Undead City: Zombie Survival MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)

The Undead City: Zombie Survival MOD version takes the excitement up a notch by letting you access unlimited money, god mode, unlimited ammo and more!
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Oct 22, 2023
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Undead City is an explosive zombie survival game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With intense action, unlimited money and other awesome MODs, this game is a heart-pounding adrenaline rush! Let’s dive into the blood-soaked streets and discover why Undead City is one of the most exciting zombie games around.

Overview of Undead City Gameplay and Story

You wake up alone in a city infested with the undead. With only a baseball bat in hand, you must bash, slash and shoot your way through hordes of zombies to uncover what caused this apocalypse. The dark and gritty visuals perfectly set the tone for what’s to come.

The gameplay is straightforward yet immensely satisfying. Swing your bat at approaching zombies or blast them away with guns and explosives. Scavenge for supplies like medical kits and ammo in abandoned buildings. Complete main story missions as well as side quests to upgrade your skills and equipment. The combat is visceral and intense, requiring quick reflexes and smart strategies to survive.

As you explore you’ll uncover the mystery of what caused this zombie outbreak and maybe even find other survivors. But be cautious, as zombies lurk around every corner ready to chomp you. Undead City combines hack-and-slash action with an eerie atmosphere for a genuinely thrilling experience.

MOD Features

The Undead City: Zombie Survival MOD version takes the excitement up a notch by letting you access unlimited money, god mode, unlimited ammo and more! Here are some highlights of what you can enjoy:

Unlimited Money

Buy any upgrades, weapons and supplies you want without worrying about costs. Get that sweet rocket launcher or stockpile on health kits early on!

Menu Mod

Instantly access all inventory items, teleport anywhere on the map, spawn vehicles or adjust other settings like walk speed and jump height for maximum mayhem!

Unlimited Ammo

Go crazy with the guns and explosives without fear of running out of bullets. Blast those zombies to smithereens!

One Hit Kill

Send those undead freaks back to the grave with just one swing of your bat or shot from a gun. Feel like an unstoppable badass!

Max Skills

Start off with your skills for health, stamina and combat maxed out. You’ll be leveled up and ready for the zombie horde!

With these cool mods enabled, you’ll get to experience Undead City like never before and really unleash chaos on the streets overrun by zombies.

Game Modes – Story, Survival, Challenge

Undead City provides different game modes to keep things interesting:

Story Mode

Progress through the main story missions to uncover details of the mysterious zombie apocalypse. The narrative will keep you engaged through environmental storytelling and survivor encounters.

Survival Mode

Fight off endless waves of zombies for as long as you can. Scavenge for supplies in between waves to last longer against the unrelenting horde!

Challenge Mode

Take on specific challenges like defeating zombies only using melee weapons or surviving with limited ammo. Test your skill and earn sweet rewards!

With this variety of modes, Undead City offers plenty of replay value. Try beating your high score in survival or take on harder difficulties. You’ll be busy bashing zombies for hours on end!

Thrilling Locations To Explore

The city where Undead City takes place is creatively designed with different areas, each providing unique challenges:


Fight through cramped alleys and shops in the crowded downtown area. Watch out for zombies bursting through windows!

Residential District

Jog through eerie neighborhoods and rummage through abandoned homes for supplies. Beware of zombies emerging from the shadows!

Industrial Zone

Navigate factories and warehouses while dealing with zombies that blend into the dark interiors. Use the machinery to your advantage!


Stroll down paths surrounded by trees and fend off zombies that come running out of the woods. A lovely place for a deadly encounter!


Battle through hoards of the undead inside a massive shopping mall. Loot equipment from gun stores and pharmacies.


Take on a swarm of zombies inside an empty sports stadium. Run circles around the undead on the field!

With so much variety in locations, Undead City always keeps you on your toes as you move across different parts of the city teeming with the undead.

