World of Tanks Blitz APK (MOD, Unlimited Money & Gold)
World of Tanks Blitz Premium Apk is a popular free-to-play multiplayer online game, featuring historically accurate tanks and engaging tactical gameplay.
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Jan 15, 2024
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Roll out and dominate the battlefield in World of Tanks Blitz! This epic online PvP game has you commandeering history’s most powerful tanks in 7v7 strategic showdowns. Research and upgrade dozens of armored beasts, fine-tune tactics across detailed maps, and rise through the ranks online.

This guide covers getting started with crew and research progression, controlling tanks and aiming weapons, map tactics and teamplay, upgrading modules and consumables, PvP modes, and acquiring new tanks in the tech tree. We’ll also look at how the World of Tanks Blitz mod APK grants unlimited money and gold for limitless upgrades and top-tier tanks! Time to start your engines and prepare for battle!

New Player & Progression Basics

Here’s an overview of basics like crews, research, upgrades as a new player:

  • 🚗 Tanks – Start with a Tier I tank and progress over time to Tier X beasts. Each has strengths and weaknesses.
  • 👥 Crew – Assign crew members with skills like faster reloading. Level them up over battles.
  • 🔧 Upgrades – Research better cannons, engines, armor, and consumables to customize performance.
  • ⚙️ Equipment – Add mounted equipment like gun stabilizers for bonuses.
  • 💸 Currency – Earn silver credits from battles – spend on tanks, equipment, consumables.
  • 💰 Gold – Rare premium currency used for premium tanks, cosmetics, consumables.
  • 🎖️ Progress – Increase tanker level and battle count to unlock new options.

Learn the ins and outs of crewing, upgrading, and researching new tanks. Next up – controlling your steel beast!

Tank Controls and Heads Up Display

Master tank controls to maneuver intelligently in battle:

  • ➡️ Drive forward/back using virtual joystick.
  • 🔃 Rotate turret to aim cannon independently from chassis.
  • 🎯 Zoom gunscope to target weak points and lead shots.
  • 💥 One-tap button to fire cannon when loaded and aimed.
  • 🛡️ Angle armor to deflect incoming shells. Hide lower plate or turret ports.
  • 💨 Engage manual extinguishers if lit ablaze. Repair kits fix damaged modules.
  • 🚑 First aid kits restore crew health. Remove stuns using med kit.

Learn to read the complex HUD for situational awareness:

  • 💘 Health bar of hull and crew. Each crew role marked.
  • 🔋 Load status of cannon round types equipped.
  • ⛽️ Fuel for mobility – avoid running dry!
  • 🕰 Respawn timer displaying time left if killed.

Fluency controlling your steel beast and reading the HUD is critical to success. Now let’s examine available shell types to load.

Shell Types

Choose the best cannon munition to target enemy weak points:

AP (Armor Piercing)

  • Solid kinetic shells with capped tips for penetrating armor.
  • Strong against weakly armored areas like turret rings.

HE (High Explosive)

  • Packed with explosive filler to damage modules and crew.
  • Effective against external components like guns, tracks.

HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank)

  • High powered shaped charge that punches deep through thick armor.
  • Pierces heavily plated sections.

Premium Ammo

  • Purchasable using gold currency.
  • Higher penetration APCR, HEAT, HESH shells.
  • Consumable boosters like repair kits and med packs.

Learn shell capabilities to target key weak points and take down foes efficiently. Now let’s move on to maps and tactical positioning.

Maps and Tactics

Each beautifully rendered map provides dynamic tactical challenges:


  • Open fields, city streets, rocky canyons, railway depots, desert sands
  • Unique routes, chokepoints, sniping spots, cover


  • Use armor angling to deflect shots when brawling
  • Abuse terrain like hills and rocks – go hull down
  • Flank distracted opponents to hit vulnerable rear and side armor
  • Support pushes to break stalemates and overwhelm isolated tanks
  • Avoid bottlenecks and use side routes for wide pincer movements
  • Lure enemies into kill zones covered by tank destroyer TDs

Learn maps inside out to dominate positions, flank routes, and engagement ranges for each tank class.

