Westland Survival MOD APK (Mega Menu, Free Purchase, VIP)

Westland Survival MOD APK enhances the gaming experience by offering several additional features and benefits, such as free purchases, a mega menu, and VIP access.
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Aug 13, 2023
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Prepare for the wild west frontier adventure of a lifetime in Westland Survival! This immersive survival simulator drops you into beautiful but harsh landscapes to gather resources, craft items, build your homestead, and brave the challenges thrown your way. With our feature-packed mod, you’ll have free access to unlimited resources and items to make conquering the wilderness a breeze.

This article provides a comprehensive gameplay overview of Westland Survival, from core survival mechanics to advanced crafting and building. We’ll also dive deep into the Mega Mod menu and benefits like free purchases, free build speed, max stats, and more. Don your cowboy hat and let’s ride into the frontier lifestyle!

Basic Survival Gameplay

Westland Survival gameplay revolves around gathering resources and survival basics:

  • Explore sprawling environments like forests, deserts, snowfields.
  • Chop down trees for wood.
  • Mine stone and other ores.
  • Hunt wild animals for meat and hides.
  • Pick berries, plants, and mushrooms.
  • Loot abandoned structures for goodies.

Resources are used to craft weapons, create campfires, build shelters, cook food, make clothing and items. Survival depends on utilizing everything the land provides.

Character Stats

Your character has three core stats:

  • Health – Affects your total HP. Increase by eating food and resting.
  • Energy – Determines maximum stamina for activities. Replenished by resting and items.
  • Water – Keeping hydrated is vital! Drink water regularly.

Monitoring your needs and keeping stats high is imperative to survive the harsh conditions waiting outside your homestead.

Dangerous Wildlife

Not all is peaceful in the wilderness, beware of hostile wildlife like:

  • Bears – Aggressive brutes with powerful attacks.
  • Mountain lions – Stealthy ambush predators.
  • Snakes – Fast venomous bites.
  • Wolves – Roam in dangerous packs.
  • Ghosts – Spooky undead foes.

Fighting back with weapons and traps or avoiding confrontation may be your only options when encountering unfriendly beasts and supernatural enemies.

Home Base Building

A key part of Westland Survival is constructing your own homestead:

  • Start with a tent and basic campfire
  • Build cabins, houses, barns, wells, gardens, and more
  • Gather materials like wood, stone, ore to build
  • Unlock crafting options for furniture, decorations, flooring
  • Customize layouts and expand over time

Having a safe place to store items, rest, and plan your next excursions is critical to surviving the frontier.

Crafting System

Crafting allows you to create everything from weapons to clothing:

  • Weapons – Knives, axes, bows, rifles, traps for hunting and protection.
  • Tools – Pickaxes, shovels, hatchets to help gather resources.
  • Cooking – Build ovens to prepare meals with effects.
  • Clothing – Outfits provide warmth or other benefits.
  • Decor – Make your home cozy and beautiful.
  • Other – First aid kits, wagons, accessories, and so much more.

With deep crafting systems, you can deck out your character however you like.

Character Customization

Beyond just crafting clothes, you have extensive aesthetic options:

  • Male and female avatar choices.
  • Detailed character creator.
  • Hairstyles, facial hair, makeup.
  • Tattoos, scars, warpaint, eyewear.
  • Wide range of clothing styles.
  • Fun emotes for expressing yourself.

Make your rugged pioneer truly your own with tons of customizations!

Multiplayer and Social Features

Bring some friends along for the adventure with multiplayer options:

  • Direct co-op play on shared homestead.
  • Help friends grow their bases.
  • Complete objectives faster together.
  • Trade items and resources.
  • Join a clan for shared storage and socializing.
  • Random encounters with other players.
  • Drop into their game to lend a hand.

Band together to tame the untamed wilds!

Westland Survival Mega Mod Features

Now for the game-changing mod features:

Mega Menu

  • Instant max character level
  • Maxed stats, skills, reputation
  • Unlimited resources
  • One hit kills
  • Free crafting speedups
  • Tap to complete build times
  • Teleport to any location

Free Shopping

  • All store items free
  • Unlimited coins
  • Grab any cosmetics or packs
  • No real money required

Free VIP

  • All VIP perks unlocked
  • Bonus daily rewards
  • No ads or wait times
  • Extended energy and chests

Become a legendary frontiersman with these outrageously powerful boosts!

Advanced Tips and Strategies

Here are some expert tips for mastering the old west:

  • Always carry healing items and weapons when exploring.
  • Regularly return home to unload inventory.
  • Build food and water storage to stock up.
  • Plant a garden early for sustainable ingredients.
  • Only collect necessary resources to maximize backpack space.
  • Craft equipment that synergizes with your playstyle.
  • Set small goals instead of rushing the main story.
  • Participate in events and side content when available.
  • Customize controls and UI to your preferences.
  • Utilize the lookup tool if confused about something.
  • Spend skill points purposefully to strengthen your character.

With the right approach and strategies, this untamed world will be yours for the taming in no time!

Westland Survival Review

Super Immersive Survival Setting

Few games capture a gritty wild west atmosphere like Westland Survival. It feels like you’re living in the old frontier.

Challenging Gameplay

Scarce resources and deadly creatures pose constant threats, keeping you on your toes.

Extensive Crafting System

Crafting everything from soap to rifles provides lots of goals and creativity.

Base Building Fun

Customizing your homestead however you want is incredibly rewarding.

Multiplayer Options

Co-op support amplifies the gameplay exponentially.

Mega Mod Overpowered

Max stats and unlimited freebies make you unstoppable.

If you’re seeking an exciting survival challenge or a relaxing wilderness playground, Westland Survival is an excellent choice either way. Our mega mod takes it to the extreme!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there microtransactions if I don’t use the mod?

Yes, many items and resources can be purchased with real money otherwise.

Can I play on multiple devices?

Yes, cloud save support lets you sync progress across iOS and Android devices.

Is PvP allowed or just co-op?

Currently only co-op – no direct player vs player gameplay exists.

Is the mod completely safe to use?

Absolutely! Our mods are guaranteed clean of malware, viruses, or harm to your device.

Saddle up your horse and get ready for a wild frontier adventure in Westland Survival! Our Mega Mod removes all barriers so you can freely build, craft, and explore this vast open world. It’s time to tame the old west!

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