechanics and strategic economic systems immerse you in this relaxing yet engaging driving experience. Time to haul some cargo!

Overview of Truckers of Europe 3

Truckers of Europe 3 is an open world trucking simulator focused on realism across features like:

  • Massive 1:19 Scale Map – 4000+ miles of accurately modeled European highways and cities.
  • 60+ Truck Models – Major brands like Mercedes, DAF, Scania, Volvo and more with customizable specs.
  • Cargo Hauling Contracts – Accept jobs moving various cargo types like construction materials, agrichemicals, machinery, etc.
  • Trucking Business Management – Purchase garages and build your own trucking empire.
  • Detailed Interiors – Fully modeled truck interiors with functional gauges and accessories.
  • Realistic Physics – Weight, momentum, gear shifting, and component management for authentic handling.

Whether you want to role play a simple driver or manage an entire logistics company, Truckers of Europe 3 gives you the tools. Now let’s get trucking!

Driving Physics & Controls

The first thing you’ll notice when on the road is how intuitively Truckers of Europe 3 captures the methodical pace and heavy feel of maneuvering these multi-ton vehicles. Core driving mechanics include:

  • Weight Simulation – Heft, inertia, body roll, and load impacts are modeled realistically.
  • Manual Transmission – Master clutch control, shifting gears, and maintaining RPM for optimal power.
  • Driving Aids – Cruise control, parking sensors, hazard lights, adjustable mirrors and more.
  • First Person View – Operate switches and monitors inside the cab for full immersion.
  • Touch or Tilt Steering – Smooth responsive controls for navigating tight spaces easily.
  • Traffic Rules – Adhere to real highway laws or risk fines from frequent police checks.

Whether navigating narrow alleys or cruising down the Autobahn, the driving feels satisfyingly substantial. Hop into the cab and hit the road!

Trucks to Drive

With over 60 licensed truck models, you have plenty of rig options for tackling jobs. Major brands featured include:

MercedesActros, Arocs, Atego
ScaniaR, G, S series
VolvoFH, FM, FE
DAFXF, CF, LF series
Renault TrucksT-series, C-series, K-series
IVECOStralis, Trakker, Daily

And more! Each truck has distinct handling properties and interior designs. Customize them with paint jobs, lights, and accessories for full personalization.

Cargo Types

Being a trucker isn’t just about driving – you also need to master hauling all kinds of cargo:

  • Dry Goods – General packaged and palletized goods like machinery parts, textiles, electronics, etc.
  • Liquids – Tanker trailers filled with liquids like fuel, chemicals, dairy, etc. Must avoid sloshing.
  • Construction – Loose bulk material like gravel, pipes, beams, and other building materials. Heavy.
  • Perishables – Refrigerated trailers carrying fresh produce, meat, dairy that must stay cold.
  • Vehicles – Car carrier trailers with new vehicles stacked on multiple levels. Top heavy.
  • Hazardous – Flammable chemicals, explosives and other dangerous materials requiring caution.

Learning how each cargo type handles on the road is key. Make deliveries safely and on time to maximize profits!

Garage Business Management

As your trucking career progresses, you can transition from driver to full-fledged company owner by:

  • Buying garages in cities across the map to store your vehicles.
  • Purchasing multiple trucks and hiring drivers to work for you.
  • Managing drivers, assigning jobs, optimizing routes for profitability.
  • Expanding to multiple garages in different countries.
  • Customizing your truck fleet with new specs and upgrades.
  • Monitoring expenses, cargo capacity, contracts, and other logistics.

Scale up from solo driver to tycoon by building an efficient trucking empire across Europe!

Realistic Environments

The vast and stunning map is what ties the whole trucking experience together. Key environmental details include:

  • 1:19 Scale Map – Over 4000 real miles of European roads and geography represented.
  • Highway Systems – Accurately modeled highway infrastructure, intersections and signage.
  • Landmarks – Recreated landmarks and architecture in urban areas.
  • Localization – Language, road rules, and traffic patterns match each country.
  • Road Incidents – Traffic jams, accidents, construction zones, patrol stops that keep you on your toes.
  • Weather Effects – Various weather conditions ranging from clear skies to heavy rain and snow.
  • Day/Night Cycle – Adjustable time of day for varied driving conditions.

The landscapes you’ll traverse range from sunlit vineyards in Italy to frigid Scandinavian forests. The region comes alive!

MOD Features

Activating the unlimited money and fuel mods transforms the gaming experience by removing key restrictions:

Unlimited Money

  • Buy any truck, trailer, and part configurations immediately.
  • Purchase all garages and max out facilities right away.
  • Hire a skilled team of drivers from the start.
  • Accept every profitable contract without worrying about financing.

Unlimited Fuel

  • Drive as far as you want without refueling.
  • Take the most direct routes without detouring just for fuel.
  • No more unexpected out of fuel breakdowns during jobs.

The mods let you focus purely on the satisfying logistics and driving without financial limitations interfering. Take your trucking company into overdrive immediately!

Tips for New Drivers

Here are some key tips every new virtual trucker should know:

  • Gradually get used to trailer reversing and maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Approach corners slower than you would in a normal car due to higher center of gravity risking rollovers.
  • Use lower gears not just for hill climbs, but also descents to keep speed controlled.
  • Make sure cargo is centered and secured properly before hauling to avoid load balance issues and penalties.
  • Study intended routes closely for hazardous areas like steep inclines or tight urban streets.
  • Upgrade to more powerful engines when carrying very heavy cargo to maintain speed on inclines.
  • Always check trailers, connections, and load security when taking over a pre-loaded truck.

Shifting gears smoothly, minimizing trailer sway, and following local road laws will keep you on schedule. Now hit theroad and deliver!

Final Thoughts

With unparalleled realism across its environments, trucks, driving physics, and management systems, Truckers of Europe 3 offers the most immersive truck simulation experience on mobile. Activating the unlimited money and fuel mods lets you enjoy the rewarding cargo hauling gameplay loop without financial hurdles or fuel anxiety hampering journeys. If you fantasize about long haul trucking across stunning landscapes, Truckers of Europe 3 is your ticket to big rig glory! Time to join the trucking industry and cruise into the relaxing yet engaging world of overland logistics. Onward to delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these mods work on iOS devices too?

es, the unlimited money and fuel mods work smoothly on both iOS and Android versions of Truckers of Europe 3.

Will using mods get my account banned?

Not at all! These mods only modify the local game data and have no interaction with online features, so no risk of bans.

Can I disable mods later and keep my trucks/progress?

You sure can! Disable mods anytime without losing anything you unlocked while they were enabled. Your save remains intact.

Approximately how big is the map in miles?

The full map is an impressively accurate representation of Europe’s road network spanning over 4000 miles!

Can you use mods on iOS emulators for PC play?

Yep, mods work flawlessly with emulated iOS on PC for an even more immersive big trucking experience!

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