Tank Classes & Playstyles

World of Tanks offers a diverse roster of armored vehicles with unique traits:

Light Tanks

  • High mobility scouts to spot enemies and harass

Medium Tanks

  • Balanced all-rounders combining speed, armor and firepower

Heavy Tanks

  • Heavily armored brawlers to spearhead attacks

Tank Destroyers

  • Glass cannons sacrificing armor for extreme long-range firepower


  • Indirect fire support raining shells from afar

Experiment with tank classes to find a playstyle suiting your strengths. Now let’s look at competitive team modes.

PvP Game Modes

Test your tank skills in competitive teamplay modes:

7 vs 7

  • Randomly matched up in fast-paced 7v7 team battles

Ratings Battles

  • Compete against others close in skill level for bragging rights


  • Assemble your own 7v7 team to challenge other tanks


  • Coop PvE defending raids against AI monsters

Mad Games

  • Wacky new game rules every weekend like invisible tanks


  • Earn fame in competitive tournaments to climb leaderboards

With diverse PvP modes, no two matches ever play the same!

Acquiring and Upgrading Tanks

Expand your arsenal by researching new tanks using XP:

Tech Trees

  • Complex upgrade trees with branches for each nation like USA, Germany, China.
  • Advance through increasing Tier levels across tree branches.

Research Points

  • Earn XP from battles to research new modules and tanks.

Upgrade Modules

  • Improve cannons, turrets, engines, and gear progressively.

Equipment and Consumables

  • Purchase boosters and tactical equipment using currency.

Premium Tanks

  • Rare specialty tanks only acquirable using Gold currency.

Building your perfect roster of steel beasts takes patience and strategy. Now let’s see how mods can accelerate the journey.

World of Tanks Blitz Mod Benefits

Popular modded APK benefits include:

  • 💰Unlimited Money – Max silver credits for nonstop purchasing power
  • 💎Unlimited Gold – Limitless premium currency for premium tanks & goods
  • Free XP – Research tanks and modules without grinding
  • 🔓Unlocked Tanks – All tanks across all tiers instantly available
  • 🎯Aimbot – Automatic weak point targeting
  • Detection – See enemies behind cover

With unlimited currency and tanks, you can focus on dominating multiplayer battles!

Using Mods Safely

To enjoy mods safely:

  • Install only from trusted sources to avoid malware
  • Don’t link your Wargaming account to stay ban-free
  • Use alt accounts since mods can disrupt fair play
  • Disable automatic app updates to keep mod benefits
  • Avoid cheating in PvP – use mods ethically in solo mode

Apply common sense and mods will make assembling your dream tank battalion smooth sailing!

Final Tips for Beginners

Here are some parting tips for new commanders:

  • Learn armor angles, weak points, and penetration mechanics
  • Stay with teammates – lone wolves get isolated and destroyed
  • Adjust playstyle and tactics to your tank’s strengths
  • Research equipment like gun rammers and stabilizers first
  • Don’t rush through tiers – learn each tank thoroughly before advancing
  • Save free XP boosters for expensive module upgrades

Apply these tips to drive your win rate skyward! See you on the battlefield, commander.


We’ve covered all the core mechanics like shell types, research trees, tactical maps, tank classes and PvP battles that make World of Tanks Blitz so addictive. Key takeaways:

  • Progress through technology trees and upgrade modules to boost tank performance.
  • Master armor angling, map tactics, and other strategies to win 7v7 PvP battles.
  • Unlock new tanks, consumables, and equipment using both silver credits and premium gold.
  • Install mods for unlimited currencies, unlocked tanks, aimbots, and other benefits.
  • Use mods ethically to avoid bans and keep competition fair.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to roll out! Gather your steel battalion and climb the ranks to become the ultimate armored commander. We’ll see you on the battlefields!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mods safe to use in PvP battles?

No, using mods in multiplayer gives an unfair advantage over others and risks bans. Only use offline.

Can I play on multiple devices with one account?

Absolutely! Link your Wargaming account to sync progression across all devices.

Does the game require an internet connection?

Yes, an internet connection is required to download initially and for all multiplayer battles and features. Offline play is not possible.

Can PvE be played with friends?

Yes! PvE mode supports forming platoons with friends to fend off raids cooperatively.

Hopefully these tips help you prevail in heavy tank warfare! Now get out there and conquer the battle arenas!

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