World War 2: Strategy Battle APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Medals)

In World War 2: Strategy Battle Mod Apk, you can experience unlimited money and medals that allow you to lead your mighty army.
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World War 2 Strategy Games
Aug 13, 2023
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Experience the most pivotal battles of WW2 from the war room in this epic strategy game. World War 2: Strategy Battle puts you in command of Allies or Axis armies, air forces, and navies to relive history’s largest military conflict. With our MOD’s unlimited money and medals, you’ll have endless resources to lead your forces to final victory!

This article provides an in-depth overview of World War 2: Strategy Battle’s expansive features, gameplay, and more. We’ll also cover how the mod removes limits for free purchases, maximum upgrades, and unlocked medals. Time to step into the shoes of history’s greatest generals!

Gameplay Overview

World War 2: Strategy Battle gameplay involves high-level wartime planning and decision making:

  • Take command of Allied or Axis powers
  • Manage technology research trees
  • Recruit infantry, armor, air, naval units
  • Make strategic decisions that alter history
  • Fight across Europe, Africa, Pacific
  • Turn-based regional campaigns
  • Historical events shape the narrative
  • Deep troop management systems
  • Period-authentic art style and music

It’s easy to learn yet provides incredible depth if you want to dive into the nitty gritty details. Now let’s look at the various aspects of the game.

Command Center Hub

The command center hub is where you oversee the war effort:

  • Direct technology research priorities
  • Initiate new military unit production
  • Manage officer promotions
  • Launch campaigns and operations
  • Review battlefield reports
  • Monitor resources and expenses

It’s every general’s dream command and control room!

Research Trees

Researching technology unlocks new units and powers up existing ones:


  • Infantry gear, armor, vehicles, artillery
  • Improved weapons, speed, armor, damage


  • Fighters, bombers, jet aircraft
  • Dogfighting, air support abilities


  • Battleships, submarines, carriers
  • Nautical speed, firepower, survivability

Invest wisely to gain key advantages over enemies lacking your advances.

Unit Production

Outfitting your armies involves weighing many factors:

  • Buy infantry, armor, planes, ships
  • Consider costs, build speed, strength
  • Unique units with special abilities
  • Manage troop numbers and composition
  • Armored, mechanized, airborne, marine
  • Invest in elite forces

Having the right mix of units and keeping them supplied is imperative.


Promote and manage skilled officers:

  • Level up for perks and stat boosts
  • Specialize in offense, defense, support
  • Unique event-based officers
  • Strategic coordination bonuses
  • Significant boosts to certain unit types

Hand picking commanders to lead your forces makes a big difference.

Campaigns and Events

Historic WW2 events shape grand strategy campaigns:

  • Turn-based regional theaters
  • North Africa, Western Europe, Pacific
  • Play as Axis to change history
  • Experience iconic WW2 battles
  • Critical decision points alter the narrative
  • Grand strategy chained across campaigns

Reliving the monumental events of WW2 from a command perspective is incredibly engrossing.

Battle Resolution

Combat plays out automatically based on your strategic decisions:

  • No direct control over battles
  • Unit strengths, numbers, tactics determine outcomes
  • Terrain advantages and weather factor in
  • Support units like air strikes boost efficacy
  • Chance plays a role in battle results
  • Read detailed combat reports after

Watch eagerly as your strategic plans unfold or unravel on the battlefield.

Troop Management

Fine tune your forces in detail:

  • Individual units gain XP when used
  • Upgrade unit veterancy and gear
  • Attach commanders for stat boosts
  • Equip support battalions and abilities
  • Rename units for personalization
  • Adjust division organization

Your army is only as strong as the soldiers comprising it. Mold them well.

World War 2 Strategy Battle Mod Features

Now let’s cover the game-changing mod features:

Unlimited Money

  • Endless funds to build endless armies
  • Buy the most advanced units immediately
  • No waiting to purchase anything

Unlimited Medals

  • Max out officer ranks and skills quickly
  • Appoint 5 star generals from the start
  • Unlock all commander perks/bonuses fast

Free Shopping

  • Grab premium units and upgrades at no cost
  • Enjoy everything the game offers
  • Save your hard-earned war chest

With unlimited resources, you have total freedom to prosecute the ultimate WW2 campaign of your dreams!

Advanced Strategies and Tips

Here are some expert pointers for commanding your forces to victory:

  • Prioritize technology relevant to your overall strategy. Don’t overspend on upgrades not utilized by your main force composition.
  • Appoint officers that complement each other. Organize commanders specialized in defense, offense, buffs, and debuffs.
  • Fortify key strategic points on the map using terrain and defenses to your advantage. Draw enemies into areas favorable for you.
  • Maintain a deep bench of reinforcements. Having reserves ready allows you to replace losses quickly.
  • Softening up targets with waves of air strikes and long range artillery weakens them before sending in main forces.
  • Encircle enemies by advancing on multiple fronts and collapsing inward. Cut off their supply lines and escape routes.
  • Build specialized task forces tailored to specific operations like naval invasion or urban breach teams.

Implementing such doctrine will make you an unstoppable strategist!

World War 2: Strategy Battle Review

Extremely Deep Strategy

The technology trees, unit types, commander skills, and macro wartime decisions provide nearly limitless strategic options. Armchair generals will love it.

Historically Immersive

Reliving history’s most famous battles and campaigns from a command perspective is an awe-inspiring experience.

Challenging Gameplay

Carefully balancing your forces and making key tactical decisions is very thought-provoking. The AI provides stiff opposition.

Engaging Progression

Acquiring new technology, elite units, skilled officers, and completing campaigns provides strong progression incentive.

Polished Presentation

Slick artwork, animations, music, and sound design create an incredibly polished package.

Unlimited Resources

The mod removes all waiting and grind, letting you instantly access the peak wartime assets.

For armchair historians and strategy fans, World War 2: Strategy Battle is utterly engrossing and amazingly comprehensive. Enjoy it to the fullest with unlimited money and medals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the game have PvP multiplayer?

Unfortunately no, only single player campaigns against AI exist currently.

How accurate is the game historically?

While obviously taking artistic license at times, it strives to represent WW2 events, units, and figures with strong accuracy.

Is internet required to play?

No, World War 2 is fully playable offline after the initial install.

Do I have to commit a lot of time to play effectively?

No, you can progress meaningfully in short or long play sessions. But it can definitely become a timesink!

Is the mod 100% safe to use?

Absolutely, we guarantee every mod we provide is completely free of malware and safe to use.

Relive the most monumental conflict in human history by rising through the ranks to become the ultimate WW2 strategist. Our unlimited money and medals mod lets you experience this engrossing game to its fullest!

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