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You can get a high score by finding and being friends with adorable animals. Get to the Max level with wildsong mod apk.
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Feb 3, 2023
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This game is made for you if you love to play games, be creative, and make friends with animals. Get to the Max level with wildsong mod apk. You will like this game because it teaches friendship and makes you work towards something! You can get a high score by finding and being friends with adorable animals. What other magical creatures could be out there? Get to the Max level with wildsong mod apk.

What is wildsong mod apk?

Wildsong mod apk is a complete modification for the popular animal-adoring mobile game “How to play Wildsong”. The game itself is a simple match 3 game where you have to connect three or more wild songs by tapping them. The matching is done by finding the same type of wild beast in the nature or by having your little oneos listen to your favorite playlist.

Wildsong mod apk

Get to the Max level with Wildsong: Friends With Animals mod apk

At the end of the game, you will get the highest level of friend for being a part of the wild song family. The levels are based on the amount of points you earn for matching three or more wild things of the same type. The higher you go, the more points you get and the more points you earn, the more adorable animals you can meet and be friends with.

Wildsong apk

What other magical creatures could be out there?

At the top of the level, you will find a helicopter and a baby giraffe. The level is pretty easy, so you can expect to meet your friends even if you are a beginner. Help the creatures of the forest and nature to survive and be happy! Meet adorable animals like lamas, zebras, elephants, pandas, tigers, and many more.

Make a new friend and be friends with pets

You may not be able to meet your favorite animals in real life, but you can on the virtual one. In this level, meet animals like hedgehogs, hedgehoves, hedgedogs, mice, and wall lizards. With the help of your friends, help this little mouse to meet his favorite pet, the hedgehog.

Wildsong mod

Wildsong: Friends With Animals mod apk Features

The most amazing features of Wildsong mod apk are as follows:

  • Friends system
  • You can now make friends with animals of all kinds!
  • New art and animations
  • The new version of the game has beautiful new art and animations.
  • New game modes
  • There are three new game modes in this version: time, island and survival.
  • Earn points by connecting three or more wild songs.
  • Achievements for unlocking new levels
  • The game has an achievement system which gives you points and new animals to meet once you get to the max level.
  • Meet new animals like the golden chicken, the magical fox, the little golden hare, the red panda and many more!
Wildsong Friends With Animals max level

Save game and continue game play with wildsong mod apk

You can save and load game data at will with Wildsong: Friends With Animals. You can even share the game with your friends and family by email or through third party Social medias. With the help of these platforms, you can continue your game where you left off or you can record a new match. You can also invite your friends to play online with you or against the computer.


Q: Is wildsong mod apk for everyone?

A: This game is perfect for those who love animals and nature. It teaches you about the bond between animals and humans and provides a fun way to communicate with them. If you are not a fond of animals or you find them ugly or scary, this game might not be for you.

Q: How to install wildsong mod apk?

A: You have to download and install APK first and then install the mod on your device.

Q: How to play wildsong mod apk?

A: This is a match 3 type game. First of all, select the type of wild thing you want to meet. Second, connect three or more similar wild things. When you connect two wild things of the same type, you get a medium point. If you connect three wild things of the same type, you get a maximum point.

Q: How to log in on wildsong mod apk?

A: Click on the “More” icon in the top left corner of the game screen and select “Active”. Enter your account details like your name, address, and SMS.

Wildsong apk download

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Just when you thought there could be no more creatures to meet in wildsong, along comes a newborn baby giraffe to challenge your mettle. Meet the giraffe, a new friend for your little ones to meet. Help them to grow up with this fun and engaging game.

Wildsong main features: Cute graphics Easy to play Fun for all ages Will make you a better person Get to the max level with wildsong mod apk. Do you want to be a friend of the animals or just want to hang out with them?

With wildsong mod apk, you can be both! Get to the max level with wildsong mod apk. This game will help kids and adults alike to learn about friendship, animals and nature. Get to the max level with wildsong mod apk.

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