Deadly Zombie Types

Not all zombies you encounter will be the same. Here are some of the unique and dangerous zombie types you’ll come across:

Runner Zombies

These fast zombies will chase you down in a frenzy. Kite them while landing hits or get to high ground!

Tank Zombies

Big and bulky zombies that can withstand tons of punishment. Use explosive weapons to take them down!

Viral Zombies

Toxic zombies that spread disease. Kill them from a distance before they get close!

Screamer Zombies

Zombies that call for reinforcements. Take them out fast before you get overwhelmed!

Child Zombies

Unsettlingly creepy zombie children that can access tight spaces. No mercy!

Learning the behavior of each zombie type and adapting your tactics accordingly will be key to your survival. Expect some frightening surprises and chilling jump scares from these undead foes!

Satisfying Combat

Undead City makes bashing in zombie skulls supremely fun with its visceral combat system. Here are some of the ways you can unleash carnage:

Melee Weapons

Blunt, sharp and heavy weapons like bats, blades and sledgehammers crush, slash and smash zombies up close.


Pistols, rifles, shotguns and more fill zombies full of lead. Headshots ftw!


Grenades, molotov cocktails, propane tanks and landmines gib zombies into chunks.


Set up spike traps, electric fences and more to obliterate zombies.

Special Abilities

Unlock skills to freeze, electrocute or set zombies on fire. So badass!

The combat is immensely gory and satisfying. Cutting down hordes of zombies with a katana or blowing them away with a shotgun feels incredible. The variety of weapons and abilities keeps the action exciting too. Get creative with your zombie killing!

Looting And Crafting

An essential part of your zombie-slaying adventures is collecting loot and crafting new equipment. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Search abandoned building like gun stores, hospitals and police stations for weaponry, first aid and other supplies.
  • Loot zombie corpses to collect valuable materials like chemicals and electronics.
  • Craft medical kits, weapon attachments and armor at workbenches using materials scavenged in the city.
  • Upgrade weapons at workbenches to increase damage, accuracy and other attributes.
  • Find blueprints scattered around the city that teach you recipes for advanced equipment like explosives.
  • Manage your inventory wisely – don’t carry more than you can handle!

Smart looting and crafting gives you an edge against the zombie horde. Make sure to explore thoroughly and utilize everything you find.

RPG-Style Progression

As you play Undead City, your character will level up and become stronger in typical RPG fashion. Here’s how you can grow your zombie-killing machine:

  • Gain XP by completing story missions, side quests and defeating zombies.
  • Level up to boost stats like health, stamina, melee damage and more.
  • Unlock perks in skill trees like increased critical hit chance or reduced weapon degradation.
  • Upgrade your bat and other melee weapons directly at workbenches.
  • Learn new combat abilities like roundhouse kicks or weapon throwing combos.
  • Increase your loot carrying capacity and inventory size.
  • Earn stat points on level up to customize your build – go full tank or glass cannon damage!
  • Take on higher difficulties and New Game+ for bigger challenges and rewards.

With so many options for progression, you can craft a zombie slayer specialized to your playstyle. Slice and dice the undead in epic fashion!

Base Building

You’ll need somewhere to hunker down and stash all that sweet zombie loot. That’s where building a base comes in handy! Here’s how it works:

  • Claim a building like an apartment, shop or police station to make your base.
  • Fortify it with traps, turrets, electric fences and more to keep zombies out.
  • Install workbenches, storage chests and other useful equipment.
  • Grow food, collect water and generate power to sustain yourself.
  • Rescue survivors and recruit them to your base to run facilities.
  • Manage resources wisely and keep upgrading your base.

Having your own upgraded base of operations gives you some much needed breathing room. But be ready to defend it when zombie sieges kick down your door!

Exciting Endgame Content

After reaching the end of the main story, there’s still lots to experience during the endgame:

  • Take on challenging new story missions involving mutated zombies.
  • Build up your base into an impenetrable fortress.
  • Craft top tier legendary weapons and loot.
  • Replay in New Game+ with remixed enemy placements.
  • Try higher difficulties and modifiers to test your skills.
  • Join co-op to bash zombies with friends!
  • Speedrun the game and climb the leaderboards.
  • Find every collectible and achievement.

With so much extra content, you’ll stay busy long after the credits roll. Undead City offers heaps of replay value for you to keep enjoying the zombie chaos!

Immersive Atmosphere

Undead City pulls you into its creepy post-apocalyptic world with its haunting atmosphere:

  • The city streets are eerily empty and decaying. Fog drifts around wrecked cars and rubble.
  • Sinister ambient sounds like creaking doors, distant screams and unearthly groans heighten the tension.
  • Blood, dirt and grime make the world feel gritty and grounded.
  • Lighting shifts between day and night, casting shadows everywhere.
  • Half-eaten corpses and abandoned barricades tell a story.
  • Graffiti and signs provide cryptic clues about what’s happening.
  • Flickering lights and sudden zombie appearances deliver chills.

Exploring the atmospheric world immerses you in the zombie infested city. Turn the lights low and sound up for maximum effect!

Customizable Controls

Undead City offers extensive options to tailor the controls and HUD to your preferences:

  • Customize touch screen buttons and layouts for comfortable play.
  • Resize, move and toggle visibility of all UI elements.
  • Enable left-handed mode for southpaw players.
  • Adjust sensitivity of analog sticks and gyro controls independently.
  • Remap every action like attacks, dodging, sprinting etc.
  • Toggle auto-lock on enemies and other auto-assist options.
  • Set up controller profiles for different playstyles.

No matter how you like controlling your games, you can shape Undead City to suit your needs. Bash zombies with comfort!

Stunning Visuals

While the streets are choked with the undead, Undead City still looks gorgeous with its stylish visual presentation:

  • Detailed character and zombie models showcase gruesome details.
  • Smooth and satisfying combat animations that really sell the impact.
  • Impressive lighting and shadows create mood and atmosphere.
  • Environments are dense with clutter and debris that tell stories.
  • Grotesque zombie gore and explosions look spectacular.
  • Film grain, dirt, blood splatter and visual effects set the tone.

Despite the horror, Undead City has its own grim beauty. The excellent graphics immerse you in the decaying city.

Chilling Soundtrack

The game’s soundtrack expertly amplifies the tension and dread:

  • Ominous tracks with creepy melodies, distorted synth and unnerving noises.
  • Frantic combat music with growling guitars, booming drums and violent string stabs.
  • Sparse ambient tracks with metallic clangs, howling winds and human cries.
  • Sudden violin shrieks, piano hits and rock choruses accompany jump scares.
  • Hard-hitting weapon and gore SFX really satisfy.
  • High quality spatial audio and headphone support.

From the menus to gameplay, the stellar audio design will give you chills. Turn up the volume to really set the mood!

Performance Options

Undead City scales well and provides options to tailor performance:

  • Graphic options to enable 60fps on lower end devices.
  • Resolution scaling for sharper visuals on high-end devices.
  • Adjust level of detail and draw distance based on your preference.
  • Well optimized with minimal load times even on large maps.
  • Option to lock frame rate for consistent experience.
  • Shovelware Games engine offers versatile performance tuning.

The game runs smoothly even on mobiles. Customize the experience to get that perfect balance between visuals and frame rate.

Regular Updates

The developers frequently roll out updates adding new content and features:

  • New story chapters, side quests and challenges.
  • Additional zombie types and mutated boss enemies.
  • Extra weapons, mods and crafting recipes.
  • Customization options for your character and base.
  • Events like holiday themed modes with special loot.
  • Optimizations and tweaks based on player feedback.
  • Bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

With regular updates, Undead City keeps evolving. There’s always something new to check out in its undead world!

Undead City FAQs

Is the game free to play?

Yes, Undead City is free-to-play and the MOD APK is also completely free. There are no ads or paywalls of any kind.

Are there microtransactions?

The game does not have any microtransactions. All items and upgrades can be earned just

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